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The Kennedys of Massachusetts

Episode #1.3 (Season 1, Episode 3)
TV Episode | Drama

Doris Kearns Goodwin (book) | William Hanley (teleplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Feb 21, 1990

Release date
Feb 21, 1990 (United States)


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84 cast members
Name Known for
Casey Affleck
Robert Kennedy - Ages 12-15 Robert Kennedy - Ages 12-15   See fewer
Cindy Baer
Rose's Friend - 1906 Rose's Friend - 1906   See fewer
Deborah Bancroft
Sissy Thomas Sissy Thomas   See fewer
Paul Bronk
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Sullivan Brown
King George King George   See fewer
Karen Chaffee
Patricia Kennedy - Ages 13-14 Patricia Kennedy - Ages 13-14   See fewer
Ken Cheeseman
Ormsby-Gore Ormsby-Gore   See fewer
Mara Clark
Maid Ruth Maid Ruth   See fewer
Jordan Clarke
James Reedy James Reedy   See fewer
Richard Clarke
Neville Chamberlain Neville Chamberlain   See fewer
Joe Costa
David Sarnoff David Sarnoff   See fewer
Michael Cumpsty
Billy Hartington Billy Hartington   See fewer
Jean De Baer
Josie Fitzgerald Josie Fitzgerald   See fewer
Jerome Dempsey
Joe Kane Joe Kane   See fewer
Bill Devany
Saloon Patron Saloon Patron   See fewer
Frank Dolan
Dr. Place Dr. Place   See fewer
Bruce Donaldson
Customer's Man Customer's Man   See fewer
William Duff-Griffin
Henry Fitzgerald Henry Fitzgerald   See fewer
Matthew Dundas
Ted Kennedy - Ages 12-14 Ted Kennedy - Ages 12-14   See fewer
Paul Dunn
Clark Clark   See fewer
Charles Durning
John 'Honey Fitz' Fitzgerald John 'Honey Fitz' Fitzgerald   See fewer
Michael Flanagan
Dr. Coleman Dr. Coleman   See fewer
Hal Fletcher
Earl Warren Earl Warren   See fewer
Will Gardner
Robert Kennedy - Age 7 Robert Kennedy - Age 7   See fewer
Peter Gerety
Irish Driver Irish Driver   See fewer
Thomas Gibson
Peter Fitzwilliam Peter Fitzwilliam   See fewer
Michael Goodwin
Joe Kennedy Jr. - Ages 11-12 Joe Kennedy Jr. - Ages 11-12   See fewer
Sam Gray
William Burke William Burke   See fewer
Tim Halligan
Eddie Moore Eddie Moore   See fewer
Beth Herzig
Jean Kennedy - Ages 16-20 Jean Kennedy - Ages 16-20   See fewer
Pat Hingle
P.J. Kennedy P.J. Kennedy   See fewer
James Huston
Joe Gargan Joe Gargan   See fewer
Venus Irving-Prescott
Club Singer Club Singer   See fewer
David Ives
Headmaster Headmaster   See fewer
Keith Jochim
Dr. Martin Dr. Martin   See fewer
Eddie Jones
Jim Fitzgerald Jim Fitzgerald   See fewer
Kristen Lee Kelly
Patricia Kennedy (as Kristen Kelly) Patricia Kennedy (as Kristen Kelly)   See fewer
Lily Knight
Pat Wilson Pat Wilson   See fewer
Thomas Krajewski
Jack Kennedy - Ages 9-12 Jack Kennedy - Ages 9-12   See fewer
Olek Krupa
Erich Von Stroheim Erich Von Stroheim   See fewer
June Lion
Nurse Nurse   See fewer
Jane Loranger
Agnes Firtzgerald Agnes Firtzgerald   See fewer
Deirdre Lovejoy
Rosemary Kennedy Rosemary Kennedy   See fewer
Dante Magnani
Joe Kennedy Jr. - Ages 2-4 Joe Kennedy Jr. - Ages 2-4   See fewer
Kate Mailer
Victoria Victoria   See fewer
Bernie McInerney
Dr. Bowles Dr. Bowles   See fewer
Randle Mell
Robert Kennedy Robert Kennedy   See fewer
Chris Milberg
Newsboy #2 Newsboy #2   See fewer
Leah Monagle
Eunice Fitzgerald - Age 5 Eunice Fitzgerald - Age 5   See fewer
Bill Moor
Louis Howe Louis Howe   See fewer
Hubert Murray
Secretary Secretary   See fewer
Hugo Napier
Butler Butler   See fewer
Kelsey Nichols
Kathleen Kennedy - Ages 8-9 Kathleen Kennedy - Ages 8-9   See fewer
Remi Nichols
Rosemary Kennedy - Ages 8-11 Rosemary Kennedy - Ages 8-11   See fewer
Christina Nikitas
Jack Kennedy - Ages 2-3 Jack Kennedy - Ages 2-3   See fewer
Annette O'Toole
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy   See fewer
Madolyn Smith Osborne
Gloria Swanson Gloria Swanson   See fewer
Dossy Peabody
Catherine Falvey Catherine Falvey   See fewer
Dave Penn
Inaugural Platform Attendant Inaugural Platform Attendant   See fewer
William Petersen
Joseph P. Kennedy (as William L. Petersen) Joseph P. Kennedy (as William L. Petersen)   See fewer
Tracy Pollan
Kathleen Kennedy Kathleen Kennedy   See fewer
Richard Provost
Chief Justice Chief Justice   See fewer
Mathew Quinn
Pianist Pianist   See fewer
Halina Radosz
Eunice Kennedy Eunice Kennedy   See fewer
Beckett Royce
New York Woman New York Woman   See fewer
Danielle Schonback
Jean Kennedy - Ages 9-12 Jean Kennedy - Ages 9-12   See fewer
Fiona Scoones
Young Woman Young Woman   See fewer
Campbell Scott
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.   See fewer
Ryan Shaughnessy
Ted Kennedy - Ages 5-6 Ted Kennedy - Ages 5-6   See fewer
Josef Sommer
Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt   See fewer
Shaun Sullivan
Newsboy #1 Newsboy #1   See fewer
John Terrence
Gloria's Butler Gloria's Butler   See fewer
Brian Tierney
Jimmy Roosevelt Jimmy Roosevelt   See fewer
Alison Wachtler
Rose's Nurse Rose's Nurse   See fewer
Jennifer Walsh
Rosemary Kennedy - Ages 1-4 Rosemary Kennedy - Ages 1-4   See fewer
Steven Weber
John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy   See fewer
Bronia Wheeler
Nun (as Bronia Stefan Wheeler) Nun (as Bronia Stefan Wheeler)   See fewer
Bates Wilder
Classmate (as Chris Wilder) Classmate (as Chris Wilder)   See fewer
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