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  • Justice for Natalee Holloway (2011)
  • TV-PG
    TV Movie | 89 min | Crime, Drama
Justice for Natalee Holloway (2011)
TV Movie | 89 min | Crime, Drama

This follow-up to the original movie "Natalee Holloway" closes in on the ongoing mystery of what exactly happened to the Alabama teenager who mysteriously disappeared during her senior class trip to Aruba.
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Updated May 27, 2011

Release date
May 9, 2011 (United States)


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63 cast members
Name Known for
Tracy Pollan
Beth Holloway Beth Holloway   See fewer
Stephen Amell
Joran Van Der Sloot Joran Van Der Sloot   See fewer
Scott Cohen
John Q. Kelly John Q. Kelly   See fewer
Amy Gumenick
Natalee Holloway Natalee Holloway   See fewer
Michael Beach
Agent Delaney Agent Delaney   See fewer
Francesco Quinn
Ricardo Flores Ricardo Flores   See fewer
Julio Oscar Mechoso
Det. Martinez Det. Martinez   See fewer
Melissa Ponzio
Debra Stanville Debra Stanville   See fewer
Grant Show
Jug Twitty Jug Twitty   See fewer
Hunter McGregor
Patrick Van Eem Patrick Van Eem   See fewer
Griff Furst
Agent Guidry Agent Guidry   See fewer
Dax Griffin
Wouter Wouter   See fewer
Monica Acosta
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Bruce Gerard Brown Jr.
F.B.I. Recordist F.B.I. Recordist   See fewer
Cameron M. Brown
School kid / Soccer boy School kid / Soccer boy   See fewer
Joseph T. Campos
Cabbie (as Joseph Campos) Cabbie (as Joseph Campos)   See fewer
Grant Case
Tourist Tourist   See fewer
Nola Charbonnet
Detective (as Felder Charbonnet) Detective (as Felder Charbonnet)   See fewer
Edward J. Clare
Aruban Police Officer Aruban Police Officer   See fewer
Nikai Clark
Hotel Maid / FBI Agent Hotel Maid / FBI Agent   See fewer
Carlos Compean
Hatted Man Hatted Man   See fewer
Silas Cooper
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Sari Cummings
Thai dancer Thai dancer   See fewer
Gerardo Davila
Prison Official Prison Official   See fewer
Kurt DeVille
Special Agent Rodriguez Special Agent Rodriguez   See fewer
Gino Galento
Peruvian Gangster Peruvian Gangster   See fewer
Karen Garcia
Female Cop Female Cop   See fewer
Geraldine Glenn
Poor villager Poor villager   See fewer
Lara Grice
Anita Van der Sloot Anita Van der Sloot   See fewer
Carlos Guerrero
Juan Lavilla Juan Lavilla   See fewer
Josué Gutierrez
Front Desk Clerk Front Desk Clerk   See fewer
Anthony Mark Johnson
FBI Agent / Driver FBI Agent / Driver   See fewer
Kristal Kincaid
College Student College Student   See fewer
John C. Klein
University Professor / Casino Patron University Professor / Casino Patron   See fewer
Tiffany Lonsdale
Stephany Flores Stephany Flores   See fewer
Marc Macaulay
Paulista Van Der Sloot Paulista Van Der Sloot   See fewer
Sam Medina
Inmate Inmate   See fewer
Lloyd Pitts
Valentine Van Der Sloot Valentine Van Der Sloot   See fewer
Bill Rainey
Priest Priest   See fewer
John Gabriel Rodriquez
Peruvian border patrol agent Peruvian border patrol agent   See fewer
Michael Patrick Rogers
Riot Police / Prison Guard (as Michael Rogers) Riot Police / Prison Guard (as Michael Rogers)   See fewer
Susan Santiago
Marielena Flores Marielena Flores   See fewer
Andrew j Spinks
FBI agent FBI agent   See fewer
Cameron Deane Stewart
Matt Holloway Matt Holloway   See fewer
Aaron Uribe
Male Cop Male Cop   See fewer
Elena Varela
Latin Reporter Latin Reporter   See fewer
Glen Warner
Seedy Man Seedy Man   See fewer
Rachel Acuna
Reporter (uncredited) Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
D'Arcy Allen
Casino Pit Boss (uncredited) Casino Pit Boss (uncredited)   See fewer
Tom Bubrig
Dutch Translator (uncredited) Dutch Translator (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Hansen
Self (uncredited) Self (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Jansing
Self (uncredited) Self (uncredited)   See fewer
Elton LeBlanc
University Porfessor / Funeral Patron (uncredited) University Porfessor / Funeral Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Ricardo Vargas
Detective (uncredited) Detective (uncredited)   See fewer
John Wilson
Dutch Represenative (uncredited) Dutch Represenative (uncredited)   See fewer
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