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  • Abhay Like, Share, Kill (Season 3, Episode 1)
  • TV Episode | Crime, Thriller


Like, Share, Kill (Season 3, Episode 1)
TV Episode | Crime, Thriller

Abhay goes in search of the perpetrators responsible for the disappearance of several people from the highways connecting NCR to the neighbouring states. The arrival of a mythical comet stirs up a dark storm.
Srinivas Abrol (screenplay) | Aparna Nadig (dialogue) | Shubham Sharma (screenplay by)
Casting Directors
Prakash Pandey (casting by) | Kunal M Shah (as Kunal m Shah)
Production Designer
Edit Released
Updated Apr 8, 2022

Release date
Apr 8, 2022 (India)


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100 cast members
Name Known for
Vijay Raaz
Mrityu / Anant Mrityu / Anant   See fewer
Rahul Dev
Avtar Avtar   See fewer
Divya Agarwal
Harleen Harleen   See fewer
Rajat Arora
Forensic Guy Forensic Guy   See fewer
Naveed Aslam
Umashankar Tiwari (STF Head) Umashankar Tiwari (STF Head)   See fewer
Kid 2 Kid 2   See fewer
Gunjan Bhatia
Teacher 1 Teacher 1   See fewer
Elvis Chaturvedi
Forensic Expert / Coroner Forensic Expert / Coroner   See fewer
Arvind Chaudhary
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Suraj Chaudhary
Bablu (as Suraj Choudhary) Bablu (as Suraj Choudhary)   See fewer
Devender Chaudhry
Sandeep Awasthi Sandeep Awasthi   See fewer
Darshita Chauhan
Girl Victim 2 Girl Victim 2   See fewer
Durgesh Chauhan
Sub Insp Ram Prasad Sub Insp Ram Prasad   See fewer
Sudipta Deb
Reporter 2 Reporter 2   See fewer
Avijit Dutt
Mahesh Mahesh   See fewer
Beila Gupta
Sharda Tai (as Beilla Gupta) Sharda Tai (as Beilla Gupta)   See fewer
Kavita Gupta
Reporter 3 Reporter 3   See fewer
Prachi Hada
Girl on the Street Girl on the Street   See fewer
Mahtab Hussain
Infinity Killer Infinity Killer   See fewer
Vishal Jadhav
Professor Professor   See fewer
Amit Jaiswal
Police Inspector Police Inspector   See fewer
Rakhi Jaiswal
Tinku's Mother Tinku's Mother   See fewer
Pradeep Jangid
Policeman 2 Policeman 2   See fewer
Jiten Jatania
News Anchor News Anchor   See fewer
Rajkumar Kanojia
Tea Vendor Tea Vendor   See fewer
Charanjit Kaur
Theologist Theologist   See fewer
Kunal Kemmu
Abhay Pratap Singh (as Kunal Khemu) Abhay Pratap Singh (as Kunal Khemu)   See fewer
Razia Khanam
Lady Constable Lady Constable   See fewer
Arun Khanna
Old Man Old Man   See fewer
Rohit Khanna
Old Man Old Man   See fewer
Rakhi Kishore
Dr. Kumud (as Rakhi Kishor) Dr. Kumud (as Rakhi Kishor)   See fewer
Manish Kumar
Front Desk Guy Front Desk Guy   See fewer
Ratnesh Mani
Raghav Raghav   See fewer
Arpit Mishra
Depressed Man Depressed Man   See fewer
Nishant Mishra
News Reporter News Reporter   See fewer
Supriya Mishra
Lipstick Girl Lipstick Girl   See fewer
Richa Mohan
Forensic Lady Forensic Lady   See fewer
Simarjeet Singh Nagra
STF Officer Manpreet STF Officer Manpreet   See fewer
Asha Negi
Sonam Khanna Sonam Khanna   See fewer
Elnaaz Norouzi
Natasha Natasha   See fewer
Hemlata Ramji Padvi
Goyal's Wife Goyal's Wife   See fewer
Sudha Pal
Girl On Highway Girl On Highway   See fewer
Akash Pandey
Patrol Cop Patrol Cop   See fewer
Jyoti Pandey
Girl Victim 1 Girl Victim 1   See fewer
Shubham Pandey
Man Victim 1 Man Victim 1   See fewer
Hitesh Parmar
Reporter 1 Reporter 1   See fewer
Kunal Parwani
Ombir Singh Ombir Singh   See fewer
Vivek Prabhakar
Constable 1 Ajaib Singh Constable 1 Ajaib Singh   See fewer
Vivek Prabhakaran
Constable 1 Constable 1   See fewer
Prateek Rai
Man Victim 3 Man Victim 3   See fewer
Bimal Ramda
Ward Boy Ward Boy   See fewer
Santosh Rastogi
Ombir's Brother Ombir's Brother   See fewer
Oshi Sahu
News Reporter News Reporter   See fewer
Isha Sandhir
Shaista Shaista   See fewer
Abdul Majid Shaikh
Dr. Ahuja Dr. Ahuja   See fewer
Amir Shaikh
Security Security   See fewer
Ankur Sharma
Reporter 4 Reporter 4   See fewer
Arvind Sharma
Hawalder Hawalder   See fewer
Neeraj Sharma
Truck Driver Truck Driver   See fewer
Rajneesh Sharma
Policeman 1 Policeman 1   See fewer
Vikram Sharma
Manohar Manohar   See fewer
Ekta Shri
Prostitute Prostitute   See fewer
Shreya Shrivastav
Ahaana Khurana Ahaana Khurana   See fewer
Pankaj Avadesh Shukla
STF Tech Guy STF Tech Guy   See fewer
Altaf Siddi
Lustful Man 2 Lustful Man 2   See fewer
Pratap Singh Verma
Lustful Man 1 Lustful Man 1   See fewer
Aanidhya Singh
Goyal's Kid Goyal's Kid   See fewer
Abhishek Singh
Forensic Guy Forensic Guy   See fewer
Avinash Singh
Man Victim 2 Man Victim 2   See fewer
Chitresh Singh
Young Mrityu Young Mrityu   See fewer
Man Singh
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Nidhi Singh
Khushboo Khushboo   See fewer
Rajveer Singh
Forensic STF (Lucknow) Forensic STF (Lucknow)   See fewer
Rituraj Singh
Kuldeep Dhingra Kuldeep Dhingra   See fewer
Shubham Singh
Drone Operator Drone Operator   See fewer
Unnati Singh
Hopscotch Girl Hopscotch Girl   See fewer
Vijay Singh
Security Security   See fewer
Suraj Singhan
Senior Inspector Senior Inspector   See fewer
Meerang Tiwari
News Reporter News Reporter   See fewer
Pranvi Tiwari
Flight Attendant Flight Attendant   See fewer
Nikita Singh Tomar
Hopscotch Girl's Mother Hopscotch Girl's Mother   See fewer
Pankaj Kumar Tripathi
School Principal School Principal   See fewer
Operator in Cntrl Room Operator in Cntrl Room   See fewer
Janvika Yadav
Raghav's Daughter Raghav's Daughter   See fewer
Young Homeless Killers Young Homeless Killers   See fewer
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