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Portico (2014)

When small time Irish hood, Shawn Murphy, goes to work for Lawrence, Massachusetts Mafia boss Sonny Pentola, he soon finds he might have gotten more than he bargained for. Shawn quickly earns rank and Sonny's trust when he saves Sonny from...See moreWhen small time Irish hood, Shawn Murphy, goes to work for Lawrence, Massachusetts Mafia boss Sonny Pentola, he soon finds he might have gotten more than he bargained for. Shawn quickly earns rank and Sonny's trust when he saves Sonny from an assassination attempt. Sonny makes him a trusted liaison in a large development deal with Irish associates in Boston. Their world quickly spirals out of control as more assassination attempts occur, and the entire area comes to the brink of a Mob war. With the development becoming delayed, and millions at stake, it begins to look as if Sonny has lost control of his mandated territory; and the Mafia begins to lose faith in Sonny's capabilities. With the risk of losing his territory, Sonny seeks furiously to find the truth. Great Loyalty and Great Betrayal materialize as a sinister conspiracy against Sonny is unveiled. Written by MCD See less
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140 cast members
Name Known for
Matthew C. Dumond
Sonny Pentola Sonny Pentola   See fewer
Shawn Doherty
Sean Murphy Sean Murphy   See fewer
Owen Burke
Scott O'neil Scott O'neil   See fewer
Bobby Kenney
Gino Cocchiaro Gino Cocchiaro   See fewer
Lou Fuoco
Pauly Cocchiaro Pauly Cocchiaro   See fewer
David Mejia
Tony Mendez Tony Mendez   See fewer
Bob Sheehy
Jimmy O'shaughnessy Jimmy O'shaughnessy   See fewer
Steve Dunn
Sandman Sandman   See fewer
John Howard
Doomsday Doomsday   See fewer
Kate Beaman
Kate the bartender Kate the bartender   See fewer
Stewart Berg
Chris Russo Chris Russo   See fewer
Valerie Bettencourt
Restaurant Hostess Restaurant Hostess   See fewer
Jeremy Blaiklock
Johnny McNeil Johnny McNeil   See fewer
Eddie Brito
Busboy Hitman Busboy Hitman   See fewer
Phi Bu
Sovann's Bodyguard Sovann's Bodyguard   See fewer
Elizabeth Burkard
Liz from bar Liz from bar   See fewer
Rich Burton
Big Rich Big Rich   See fewer
Gerry Byrne
John Finn John Finn   See fewer
Marie Caristi
Aunt Constanza Aunt Constanza   See fewer
Stephen Censullo
Guy at Bar Guy at Bar   See fewer
Stumpo Cindy
Sofia Di Martino Sofia Di Martino   See fewer
Sean Collins
Luther Catalano Luther Catalano   See fewer
Chris Comeier
Irish Gunman 3 Irish Gunman 3   See fewer
Justin Conley
Guinta's Thug Guinta's Thug   See fewer
Jon Crangh
Irish Gunman 8 Irish Gunman 8   See fewer
Ciaran Crawford
Ian McCartney Ian McCartney   See fewer
Miguel Cuba
Juan's Crew Juan's Crew   See fewer
Jim Cullity
Lt Rogers Lt Rogers   See fewer
James Cusano
Daniel Devons Daniel Devons   See fewer
Ivaylo Cvetkov
Bulgarian Gangster 5 Bulgarian Gangster 5   See fewer
William Dalton
Billy D Billy D   See fewer
Richard DeAgazio
Frankie Vincenzi Frankie Vincenzi   See fewer
Yuliyou Dekov
Bulgarian Gangster 4 Bulgarian Gangster 4   See fewer
Tihomir Deliivanov
Bulgarian Gangster 1 Bulgarian Gangster 1   See fewer
Vito DeLuca
Armand Castelletti Armand Castelletti   See fewer
Ivaylo Dimitrov
Bulgarian Gangster 2 Bulgarian Gangster 2   See fewer
Nikola Dimitrov
Bulgarian Gangster 3 Bulgarian Gangster 3   See fewer
Butchy Doe
Butchy Butchy   See fewer
Will Dragan
Tony Guinta Tony Guinta   See fewer
Nick Drummond
Jeffrey Wagner Jeffrey Wagner   See fewer
Dicky Eklund
Dicky (as Dick Eklund) Dicky (as Dick Eklund)   See fewer
Matt Emond
Club Patron Club Patron   See fewer
Bill Farrell
Irish Gunman 6 Irish Gunman 6   See fewer
Samuel Faulkner
Carlos Benitez Carlos Benitez   See fewer
Joel Fernandez
Gang Member#2 Gang Member#2   See fewer
Bo Fields
Big Andrew Big Andrew   See fewer
Kurt Fisher
Mob Boss Mob Boss   See fewer
Kevin Fitzgerald
Irish Gunman 4 Irish Gunman 4   See fewer
Diane Warren Flynn
Club Patron Club Patron   See fewer
Matthew C. Flynn
Kyle Anthony Kyle Anthony   See fewer
Steve Flynn
Club Patron Club Patron   See fewer
Darlyne Franklin
Claudia Cocchiaro Claudia Cocchiaro   See fewer
Ray French
Ray Ray Ray Ray   See fewer
Joe Gaudet
Irish Gunman 7 Irish Gunman 7   See fewer
Eric Gendron
Eric McAlister Eric McAlister   See fewer
Andres Gonzalez
Juan Rodriguez Juan Rodriguez   See fewer
Jordan Gonzalez
Young Cheech Young Cheech   See fewer
Phil Guay
Philip Dumont Philip Dumont   See fewer
Nackely Hernandez
Girl at Club 2 Girl at Club 2   See fewer
Stephen Hughes
Irish Gunman 5 Irish Gunman 5   See fewer
Lin Hult
Sofia Di Martino (as a different name) Sofia Di Martino (as a different name)   See fewer
Mile Iliev
Andrei Dotchev Andrei Dotchev   See fewer
Martin Evens Martin Evens   See fewer
Amy Joy
Club Patron Club Patron   See fewer
Chrissy Kelleher
Marcia Jones Marcia Jones   See fewer
Danny Kelly
Dickie Doherty Dickie Doherty   See fewer
Jason Kelly
Mike Sullivan Mike Sullivan   See fewer
Tommy Kimchan
Sovann Luy Sovann Luy   See fewer
Kerry Kinan
Club Patron Club Patron   See fewer
James Lavalle
Card Player Card Player   See fewer
George Lenotte
Vinny Lacicero Vinny Lacicero   See fewer
Matthew Luis
Matt from clothing store Matt from clothing store   See fewer
Tony Luna
Eddie Milian Eddie Milian   See fewer
Mike Maier
Micky MacGowan Micky MacGowan   See fewer
Steve Makara
Irish Gunman 1 Irish Gunman 1   See fewer
Dino C. Manca
Funeral Director Funeral Director   See fewer
Kamsort 'Ice Deez' Mao
Nhean Lim Nhean Lim   See fewer
Dennis McLaughlin
Harry Foster Harry Foster   See fewer
Rebholz Michael
Mario Costa Mario Costa   See fewer
Scott Neufville
John Sanders John Sanders   See fewer
Bernie Ongewe
Bernie Bernie   See fewer
James Panagopoulos
Tony Balducci Tony Balducci   See fewer
Giovanni Pantaleo
Luigi Gravina Luigi Gravina   See fewer
David Perez
Wilson Jackson Wilson Jackson   See fewer
Laura Pizzuti
Christina Rocco Christina Rocco   See fewer
Kennia Polo
Kennia from clothing store Kennia from clothing store   See fewer
Derek Raimo
Crossbones Hitman Crossbones Hitman   See fewer
Derek Raimo
Crossbone's Hitman Crossbone's Hitman   See fewer
Sean P. Rea
Irish Gunman 2 Irish Gunman 2   See fewer
Steve Rita
Steve the Bartender Steve the Bartender   See fewer
Anny Elizabeth Rosario
Anita (as Anny Rosario) Anita (as Anny Rosario)   See fewer
Amaury Santana
Santana Santana   See fewer
Frank Santarpio
Charlie Salvatore Charlie Salvatore   See fewer
Joe Savino
Frank Caruso Frank Caruso   See fewer
Matthew Scutt
David Torres David Torres   See fewer
Rebecca Scutt
Girl at Club Girl at Club   See fewer
Joff Smith
Geoff Raymond Geoff Raymond   See fewer
Jason Spivak
Dj Spivak Dj Spivak   See fewer
Jimmy Stournaras
Vinny Anzelone Vinny Anzelone   See fewer
David Joseph Strummer
Denny Curtis Denny Curtis   See fewer
Jillian Tonello
Adrienne Adrienne   See fewer
Lazar Toshkin
Bulgarian Gangster 6 Bulgarian Gangster 6   See fewer
Franco Trombino
Joey Rocco Joey Rocco   See fewer
Jesus Zues Villa
Reuben Pena Reuben Pena   See fewer
Sisi Vuleva
Girl at bar Girl at bar   See fewer
Gary L. Whelpley
Doc Kaufman Doc Kaufman   See fewer
Tom White
The Waiter The Waiter   See fewer
Pamela Wilder
Makeba Mooncycle Makeba Mooncycle   See fewer
Tom Woods
Drew Quinn Drew Quinn   See fewer
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