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  • Demons and Doors (2012)
  • Not Rated
    85 min | Drama, Thriller
Demons and Doors (2012)
Not Rated
85 min | Drama, Thriller

With her mind in jeopardy all Marion has left is her talent to escape.
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Stephen Southouse (screenplay)
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Release date
Mar 16, 2012 (United Kingdom)


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72 cast members
Name Known for
Victoria Hopkins
Daphne Fowler Daphne Fowler   See fewer
David Furlong
Dr. Matthews Dr. Matthews   See fewer
Leila Reid
Marion 29 Marion 29   See fewer
Senia Devine
Psychologist Ana (as Ksenia Zaitseva) Psychologist Ana (as Ksenia Zaitseva)   See fewer
Denise Moreno
Marion 12 Marion 12   See fewer
Claudia Coulter
Marion 10 Marion 10   See fewer
Karina Diglyte
Hertzman Hertzman   See fewer
Annette Kellow
Marion 1 Marion 1   See fewer
Erin Wilgrove
Marion 6 Marion 6   See fewer
Samantha Baines
Nurse Johnson Nurse Johnson   See fewer
Maria de Lima
Marion 13 Marion 13   See fewer
David Burn
Childs Childs   See fewer
Emilia Petryszyn
Marion 3 Marion 3   See fewer
Stephanie Tripp
Marion 15 Marion 15   See fewer
Jason Croot
Marions Dad Marions Dad   See fewer
Caroline Elman
Marion 16 Marion 16   See fewer
Julia Eve
Marion 5 Marion 5   See fewer
Kelina Riva
Marion 26 Marion 26   See fewer
Elizabeth Knight
Marion 4 Marion 4   See fewer
Cherice Mckenzie Cook
Marion 20 Marion 20   See fewer
Lisa Nash
Marion 21 Marion 21   See fewer
Avril Brady
Marion 8 Marion 8   See fewer
Anna-Maria Georgiades
Marion 18 (as Anna Maria Geogiades) Marion 18 (as Anna Maria Geogiades)   See fewer
Sara Ginac
Marion 27 Marion 27   See fewer
Ines South
Marion 7 Marion 7   See fewer
Adrian Annis
Nurse Rodgers Nurse Rodgers   See fewer
Syrie Payne
Marion 22 Marion 22   See fewer
Amelia Woods
Marion 31 Marion 31   See fewer
Annalea Doyle
Julie Cummings Julie Cummings   See fewer
Diana Varellas
Marion 14 Marion 14   See fewer
Grace Hall
Marion 30 Marion 30   See fewer
Phoebe Middelton
Marion 19 Marion 19   See fewer
Layla Amir
Patient 1 Patient 1   See fewer
Oihana Garde
Patient 3 Patient 3   See fewer
Deanna Glyn
Christina Christina   See fewer
Samira Hurtic
Patient 5 Patient 5   See fewer
Andrew Tiernan
Dr. Heinz Dr. Heinz   See fewer
Madalena Alberto
Marion 11 Marion 11   See fewer
Gabriella Alexandra
Marion 48 (as Gabriela Hersham) Marion 48 (as Gabriela Hersham)   See fewer
Marie Allcorn
Marion 24 Marion 24   See fewer
Stanislava Andreeva
Marion 45 Marion 45   See fewer
Tommy Balaam
Patient 2 Patient 2   See fewer
Catherine Balavage
Marion 36 Marion 36   See fewer
Jocelyn Barker
Marion 40 Marion 40   See fewer
Brooke Burfitt
Marion 34 Marion 34   See fewer
Alexis Caley
Marion 39 Marion 39   See fewer
Marion 44 Marion 44   See fewer
Hannah Gover
Marion 23 Marion 23   See fewer
Ashley Gravenell
Marion 17 Marion 17   See fewer
Rachel Kaden
Marion 25 Marion 25   See fewer
Laura Lagercrantz
Nurse karlson Nurse karlson   See fewer
Joemma Lavin
Marion 42 Marion 42   See fewer
Shona McWilliams
Marion 43 Marion 43   See fewer
Lily Mushtaq
Nurse Crystal Nurse Crystal   See fewer
Angela Peters
Marion 33 Marion 33   See fewer
Rita Ramnani
Marion 41 Marion 41   See fewer
Tracy Redington
Marion 46 Marion 46   See fewer
Tony Resta
Big Jake Big Jake   See fewer
Atul Shama
Patient 4 Patient 4   See fewer
Atul Sharma
Mental Patient in Doms Mental Patient in Doms   See fewer
Sofia Skvortsova
Nurse Saule Nurse Saule   See fewer
Kelly Stelfox
Marion 37 Marion 37   See fewer
Videlle Shah Thomas
Marion 77 Marion 77   See fewer
Yasmin Mitri
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
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