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  • 17 Miracles (2011)
  • PG
    113 min | Adventure, History
17 Miracles (2011)
113 min | Adventure, History

The Willie Handcart Company treks across America to the Salt Lake Valley, experiencing many trials and deaths, as well as 17 miracles.
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T.C. Christensen | Gary Cook (additional writer) | Pat D. Smart (thanks) | Ron Tanner (additional writer) | Laurie Vukich (additional writer)
T.C. Christensen | Rob Collins (as Bob Collins) | Ron Tanner
Production Designer

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Updated Jun 3, 2011

Release date
Jun 3, 2011 (United States)


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61 cast members
Name Known for
Jasen Wade
Levi Savage Levi Savage   See fewer
Emily Wadley
Elizabeth Panting Elizabeth Panting   See fewer
Jason Celaya
George Padley George Padley   See fewer
Natalie Blackman
Sarah Franks Sarah Franks   See fewer
Travis Eberhard
Albert (as Robert Pearce) Albert (as Robert Pearce)   See fewer
Bruce Newbold
Traveler Traveler   See fewer
Nathan Mitchell
James G. Willie James G. Willie   See fewer
Bailee Michelle Johnson
Mary Hurren (as Bailee Johnson) Mary Hurren (as Bailee Johnson)   See fewer
Savanna Kylie Lewis
Bodil Mortensen Bodil Mortensen   See fewer
Tomas Ambt Kofod
Jens Nielson (as Tomas Kofod) Jens Nielson (as Tomas Kofod)   See fewer
Chandra Allen
Elsie Nielson Elsie Nielson   See fewer
Kimball Stinger
Niels Nielson Niels Nielson   See fewer
David Nibley
John Linford John Linford   See fewer
Melinda Renee
Maria Linford (as Renee Casati) Maria Linford (as Renee Casati)   See fewer
Kaleb Stinger
Joseph Linford Joseph Linford   See fewer
Kalvin Stringer
Amasa Linford (as Kalvin Stinger) Amasa Linford (as Kalvin Stinger)   See fewer
Derek Spriggs
James Loader James Loader   See fewer
Mary Jane Wadley
Amy Loader / Older voice of Mary Hurren Amy Loader / Older voice of Mary Hurren   See fewer
Caitlin E.J. Meyer
Tamar Loader Tamar Loader   See fewer
Ivey Lloyd Mitchell
Patience Loader Patience Loader   See fewer
Alexandra Mackenzie
Elizabeth Cunningham Elizabeth Cunningham   See fewer
Christopher Clark
James Cunningham James Cunningham   See fewer
Kenzie Stinger
Betsy Cunningham Betsy Cunningham   See fewer
Stephanie Breinholt
Ann Rowley Ann Rowley   See fewer
Heather Brown
Ann Cooper Ann Cooper   See fewer
Sean D. Hunter
Chester (as Sean Hunter) Chester (as Sean Hunter)   See fewer
Liz Christensen
Louisa Mellor Louisa Mellor   See fewer
Ann Bosler
Mary Ann Mellor Mary Ann Mellor   See fewer
Chantel Flanders
Charlotte Mellor Charlotte Mellor   See fewer
Michael Flynn
General Kearny General Kearny   See fewer
Fenton Quinn
Sergeant Nathaniel Jones Sergeant Nathaniel Jones   See fewer
Andy Rindlisbach
Henry W. Bigler Henry W. Bigler   See fewer
Anson Bagley
Christopher Panting Christopher Panting   See fewer
Adrienne Carr
Jane Panting Jane Panting   See fewer
Camden Clark Moody
Levi Mathers Savage Levi Mathers Savage   See fewer
Aiden Beagley
Levi Mathers Savage - 4 years old Levi Mathers Savage - 4 years old   See fewer
Antonio Lexerot
Frederick Panting (as Antonio Lexero) Frederick Panting (as Antonio Lexero)   See fewer
Scott Warner
Thomas E. Ricks Thomas E. Ricks   See fewer
Lauren Brady
Hannah Savage Eldridge Hannah Savage Eldridge   See fewer
Jeff Johnson
Franklin D. Richards Franklin D. Richards   See fewer
Matthew Maddox
Millen Atwood Millen Atwood   See fewer
J. D'Parr
Brigham Young Brigham Young   See fewer
Mark Gollaher
Wilford Woodruff Wilford Woodruff   See fewer
Barta Heiner
Train Lady Train Lady   See fewer
Keaton Stinger
Buffalo Chip Boy Buffalo Chip Boy   See fewer
David Loach
Complainer Complainer   See fewer
Gary Reimer
Complainer Complainer   See fewer
Marjorie Wilson
Wee Granny Wee Granny   See fewer
Katherine Nelson
Anna Larsen Anna Larsen   See fewer
Kristi Thomas
Candle Lady Candle Lady   See fewer
Tara Tanner Oldroyd
Sarah Haigh Sarah Haigh   See fewer
Lonnie Brown
Joseph A. Young Joseph A. Young   See fewer
Peggy Matheson
Adult Jane Panting Adult Jane Panting   See fewer
Bernie Diamond
Speaker Speaker   See fewer
Darren Hill
Quitter Quitter   See fewer
Matt Hale
Mormon Battalion, Boxcar Assistant Mormon Battalion, Boxcar Assistant   See fewer
Nathan Osmond
Rescuer Rescuer   See fewer
Sierra Eddington
Margret Cunningham (uncredited) Margret Cunningham (uncredited)   See fewer
Joseph Paur
Brigham Young (uncredited) Brigham Young (uncredited)   See fewer
Annette Turner
Shoe Lady (uncredited) Shoe Lady (uncredited)   See fewer
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