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  • Corazonada (2022)
  • 90 min | Comedy, Drama
Corazonada (2022)
90 min | Comedy, Drama

A group of lottery employees plan the biggest fraud in Mexican history using a powerful weapon: the magic of television.
J.M Cravioto (as José Manuel Cravioto)
Francisco Cravioto (original music by)
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Production Designer
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Updated Dec 16, 2022

Release date
Dec 16, 2022 (United States)


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42 cast members
Name Known for
Carlos Corona
Javier del Rivero Javier del Rivero   See fewer
Bruno Bichir
Victor Victor   See fewer
Flavio Medina
Chief Camacho Chief Camacho   See fewer
Michelle Renaud
Viviana Viviana   See fewer
Sebastián García
Victor Ángel Victor Ángel   See fewer
Edmundo Velarde
Hijo Marco Hijo Marco   See fewer
Victoria Mayer
Hija Marco Hija Marco   See fewer
Jorge Briseño
Niño Gritón 2 Niño Gritón 2   See fewer
Aurora Papile
Estela Estela   See fewer
Ana Laura Espinosa
Agente Martínez Agente Martínez   See fewer
Francisco Balzeta
Representante pronósticos Representante pronósticos   See fewer
Ricardo Barona
Interventor Interventor   See fewer
Paul Choza
Gerente Zacatecas Gerente Zacatecas   See fewer
Yolanda Abbud L.
Doña Genoveva Doña Genoveva   See fewer
Rocío Gallardo
Bailarina 2 Bailarina 2   See fewer
Ada Dorantes
Berenice Berenice   See fewer
Ángel Garnica
Don Iván Rufino Don Iván Rufino   See fewer
Estephania Barba
Bailarina 3 Bailarina 3   See fewer
Ivonne Zurita
Reportera Reportera   See fewer
Alejandro Usigli
Papá Víctor Papá Víctor   See fewer
Eugenio Lobo
Papá Marco Papá Marco   See fewer
Mauricio Carrillo
Pedrito Otro Guardia Pedrito Otro Guardia   See fewer
Carlos Larrañaga
Ex Director Ex Director   See fewer
Agustín Ocegueda
Germán Ruiz Germán Ruiz   See fewer
Victor Mieses
Niño del Pueblo Niño del Pueblo   See fewer
Diego Tenorio
Crew camarógrafo Crew camarógrafo   See fewer
Jeovanni Sanchez
Maurilio Maurilio   See fewer
J. M Cravioto
Ingeniero de cámara Ingeniero de cámara   See fewer
Gisela Arluk
Tía Victor Tía Victor   See fewer
Victor de León
Gerente Zacatecas 2 Gerente Zacatecas 2   See fewer
Julio Bárcenas
Floor manager Floor manager   See fewer
Claudia de Bernal
Reportera Senado Reportera Senado   See fewer
Bernardo Esquinca
Cliente 'The Club' Cliente 'The Club'   See fewer
Beto Reyes
Primo Víctor Primo Víctor   See fewer
Iñaki Luna
Niño gritón Niño gritón   See fewer
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