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  • Space Part III (Season 1, Episode 3)
  • TV Episode | 180 min | Drama


Part III (Season 1, Episode 3)
TV Episode | 180 min | Drama

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Updated Apr 16, 1985

Release date
Apr 16, 1985 (United States)


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84 cast members
Name Known for
James Garner
Sen. Norman Grant Sen. Norman Grant   See fewer
Susan Anspach
Elinor Grant Elinor Grant   See fewer
Beau Bridges
Randy Claggett Randy Claggett   See fewer
Blair Brown
Penny Hardesty Pope Penny Hardesty Pope   See fewer
Bruce Dern
Stanley Mott Stanley Mott   See fewer
Melinda Dillon
Rachel Mott Rachel Mott   See fewer
David Dukes
Leopold Strabismus Leopold Strabismus   See fewer
Harry Hamlin
John Pope John Pope   See fewer
Barbara Sukowa
Leisel Kolff Leisel Kolff   See fewer
Michael York
Dieter Kolff Dieter Kolff   See fewer
Martin Balsam
Sen. Glancey Sen. Glancey   See fewer
James Sutorius
Tim Finnerty Tim Finnerty   See fewer
Stephanie Faracy
Debbie Dee Claggett Debbie Dee Claggett   See fewer
Ralph Bellamy
Paul Stidham Paul Stidham   See fewer
Maggie Han
Cindy Rhee Cindy Rhee   See fewer
David Spielberg
Skip Morgan Skip Morgan   See fewer
G.D. Spradlin
Tucker Thomas Tucker Thomas   See fewer
Wolf Kahler
Funkhauser Funkhauser   See fewer
Dick Anthony Williams
Gawain Butler Gawain Butler   See fewer
Scotch Byerley
Harry Jensen Harry Jensen   See fewer
Jennifer Runyon
Marcia Grant Marcia Grant   See fewer
James Edgcomb
Ed Cater Ed Cater   See fewer
Lawrence Lott
Timothy Bell Timothy Bell   See fewer
Richard Partlow
Charles Lee Charles Lee   See fewer
Bert Remsen
Ed Specktor Ed Specktor   See fewer
Laurence Luckinbill
Narrator Narrator   See fewer
Barbara Bingham
Cluny Bell Cluny Bell   See fewer
Clu Gulager
Victor Hardesty Victor Hardesty   See fewer
Christine Dickinson
Gloria Cater Gloria Cater   See fewer
Jeanne Lange
Inger Jensen Inger Jensen   See fewer
Les Lannom
Larry Penzos Larry Penzos   See fewer
Annie O'Neill
Sandra Lee Sandra Lee   See fewer
Jim Antonio
Levering Levering   See fewer
Ivan Bonar
Harry Crampton Harry Crampton   See fewer
Richard Delmonte
Ramirez Ramirez   See fewer
Jack Garner
Flight Operations Officer Flight Operations Officer   See fewer
Jonathan Goldsmith
Raf Perry Raf Perry   See fewer
Mary Jackson
Frankie Frankie   See fewer
Christina Pickles
Mrs. McKellar Mrs. McKellar   See fewer
Gerald Hiken
Prof. Anderson Prof. Anderson   See fewer
Bill Sorrells
Colonel Boyd Colonel Boyd   See fewer
Murphy Dunne
Lt. Wiles Lt. Wiles   See fewer
Jack Thibeau
Capt. Penscott Capt. Penscott   See fewer
Michael Talbott
Tom Savage Tom Savage   See fewer
William Wellman Jr.
Air Force Captain Air Force Captain   See fewer
Donald Craig
Newsman Newsman   See fewer
Peter Nelson
Millard Mott Millard Mott   See fewer
Howard Mann
Lawyer / Tycoon Lawyer / Tycoon   See fewer
Bob Mclean
Newsman (as Bob McLean) Newsman (as Bob McLean)   See fewer
Charles Tyner
Dracula Dracula   See fewer
Richard X. Slattery
Navy Captain Navy Captain   See fewer
Vernon Weddle
Burgess Burgess   See fewer
Kenneth White
Expert Expert   See fewer
Robert Weaver
Sam Cottage (as Robby Weaver) Sam Cottage (as Robby Weaver)   See fewer
Alan Fudge
Pomfret Pomfret   See fewer
Lia Sargent
Mia Portnoy Mia Portnoy   See fewer
Sue Strain
Sally Quint Sally Quint   See fewer
Michael Cochrane
Wing Cmdr. Blount Wing Cmdr. Blount   See fewer
Stephen Jenn
Hans Brenner Hans Brenner   See fewer
Gary Kasper
Brother Brother   See fewer
Bill Morey
Dean Robert Hawkins Dean Robert Hawkins   See fewer
Shane Rimmer
Gen Quigley Gen Quigley   See fewer
Sheila Ruskin
Lt. Constance Hall-Tipping Lt. Constance Hall-Tipping   See fewer
Michael Sheard
Himmler Himmler   See fewer
Eleanor Zee
Mrs. Griffin Mrs. Griffin   See fewer
Walter Mathews
Jennings Jennings   See fewer
Burke Byrnes
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Nancy Abramson
School Secretary School Secretary   See fewer
James Avery
Jean-Marie Jean-Marie   See fewer
Gale Baker
USO Dancer USO Dancer   See fewer
Woody Eney
TV Science Consultant TV Science Consultant   See fewer
Marya Morgan
Anchorwoman Anchorwoman   See fewer
Kevin J. O'Neill
Trajectory Officer Trajectory Officer   See fewer
Lizabeth Pritchett
Esther Glancey Esther Glancey   See fewer
Dyanne Thorne
Entertainer Entertainer   See fewer
Jack Larravide
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Marcus Olah Sr.
Pilot (uncredited) Pilot (uncredited)   See fewer
William A. Purcell
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
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