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  • This Life (2012)
  • Not Rated
    122 min | Drama, War
This Life (2012)
Not Rated
122 min | Drama, War

The true story of the Fiil family - a family of innkeepers who during Nazi-Germany's occupation of Denmark took up arms against the German occupiers, but in the fight for freedom, some must die so that others may live.
Ib Kastrup | Jørgen Kastrup | Regner Grasten (as Torvald Lervad)
Casting Director
Production Designer

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Release date
Jan 9, 2013 (United States)


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62 cast members
Name Known for
Jens Jørn Spottag
Marius Fiil Marius Fiil   See fewer
Bodil Jørgensen
Gudrun Fiil Gudrun Fiil   See fewer
Thomas Ernst
Niels Fiil Niels Fiil   See fewer
Laura Winther Møller
Gerda Fiil Gerda Fiil   See fewer
Marie Bach Hansen
Tulle Fiil Tulle Fiil   See fewer
Jesper Riefensthal
Peter Sørensen Peter Sørensen   See fewer
Mia Ejlerskov
Bitten Fiil Bitten Fiil   See fewer
Bjarne Henriksen
Albert Carlo Iversen Albert Carlo Iversen   See fewer
Janus Kim Elsig
Henning Andersen (as Janus Elsig) Henning Andersen (as Janus Elsig)   See fewer
Henrik Vestergaard
Johan Kjær Johan Kjær   See fewer
Niels Lund Boesen
Niels Kjær (as Niels Boesen) Niels Kjær (as Niels Boesen)   See fewer
Arne Siemsen
Søren Kristensen Søren Kristensen   See fewer
Morten Christensen
Knud Christensen Knud Christensen   See fewer
Jakob Svarre Juhl
Jens Stenz (as Jakob Svarre) Jens Stenz (as Jakob Svarre)   See fewer
Peder Holm Johansen
Anders Steensgaard Anders Steensgaard   See fewer
Jesper Ole Feit Andersen
Barner Andersen Barner Andersen   See fewer
Mads Wille
Ole Geisler Ole Geisler   See fewer
Frederik Meldal Nørgaard
Andreas Stenz Andreas Stenz   See fewer
Jesper Asholt
Thorup Petersen Thorup Petersen   See fewer
Johannes Nymark
Svend Andersen Svend Andersen   See fewer
Nick Wilder
Schwitzgebel Schwitzgebel   See fewer
Anne Louise Hassing
Augusta Jacobsen Augusta Jacobsen   See fewer
Heidi Krog Madsen
Helle Iversen Helle Iversen   See fewer
Emma Roed Gottlieb
Tove Iversen Tove Iversen   See fewer
Julie Buhl
Ulla Iversen Ulla Iversen   See fewer
Camilla Jeppesen
Marie Andersen Marie Andersen   See fewer
Anne Sofie Espersen
Rigmor Kjær Rigmor Kjær   See fewer
Gitte Siem
Agnes Kristensen Agnes Kristensen   See fewer
Ida Leschly Blegvad
Lene Christensen Lene Christensen   See fewer
Kristine Yde
Benthe Ulrich (as Kristine Yde Eriksen) Benthe Ulrich (as Kristine Yde Eriksen)   See fewer
Malte Weiss
Torval Larsen (as Malte Weis) Torval Larsen (as Malte Weis)   See fewer
Hans Holtegaard
Ebbe Nielsen Ebbe Nielsen   See fewer
Lotte Munk
Erna Larsen Erna Larsen   See fewer
Peter Gilsfort
Niels Andersen Niels Andersen   See fewer
Thomas Biehl
Per Larsen Per Larsen   See fewer
Ebbe Trenskow
Bonde på hestevogn Bonde på hestevogn   See fewer
Karl Antz
Jürgen Jürgen   See fewer
Jan Tjerrild
Müller Müller   See fewer
Joen Højerslev
Stefan (as Joan Højerslev) Stefan (as Joan Højerslev)   See fewer
Poul Storm
Kaiser Kaiser   See fewer
Thomas Morris
Hans Müller Hans Müller   See fewer
Bobby Hess
Günter Günter   See fewer
Line Grastveit
Serveringspige Serveringspige   See fewer
Erik Madsen
Helmuth (as Jan Erik Madsen) Helmuth (as Jan Erik Madsen)   See fewer
Thomas Leth Rasmussen
SS-dommer SS-dommer   See fewer
Thies Nottelmann
Oberleutnant Werner Oberleutnant Werner   See fewer
Vera Seemann
Telefonist Telefonist   See fewer
Sidsel Jensen
Else Ulrich Else Ulrich   See fewer
Rasmus Thorup Jensen
Dansk betjent (as Rasmus Thorup) Dansk betjent (as Rasmus Thorup)   See fewer
Paul Hüttel
Statsminister Buhl (voice) Statsminister Buhl (voice)   See fewer
Helge Reinhard
Tysk stemme (voice) Tysk stemme (voice)   See fewer
Mads Knarreborg
Tysk stemme (voice) Tysk stemme (voice)   See fewer
Chrisopher Rycroft
Engelsk pilot (voice) Engelsk pilot (voice)   See fewer
Trine Appel
Dansk Husholdningsråd (voice) Dansk Husholdningsråd (voice)   See fewer
Martin Stoltenborg
Luftwaffeofficer Luftwaffeofficer   See fewer
Ole Dupont
Modstandsmand (uncredited) Modstandsmand (uncredited)   See fewer
Andreas Lund
Nazi soldat (uncredited) Nazi soldat (uncredited)   See fewer
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