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  • Inescapable (2012)
  • R
    93 min | Action, Drama, Mystery
Inescapable (2012)
93 min | Action, Drama, Mystery

Years after he left Damascus under suspicious circumstances, Adib Abdel Kareem must confront what he left behind when his daughter goes missing.
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Ruba Nadda | Deborah Nathan (story consultant) | Lindy Davies (story consultant) | Helen Asimakis (story consultant)
Geo Höhn (as Geo Hoehn)
Production Designer
Bobby Cardoso (as Bobby Cardosa)
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Release date
Jan 7, 2013 (United States)


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39 cast members
Name Known for
Alexander Siddig
Adib Abdul-Kareem Adib Abdul-Kareem   See fewer
Marisa Tomei
Fatima Fatima   See fewer
Joshua Jackson
Paul Ridge Paul Ridge   See fewer
Oded Fehr
Sayid Abd Al-Aziz Sayid Abd Al-Aziz   See fewer
Danny Keough
Detlev Ivanov (as Danny Keogh) Detlev Ivanov (as Danny Keogh)   See fewer
Hrant Alianak
Ali Homs Ali Homs   See fewer
Fadia Nadda
Lingerie Sales Girl Lingerie Sales Girl   See fewer
Jay Anstey
Muna Abdul-Kareem Muna Abdul-Kareem   See fewer
Bonnie Lee Bouman
Emily Abdul-Kareem Emily Abdul-Kareem   See fewer
Sean Redpath
Ibrahim Ibrahim   See fewer
Stefan Otto
Laurence Laurence   See fewer
Amy Anstey
Leila Abdul-Kareem Leila Abdul-Kareem   See fewer
Marwan Alsalahat
Service Taxi Driver Service Taxi Driver   See fewer
Nagham Osman
Canadian Embassy Clerk Canadian Embassy Clerk   See fewer
Mouhammad Hussein Kout
Syrian Border Official Syrian Border Official   See fewer
Rafiq Jajbhay
Sheikh Abu Mouhammad Sheikh Abu Mouhammad   See fewer
Freddie Fisher
Damascus Taxi Driver Damascus Taxi Driver   See fewer
David Katz
Man in Leather Jacket Man in Leather Jacket   See fewer
Gérard Rudolf
Yousef (as Gerard Rudolf) Yousef (as Gerard Rudolf)   See fewer
Emile Hager
Naguib Naguib   See fewer
Nicole Johansen
Yousef's Wife Yousef's Wife   See fewer
Josette Eales
Camille Ridge Camille Ridge   See fewer
Tanya van Graan
Shalootah Shalootah   See fewer
Jacques Blignaut
Important Looking Official Important Looking Official   See fewer
Faheem Khan
Miltary Man Miltary Man   See fewer
Grant Dyers
Syrian Official Syrian Official   See fewer
Ializa Knafo
Ibtisam (Ali's Daughter) Ibtisam (Ali's Daughter)   See fewer
Riaaz Moosa
Sayid's Man Sayid's Man   See fewer
Sharon Spiegel Wagner
Boardroom Staff (as Sharon Spiegel) Boardroom Staff (as Sharon Spiegel)   See fewer
Byron Thanarayen
Bomb Security Guard Bomb Security Guard   See fewer
Aseeya Ismail
Muslim Nurse Muslim Nurse   See fewer
Jono Marcus
Halim's Thug 1 Halim's Thug 1   See fewer
Nabeel Khan
Halim's Thug 2 Halim's Thug 2   See fewer
Ebrahim Moolla
Halim's Thug 3 Halim's Thug 3   See fewer
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