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  • The Clowns (2023– )
  • TV Mini-series | Thriller
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The Clowns (2023– )
TV Mini-series | Thriller


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Updated Jan 14, 2023

Release date (First episode)
Oct 23, 2023 (United States)


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75 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Brian Anthony Wilson
Foyston Wallace Foyston Wallace   See fewer
Molly Brodowski
Jodi Brown Jodi Brown   See fewer
Roy Abramsohn
Randy Garabovsky Randy Garabovsky   See fewer
Zach Meiser
Colt Carson Colt Carson   See fewer
Garrett Smith
Declan Sorgeson Declan Sorgeson   See fewer
Katherine Bellantone
Nancy Brown Nancy Brown   See fewer
Erich Rausch
The Clown The Clown   See fewer
J.J. Arends
Patricia Everly Patricia Everly   See fewer
Steve Ray
Bill Sanwick Bill Sanwick   See fewer
sheri ratick stroud
Marybeth Garabovsky Marybeth Garabovsky   See fewer
Shaina Schrooten
Claire Wallace Claire Wallace   See fewer
Ajax Dontavius
Tucker Garabovsky Tucker Garabovsky   See fewer
Victor Dobro
LaFief LaFief   See fewer
Peter Organ
Gustin Gustin   See fewer
Dinanda Klaassen
Ashanna Sorgeson Ashanna Sorgeson   See fewer
Chris A. Wargo
Dr. Fitzgerald Dr. Fitzgerald   See fewer
Pasquale Parisi
Serlski Serlski   See fewer
Jaxon Muller
Lundley Lundley   See fewer
Rett Terrell
Maxwell Maxwell   See fewer
Diezel Ramos
Richerts Richerts   See fewer
David Patrick Wittle
Greg Bollingsworth Greg Bollingsworth   See fewer
Scott Swope
Beecham Beecham   See fewer
Adam Christian Bass
Withcomb Withcomb   See fewer
Craig Stepp
The Governor The Governor   See fewer
John B. Boss
John Oriska John Oriska   See fewer
Andy Jensen Sved
Shawger Shawger   See fewer
Joette Waters
Psychiatrist Psychiatrist   See fewer
Kevin Paul Woods
Enskine Enskine   See fewer
Chaz Riddle
Gil Johnston Gil Johnston   See fewer
Dan Verkman
Clown Priest Clown Priest   See fewer
Jean Rosolino
Mrs. Antonelli Mrs. Antonelli   See fewer
Ryan Davis
Tyson Tyson   See fewer
Kathy Wargo
Mrs. Fitzgerald Mrs. Fitzgerald   See fewer
Tim Lawson
Clown Butler Clown Butler   See fewer
D.B. Lambert
Hardware Store Owner Hardware Store Owner   See fewer
Joshua Rosenthal
Clown Bulter #2 Clown Bulter #2   See fewer
Michael Swidley
Piano Clown Piano Clown   See fewer
Lord Anubis
Pyro Clown Pyro Clown   See fewer
Raymond Devan
Dallion Dallion   See fewer
Michael Oilar
Governor's Attache Governor's Attache   See fewer
Kristy Swiney
Blankenship Blankenship   See fewer
Evan Love Riot
Haswell Haswell   See fewer
Veda Viral
Skinner Skinner   See fewer
Barbara Zablocky
Madeline Madeline   See fewer
Elena Borovcova
Mrs. Nelson Mrs. Nelson   See fewer
Al Sotto
Townsperson / Clown Townsperson / Clown   See fewer
Kim Hoang
Woods Clown Woods Clown   See fewer
John Tuomisto
Gun Range Owner Gun Range Owner   See fewer
Dylan Richartz
Driver in Pickup Driver in Pickup   See fewer
Martin Davis
Officer Boles Officer Boles   See fewer
Chris Smorto
Mr. Nelson Mr. Nelson   See fewer
Kyleen McHenry
Delbens Delbens   See fewer
Max James Palmer
Townsperson Townsperson   See fewer
Townsperson Townsperson   See fewer
Kathryn Andrea
Angry Woman Angry Woman   See fewer
Adam Rosenthal
Officer Howerton Officer Howerton   See fewer
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