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The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells

The Remarkable Case of Davidson's Eyes (Season 1, Episode 4)
TV Episode | 46 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

After an unauthorized experiment at the college goes awry, young lab assistant Davidson begins seeing visions of a ship at sea and a deserted island. With Jane involved, Wells investigates what went wrong, and another curious case unfolds.
Matthew Faulk (teleplay) (segments: Night 2) | Chris Harrald (teleplay) (segments: Night 2) | Mark Skeet (teleplay) (segments: Night 2) | H.G. Wells (short stories) | Nick Willing (format and story)
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Updated Aug 6, 2001

Release date
Aug 6, 2001 (United Kingdom)


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59 cast members
Name Known for
Tom Ward
H. G. Wells H. G. Wells   See fewer
Nicholas Rowe
Professor Gibberne Professor Gibberne   See fewer
Barry Stanton
Dean Frederick Masterman Dean Frederick Masterman   See fewer
Raymond Coulthard
Mark Radcliffe Mark Radcliffe   See fewer
Mark Lewis Jones
Arthur Brownlow Arthur Brownlow   See fewer
Stephen Critchlow
William Cave William Cave   See fewer
Tilly Vosburgh
Rosa Cave Rosa Cave   See fewer
Jeffry Wickham
Dr. Symonds (as Jeffrey Wickham) Dr. Symonds (as Jeffrey Wickham)   See fewer
Michael Fitzgerald
Albert Pyecraft Albert Pyecraft   See fewer
Colin Prockter
Mr. Perkins, Foreman Mr. Perkins, Foreman   See fewer
Pip Torrens
Mark Pattison Mark Pattison   See fewer
Nicholas Boulton
Keating Keating   See fewer
Jane Nash
Asylum Nurse Asylum Nurse   See fewer
John Baddeley
Butler Hodges Butler Hodges   See fewer
Jeff Nuttall
Bellows Bellows   See fewer
Georgine Anderson
Miss. Price Miss. Price   See fewer
Joanna Bacon
Woman at Pharmacist's Woman at Pharmacist's   See fewer
John Bennett
Mr. Jagger Mr. Jagger   See fewer
Eve Best
Ellen McGillvray Ellen McGillvray   See fewer
Glynis Brooks
Landlady Landlady   See fewer
Saskia Butler
1st Pretty Girl 1st Pretty Girl   See fewer
Katy Carmichael
Jane Robins Jane Robins   See fewer
Stephen Churchett
Clergyman Clergyman   See fewer
Richard Clifford
Foreign Secretary Foreign Secretary   See fewer
Veronica Clifford
Patrician Woman Patrician Woman   See fewer
Dominic Cooper
Sidney Davidson Sidney Davidson   See fewer
Eddie Cooper
Cheeky Student Cheeky Student   See fewer
Matthew Cottle
Whittaker Whittaker   See fewer
Mark Dexter
Atkins [Survivor] Atkins [Survivor]   See fewer
Hugh Dickson
Opposition MP Opposition MP   See fewer
Donald Douglas
Chairman at Praecentors Chairman at Praecentors   See fewer
Vincent Franklin
War Minister War Minister   See fewer
Melissa Franklyn
Mobius Secretary (as Melissa Franklin) Mobius Secretary (as Melissa Franklin)   See fewer
Jennie Goossens
Mrs. Clements Mrs. Clements   See fewer
Christopher Greet
Club Servant Jones Club Servant Jones   See fewer
Stewart Harwood
Second Man Second Man   See fewer
Colin Hurley
Desk Sergeant Desk Sergeant   See fewer
Godfrey James
Old Removals Man Old Removals Man   See fewer
Laurence Kennedy
Nesbitt Nesbitt   See fewer
Jamie Lee
Naval Officer Naval Officer   See fewer
Peter Mackriel
Irritated Man Irritated Man   See fewer
Philip McGough
Jacoby Wace Jacoby Wace   See fewer
Alexander McIntosh
Einstein's Companion Einstein's Companion   See fewer
Bill Moody
Music Hall Doorman Music Hall Doorman   See fewer
Robert Morgan
Captain Hapgood Captain Hapgood   See fewer
Danny Nutt
Constable Constable   See fewer
John Ownens
Pharmacist Pharmacist   See fewer
Neville Phillips
Praecentors Praecentors   See fewer
Orlando Seale
Albert Einstein Albert Einstein   See fewer
Darren Tunstall
First Man First Man   See fewer
Graham Turner
Skinner Skinner   See fewer
Roger Walker
Custody Sergeant Custody Sergeant   See fewer
Will Howes
Child (uncredited) Child (uncredited)   See fewer
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