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  • Hello Herman (2012)
  • TV-14
    90 min | Drama
Hello Herman (2012)
90 min | Drama

A journalist interviews a sixteen year old boy, who is in police custody after he shot and killed 42 people at his high school.
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Release date
Jun 7, 2013 (United States)


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72 cast members
Name Known for
Garrett Backstrom
Herman Howards Herman Howards   See fewer
Martha Higareda
Isa Cruz Isa Cruz   See fewer
Rob Estes
Chet Clarkson Chet Clarkson   See fewer
Sabrina Debler
Jennifer Jennifer   See fewer
Andy McPhee
Sean Gall Sean Gall   See fewer
Olivia Faye
Marsha Dixon Marsha Dixon   See fewer
Jake White
Michael Ray Michael Ray   See fewer
Alex Neuberger
Michael Green Michael Green   See fewer
Jonathan Grubb
Paul Schrewber Paul Schrewber   See fewer
Franco Carlotto
Officer Kraig Officer Kraig   See fewer
Christina Stanley
Brittany Brittany   See fewer
Rebecca Morgan
Celia Ray Celia Ray   See fewer
Brian Drillinger
Mr. Phelps Mr. Phelps   See fewer
Alan Pietruszewski
Principal Evans Principal Evans   See fewer
Christine Dunford
Senator Cox Senator Cox   See fewer
Alexandra Guarnieri
Alexis Bradley Alexis Bradley   See fewer
John Bobek
Lyle Ferguson Lyle Ferguson   See fewer
Holly Bonelli
News Reporter Sydney Flynn News Reporter Sydney Flynn   See fewer
Paul Tirado
News Reporter James Turner News Reporter James Turner   See fewer
Benjamin Statler
News Reporter Bill Leer News Reporter Bill Leer   See fewer
Melanie Coote
News Reporter Kate News Reporter Kate   See fewer
Renee Taglia
News reporter Michelle News reporter Michelle   See fewer
Jacqueline King
News Reporter Faye (as Jacquelynn King) News Reporter Faye (as Jacquelynn King)   See fewer
David Castellvi
Driver / News Reporter Ted Slater Driver / News Reporter Ted Slater   See fewer
Dominic Bogart
Jim-Carl Lee Jim-Carl Lee   See fewer
Jerry Katell
Head FBI Agent Head FBI Agent   See fewer
Dan Jenks
FBI Agent #2 (as Daniel Jenks) FBI Agent #2 (as Daniel Jenks)   See fewer
Tassa Loncarevic
Agent Smith Agent Smith   See fewer
David Burrus
Jerome Johnson / 'The Kid' Jerome Johnson / 'The Kid'   See fewer
Elias McCabe
Daniel Campbell Daniel Campbell   See fewer
F.R. Noriega
Sergeant Moore (as Federico Rolon) Sergeant Moore (as Federico Rolon)   See fewer
Max Sebrechts
Officer Katz Officer Katz   See fewer
Gustavo Gallego
Officer Ferrat Officer Ferrat   See fewer
Paul Buxton
Warden Warden   See fewer
Mike Guirgis
Officer Hunter Officer Hunter   See fewer
Susanna Brisk
Car Rental Person Car Rental Person   See fewer
Max Acosta-Rubio
Officer Hernandez Officer Hernandez   See fewer
Shayne Anderson
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Carly Coutts
Samantha Samantha   See fewer
Mars Crain
Security Guard Security Guard   See fewer
Michelle Danner
Herman's mother Herman's mother   See fewer
James Deloy Scott
Witness (as James Deloy) Witness (as James Deloy)   See fewer
Joshua Fishbein
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Holly Fowler
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Justin Harris
Gang Member Gang Member   See fewer
Nick Meyers
James Hankley James Hankley   See fewer
Jonathan Oldham
Dougie-Dog Dougie-Dog   See fewer
Lisa Papatzimas
Ms. Cribbs (as Lisa Galasso) Ms. Cribbs (as Lisa Galasso)   See fewer
Tyler Roche
High School Bully (as Chris Roche) High School Bully (as Chris Roche)   See fewer
Curt Sletten
Prisoner Prisoner   See fewer
Philip Sokoloff
Reporter (as Phil Sokoloff) Reporter (as Phil Sokoloff)   See fewer
Sarah Stettler
Leslie Stevens Leslie Stevens   See fewer
Nina Vincent
Police Chief Anderson Police Chief Anderson   See fewer
Justine White
Sudent Sudent   See fewer
Porter Wiley
Rosalie (as Porter Wooten) Rosalie (as Porter Wooten)   See fewer
Libertad Green
Protester (uncredited) Protester (uncredited)   See fewer
William Mortensen Vaughan
Protester (uncredited) Protester (uncredited)   See fewer
Johan Wester
Youth (uncredited) Youth (uncredited)   See fewer
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