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  • Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 (2024)
  • R
    181 min | Drama, Western
Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 (2024)
181 min | Drama, Western

Chronicles a multi-faceted, 15-year span of pre-and post-Civil War expansion and settlement of the American west.
Jon Baird (screenplay) (story) | Kevin Costner (screenplay) (story) | Mark Kasdan (story)
Kevin Costner (p.g.a.) | Mark George Gillard (p.g.a.) (as Mark Gillard) | Howard Kaplan (p.g.a.)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Release date
Jun 28, 2024 (United States)


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101 cast members
Name Known for
Kevin Costner
Hayes Ellison Hayes Ellison   See fewer
Sienna Miller
Frances Kittredge Frances Kittredge   See fewer
Sam Worthington
Trent Gephart Trent Gephart   See fewer
Jena Malone
'Ellen' Harvey 'Ellen' Harvey   See fewer
Owen Crow Shoe
Pionsenay Pionsenay   See fewer
Tatanka Means
Taklishim Taklishim   See fewer
Ella Hunt
Juliette Chesney Juliette Chesney   See fewer
Tim Guinee
James Kittredge James Kittredge   See fewer
Giovanni Ribisi
Pickering Pickering   See fewer
Danny Huston
Col. Albert Houghton Col. Albert Houghton   See fewer
Colin Cunningham
Chisholm Chisholm   See fewer
Scott Haze
Elias Janney Elias Janney   See fewer
Tom Payne
Hugh Proctor Hugh Proctor   See fewer
Abbey Lee
Marigold Marigold   See fewer
Michael Rooker
Sgt. Major Thomas Riordan Sgt. Major Thomas Riordan   See fewer
Will Patton
Owen Kittredge Owen Kittredge   See fewer
Jim Lau
Mr. Hong Mr. Hong   See fewer
Georgia MacPhail
Elizabeth Kittredge Elizabeth Kittredge   See fewer
Larry Bagby
Billy Landry Billy Landry   See fewer
Hayes Costner
Nathaniel Kittredge Nathaniel Kittredge   See fewer
Daniel Link
Malcolm Malcolm   See fewer
Claudia Conner
Mrs. Bowman Mrs. Bowman   See fewer
John Coinman
Dr. Bowman Dr. Bowman   See fewer
Etienne Kellici
Russell Ganz Russell Ganz   See fewer
Brandon Shaffer
Young Farmer Young Farmer   See fewer
Moimoi Gilmore
Tall Boy Tall Boy   See fewer
Adriane McLean
Joseph's wife Joseph's wife   See fewer
Cici Lau
Mrs. Hong Mrs. Hong   See fewer
Amos Little
Ralston Ralston   See fewer
Wasé Chief
Liluye Liluye   See fewer
Gregory Cruz
Tuayeseh Tuayeseh   See fewer
Ave Solvei
Young Coyotera Woman Young Coyotera Woman   See fewer
Luke Wilson
Matthew Van Weyden Matthew Van Weyden   See fewer
Todd Allen
Buckhout Buckhout   See fewer
Keegan Perez
Boy with Horses Boy with Horses   See fewer
Isabelle Fuhrman
Diamond Kittredge Diamond Kittredge   See fewer
Hallie Purser
Evie Kittredge Evie Kittredge   See fewer
Naomi Winders
Martha Kittredge Martha Kittredge   See fewer
Austin Archer
Virgil Virgil   See fewer
Elizabeth Dennehy
Mrs. Riordan Mrs. Riordan   See fewer
Alejandro Edda
Neron Chavez Neron Chavez   See fewer
Dalton Baker
Private Epps Private Epps   See fewer
Chase Ramsey
Private Eklund Private Eklund   See fewer
Michael Todd Behrens
Surgeon Vreeland Surgeon Vreeland   See fewer
John Melo
Thickset Volunteer Thickset Volunteer   See fewer
Michael Angarano
Walt Michael (as Angarano) Walt Michael (as Angarano)   See fewer
Sarah Shippobotham
Proprietress Proprietress   See fewer
Steve Redd
Foreman Foreman   See fewer
Boo Arnold
Wagon Driver Wagon Driver   See fewer
Liam Bradford
Gambler Gambler   See fewer
Fiyero Barehand
Cautious Tonto Boy Cautious Tonto Boy   See fewer
James Russo
Abel Naughton Abel Naughton   See fewer
Zachary Hokeah
Apache at Post Apache at Post   See fewer
Samuel Gray
Apache Boy Apache Boy   See fewer
Jeff Fahey
Tracker Tracker   See fewer
Michael Anthony Christian
Translator Translator   See fewer
H. Jack Williams
Guant Scalp-Hunter Guant Scalp-Hunter   See fewer
Derek Hinkey
Papago Scout Papago Scout   See fewer
Teyton Allan Colbert
Tonto Boy - Second Sentry Tonto Boy - Second Sentry   See fewer
Dawn Lura
Tonto Woman Tonto Woman   See fewer
Joe Burns
Ben Sykes Ben Sykes   See fewer
Dale Dickey
Mrs. Sykes Mrs. Sykes   See fewer
Jon Beavers
Junior Sykes Junior Sykes   See fewer
Charles Halford
James Sykes James Sykes   See fewer
Jamie Campbell Bower
Caleb Sykes Caleb Sykes   See fewer
Whitney Palmer
Junior's Wife Junior's Wife   See fewer
Austin R. Grant
Gratton Sykes Gratton Sykes   See fewer
Bryan Hisey
Uncle Sykes Uncle Sykes   See fewer
Ariel Llinas
Mike Connolly Mike Connolly   See fewer
David O'Hara
Bowler Hat Surveyor Bowler Hat Surveyor   See fewer
Chris Conner
Second Surveyor Second Surveyor   See fewer
Aidan McCann
Young Boy Surveyor Young Boy Surveyor   See fewer
Angus Macfadyen
Desmarais Desmarais   See fewer
Leroy Silva
Mimbreño Brave (as Leroy 'Buster' Silva) Mimbreño Brave (as Leroy 'Buster' Silva)   See fewer
Cleo Eringer-Parker
Samsons (as Cleo Eringer-Parkerkast) Samsons (as Cleo Eringer-Parkerkast)   See fewer
Nyla Eringer-Parker
Samsons (as Nyla Eringer-Parkerkast) Samsons (as Nyla Eringer-Parkerkast)   See fewer
Lindsay Foster
Mrs. Van Weyden Mrs. Van Weyden   See fewer
Stephen Robert Schultz
Ft Gallant Infantry Ft Gallant Infantry   See fewer
Tice O. Guymon
Ft Gallant Cavalry Ft Gallant Cavalry   See fewer
Joseph Williams
Pawnee Brave #1 Pawnee Brave #1   See fewer
Dustyn Horse
Pawnee Brave #2 Pawnee Brave #2   See fewer
Ryan Swanson
Tall Rider Tall Rider   See fewer
Hy Woong
Migrant Camp Worker Migrant Camp Worker   See fewer
Craig Gregersen
Town Settler (uncredited) Town Settler (uncredited)   See fewer
Rio McBreen
Lady in Window (uncredited) Lady in Window (uncredited)   See fewer
Alireza Mirmontazeri
Settler (uncredited) Settler (uncredited)   See fewer
Lee Patrick Scott
Wagon train pioneer (uncredited) Wagon train pioneer (uncredited)   See fewer
Jessica Staples
Dancing Girl #2 (uncredited) Dancing Girl #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Thomas Tamburello
Sykes Man (uncredited) Sykes Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Mario Telles
Mescalero Apache (uncredited) Mescalero Apache (uncredited)   See fewer
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