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  • The German Friend (2012)
  • 100 min | Drama, Romance, War
The German Friend (2012)
100 min | Drama, Romance, War

A German-Jewish girl becomes friends with the son of an SS officer in Argentina. The two stay friends throughout their adolescence and into adulthood.
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Víctor González (as Kino González)
Casting Director
Production Designer

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Release date
Mar 3, 2013 (United States)


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56 cast members
Name Known for
Max Riemelt
Friedrich Burg Friedrich Burg   See fewer
Benjamin Sadler
Michael Tendler Michael Tendler   See fewer
Celeste Cid
Sulamit Löwenstein Sulamit Löwenstein   See fewer
Jean Pierre Noher
Philipp Löwenstein Philipp Löwenstein   See fewer
Hartmut Becker
Herr Werner Kunheim Herr Werner Kunheim   See fewer
Daniel Fanego
Eduardo Eduardo   See fewer
Adriana Aizemberg
Tante Else Tante Else   See fewer
Fernán Mirás
Profesor Durán Profesor Durán   See fewer
Eliseo Barrionuevo
Von Alstentatt 2 Von Alstentatt 2   See fewer
Carlos Kaspar
Rudolf Burg Rudolf Burg   See fewer
Sofía Palomino
Cristina (as Sofia Palomino) Cristina (as Sofia Palomino)   See fewer
Cipe Lincovsky
Liesl Feldmann Liesl Feldmann   See fewer
Noemí Frenkel
Ida Löwenstein Ida Löwenstein   See fewer
Claudio Torres
Empleado perrera Empleado perrera   See fewer
Katja Alemann
Martha Burg (as Katja Alemán) Martha Burg (as Katja Alemán)   See fewer
Pierre Marquille
Profesor francés Profesor francés   See fewer
Sebastián Mogordoy
Enfermero 2 Enfermero 2   See fewer
Facundo Scalerandi
José (as Facundo V. Scalerandi) José (as Facundo V. Scalerandi)   See fewer
Víctor Hugo Carrizo
Guardiacárcel 1 Guardiacárcel 1   See fewer
Andreas Konzack
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Nathalie Lucia Hahnen
Studentin Studentin   See fewer
Gabriela Daniell
Gabriela Gabriela   See fewer
Andrés Fimpel
Von Alstentatt 1 Von Alstentatt 1   See fewer
María Monteverde
Margarethe Burg Margarethe Burg   See fewer
Santos Lontoya
Guardiacárcel 2 Guardiacárcel 2   See fewer
Norberto Adrián Marre
Mozo tren Mozo tren   See fewer
Javier Mele
Enfermero 1 Enfermero 1   See fewer
Laura Zelaya
Laura / Inge Laura / Inge   See fewer
Eduardo Wigutow
Conserje nocturno Conserje nocturno   See fewer
Pablo Palmeyro
Von Alstentatt 3 Von Alstentatt 3   See fewer
Pablo Cañumil
Joven mapuche Joven mapuche   See fewer
Ignacio Steinberg
Marcel Rothschild Marcel Rothschild   See fewer
Carlos Leuquen
Ceferino Ceferino   See fewer
Guillermo Rodini
Herr Arnoldo Schmidt Herr Arnoldo Schmidt   See fewer
Betty Dimov
Lotte Rothschild Lotte Rothschild   See fewer
Blas Durán
Paramilitar 1 Paramilitar 1   See fewer
Julieta Vetrano
Sulamit niña Sulamit niña   See fewer
Juan Francisco Rey
Friedrich niño Friedrich niño   See fewer
Elsa Surco
Consuelo Consuelo   See fewer
Laura Andino
María María   See fewer
Santiago Chammas
Christian Christian   See fewer
Juan Freund
Seppl Feldmann Seppl Feldmann   See fewer
Raúl Alberto Defrancesco
Director escuela secundaria Director escuela secundaria   See fewer
Nora Zinski
Nora (as Nora Zinsky) Nora (as Nora Zinsky)   See fewer
Lucas López Caruezo
Horst Kunheim Horst Kunheim   See fewer
Iris Pedrazzoli
Mujer guardiacárcel Mujer guardiacárcel   See fewer
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