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Degrassi: The Next Generation

Need You Now: Part 1 (Season 11, Episode 38)
TV Episode | 23 min | Drama, Romance

Since receiving his bipolar diagnosis, Eli is tired of being treated differently. Teachers are giving him extensions, Bullfrog is being over-protective...even Imogen is making him into a bipolar art project.
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Linda Schuyler (creator) | Yan Moore (creator) | Kit Hood (creator: "Degrassi Junior High" and "Degrassi High") | Sarah Glinski (written by)
Alwyn Kumst (as Alwyn J. Kumst)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Mar 30, 2012

Release date
Mar 30, 2012 (Canada)


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30 cast members
Name Known for
Jordan Todosey
Adam Torres Adam Torres   See fewer
Justin Kelly
Jake Martin Jake Martin   See fewer
Melinda Shankar
Alli Bhandari (credit only) Alli Bhandari (credit only)   See fewer
Aislinn Paul
Clare Edwards (credit only) Clare Edwards (credit only)   See fewer
Lyle Lettau
Tristan Milligan (as Lyle O'Donohoe) Tristan Milligan (as Lyle O'Donohoe)   See fewer
Olivia Scriven
Maya Matlin Maya Matlin   See fewer
Alexa Rose Steele
Tori Santamaria (as Alex Steele) Tori Santamaria (as Alex Steele)   See fewer
Ricardo Hoyos
Zig Novak Zig Novak   See fewer
Sam Earle
K.C. Guthrie K.C. Guthrie   See fewer
Jessica Tyler
Jenna Middleton Jenna Middleton   See fewer
Shanice Banton
Marisol Lewis Marisol Lewis   See fewer
Chloe Rose
Katie Matlin (credit only) Katie Matlin (credit only)   See fewer
Cristine Prosperi
Imogen Moreno Imogen Moreno   See fewer
Munro Chambers
Eli Goldsworthy Eli Goldsworthy   See fewer
Annie Clark
Fiona Coyne Fiona Coyne   See fewer
A.J. Saudin
Connor Deslauriers Connor Deslauriers   See fewer
Spencer Van Wyck
Wesley Betenkamp (credit only) Wesley Betenkamp (credit only)   See fewer
Jacob Neayem
Mo Mashkour (credit only) Mo Mashkour (credit only)   See fewer
Cory Lee
Ms. Winnie Oh (credit only) Ms. Winnie Oh (credit only)   See fewer
Stefan Brogren
Archie 'Snake' Simpson (credit only) Archie 'Snake' Simpson (credit only)   See fewer
Alicia Dea Josipovic
Bianca DeSousa (credit only) (as Alicia Josipovic) Bianca DeSousa (credit only) (as Alicia Josipovic)   See fewer
Daniel Kelly
Owen Milligan (credit only) Owen Milligan (credit only)   See fewer
Jahmil French
Dave Turner (credit only) Dave Turner (credit only)   See fewer
Luke Bilyk
Drew Torres (credit only) Drew Torres (credit only)   See fewer
Tom Melissis
Mr. Dom Perino Mr. Dom Perino   See fewer
Robin Brûlé
Lisa Guthrie Lisa Guthrie   See fewer
Peter Tufford Kennedy
Bullfrog Goldsworthy (as Tufford Kennedy) Bullfrog Goldsworthy (as Tufford Kennedy)   See fewer
Tim Beresford
Ed Powell Ed Powell   See fewer
Daniel Richard Giverin
Mr. Moreno Mr. Moreno   See fewer
Carly Jones
Cathy Powell Cathy Powell   See fewer
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