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  • Arthur, malédiction (2022)
  • 87 min | Horror, Thriller
Arthur, malédiction (2022)
87 min | Horror, Thriller

Alex has been a fan of the Arthur and the Minimoys saga for years. When his friends offer him to go to the abandoned house where the film was shot, he accepts, unaware that they are about to fall into a plot.
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Luc Besson (scenario)
Casting Director
Production Designer
Hugues Tissandier (production design)

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Release date
Apr 1, 2023 (United States)


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38 cast members
Name Known for
Thalia Besson
Samantha Samantha   See fewer
Jade Pedri
Renata Renata   See fewer
Marceau Ebersolt
Dominique Dominique   See fewer
Vadim Agid
Maxime Maxime   See fewer
Lola Andreoni
Mathilde Mathilde   See fewer
Mikaël Halimi
Douglas Douglas   See fewer
Ludovic Berthillot
Le gardien Le gardien   See fewer
William Gay
Gendarme Gendarme   See fewer
Didier Manuel
Maltazard Maltazard   See fewer
Nabi Touré
Guerrier Bogo 1 Guerrier Bogo 1   See fewer
Abdoulaye Dembele
Guerrier Bogo 2 Guerrier Bogo 2   See fewer
Mahamadou Coulibaly
Guerrier Bogo 3 Guerrier Bogo 3   See fewer
Ethan Houblon
Guerrier Bogo 4 Guerrier Bogo 4   See fewer
M'Bar N'Diaye
Guerrier Bogo 5 Guerrier Bogo 5   See fewer
Moussa Traore
Guerrier Bogo 6 Guerrier Bogo 6   See fewer
Maxime Elias-Menet
Alex 8 ans Alex 8 ans   See fewer
Samantha 7 ans Samantha 7 ans   See fewer
Kaylan Mendy
Jean 9 ans Jean 9 ans   See fewer
Clémence Pirone
Renata 8 ans Renata 8 ans   See fewer
Martin Laurent
Dominique 8 ans Dominique 8 ans   See fewer
William Sablot
Maxime 8 ans Maxime 8 ans   See fewer
Inès Sanchez-Chafi
Mathilde 7 ans Mathilde 7 ans   See fewer
Kény Valigiani Falentin
Douglas 8 ans Douglas 8 ans   See fewer
Paloma Coquant
Mère d'Alex Mère d'Alex   See fewer
Liva Rafidison
Doublure Samantha Doublure Samantha   See fewer
Grégory Nolbas
Doublure Jean Doublure Jean   See fewer
Nicolas Retabi
Doublure Momo Doublure Momo   See fewer
Grégory Duvall
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Jaa Smith-Johnson
Jean (voice) Jean (voice)   See fewer
Paul Zinno
Dominique (voice) (version: English) Dominique (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Jean Bejote Njamba
Chief Massai (archive footage) (uncredited) Chief Massai (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Bétamèche (archive footage) (uncredited) Bétamèche (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Ron Crawford
Archibald (archive footage) (uncredited) Archibald (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Mylène Farmer
Selenia (archive footage) (uncredited) Selenia (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
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