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  • Glory: A Tale of Mistaken Identities (2012)
  • 103 min | Drama
Glory: A Tale of Mistaken Identities (2012)
103 min | Drama

A nameless man receives phone calls intended for someone else and ends up pretending to be that person, while a female character rebels against her author.
Isabel Kleefeld (screenplay) | Daniel Kehlmann (novel)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Mar 22, 2012 (Germany)


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57 cast members
Name Known for
Senta Berger
Rosalie Rosalie   See fewer
Heino Ferch
Ralf Tanner Ralf Tanner   See fewer
Julia Koschitz
Elisabeth Elisabeth   See fewer
Stefan Kurt
Leo Richter Leo Richter   See fewer
Thorsten Merten
Klaus Rubinstein Klaus Rubinstein   See fewer
Gennadi Vengerov
Askisischer Beamter Askisischer Beamter   See fewer
Axel Ranisch
Mollwitt Mollwitt   See fewer
Gabriela Maria Schmeide
Maria Rubinstein Maria Rubinstein   See fewer
Justus von Dohnányi
Joachim Ebling Joachim Ebling   See fewer
Johanna Gastdorf
Elke Ebling Elke Ebling   See fewer
Peter Bamler
Taxifahrer Taxifahrer   See fewer
Hartmut Becher
Herr Becker Herr Becker   See fewer
Lina Beckmann
Telefonistin Telefonistin   See fewer
Daniel Berger
Tobias Mogroll Tobias Mogroll   See fewer
Oliver Bürgin
Herr Freytag Herr Freytag   See fewer
Mohamed Diallo
Verletzter Afrikaner Verletzter Afrikaner   See fewer
Robert Dölle
Conferencier Loopool Conferencier Loopool   See fewer
Therese Dürrenberger
Pensionistin D-Funk Pensionistin D-Funk   See fewer
Simon Eckert
Fahrer Fahrer   See fewer
Isabelle Flachsmann
Swissotel Zimmermädchen Swissotel Zimmermädchen   See fewer
Daniel Flieger
Handy Klaus Handy Klaus   See fewer
Thomas Friebe
Auslandskorrespondent Auslandskorrespondent   See fewer
Leo Gastdorf
Ulf Ebling Ulf Ebling   See fewer
Diego Gatto
Karrenschlepper Karrenschlepper   See fewer
Joris Gratwohl
Gérard Gérard   See fewer
Jonas Gruber
Schweiz-Reisender 2 Schweiz-Reisender 2   See fewer
Jella Haase
Junge Rosalie Junge Rosalie   See fewer
Christina Hecke
Carla Lassnig Carla Lassnig   See fewer
Carlos Kaspar
Ambassador Stueckenbrock Ambassador Stueckenbrock   See fewer
Daniel Kehlmann
Laudator Laudator   See fewer
Albert Kitzl
Police Man Askisistan Police Man Askisistan   See fewer
Alexander Königsmann
Tanner Interviewer Tanner Interviewer   See fewer
Regina Lamm
Frau Becker Frau Becker   See fewer
Gerhard Liebmann
Lobenmeier Lobenmeier   See fewer
Melanie Messow
Verkäuferin Buchladen Verkäuferin Buchladen   See fewer
Maria Mittler
Silvia Silvia   See fewer
Katharina Palm
Frau Zellerhoff Frau Zellerhoff   See fewer
Zeljka Preksavec
Askistan Travelguide Askistan Travelguide   See fewer
Kirsi Schubert
Rubinsteins Geliebte Rubinsteins Geliebte   See fewer
Martina Schütze
Rezeptionistin Rezeptionistin   See fewer
Frau Seifert
Carolin Inkman Carolin Inkman   See fewer
Yevgeni Sitokhin
Askisistan Driver Askisistan Driver   See fewer
Susi Stach
Frau Rappenzilch Frau Rappenzilch   See fewer
Jubril Sulaimon
Afrikanischer Entführer Afrikanischer Entführer   See fewer
Laura Sundermann
Reisebüro Angestellte Reisebüro Angestellte   See fewer
Ricardo Tuppel
Seifert Seifert   See fewer
Severin von Hoensbroech
Schweiz-Reisender 1 Schweiz-Reisender 1   See fewer
Andrés Zurita
Driver Goethe-Institut Driver Goethe-Institut   See fewer
Dennis Vehlen
Fahrgast (uncredited) Fahrgast (uncredited)   See fewer
Ingeborg Vehlen
Beerdigungsgast (uncredited) Beerdigungsgast (uncredited)   See fewer
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