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  • Mothman (2022)
  • 83 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery
Mothman (2022)
83 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

Amanda and her boyfriend Tim set out to shed light on the case surrounding her missing brother. After finding his lost archive, she uncovers a truth that leads her down a path to the horror her brother unwillingly encountered: Mothman.
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Jake Robinson (cinematography)
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Release date
Sep 9, 2022 (United States)


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49 cast members
Name Known for
Liz Fletcher
Amanda Mason Amanda Mason   See fewer
Christopher Kuriata
Tim Sellers Tim Sellers   See fewer
Chaney Morrow
Indrid Cold Indrid Cold   See fewer
Randall Cole
Dakota Mason Dakota Mason   See fewer
Karen Laven
Sandra Mason Sandra Mason   See fewer
Joseph Moreland
Mark Mason Mark Mason   See fewer
Tiffany Saggio
Kennedy Barnes Kennedy Barnes   See fewer
Bradford Norris
Officer Brad Nelson / The Entity Officer Brad Nelson / The Entity   See fewer
Damian Tanenbaum
Detective Drake Detective Drake   See fewer
Coleman Allen
Matt Long Matt Long   See fewer
Xander Goldman
Max Anderson Max Anderson   See fewer
Joao Augusto De Nardo
Joao - Vlogger Joao - Vlogger   See fewer
Erica Dyer
Erica - Vlogger Erica - Vlogger   See fewer
Tyler Evans
Tyler - Vlogger Tyler - Vlogger   See fewer
James Hall
James - Vlogger James - Vlogger   See fewer
Danny Langston
Danny - Vlogger Danny - Vlogger   See fewer
Rudy Ledbetter
Rudy - Vlogger Rudy - Vlogger   See fewer
Nolen L. Manning
Nolen - Vlogger Nolen - Vlogger   See fewer
Gloria Straube
Gloria - Vlogger Gloria - Vlogger   See fewer
Kenneth Ramone
Kenneth - Vlogger Kenneth - Vlogger   See fewer
Adrianne Anders
Adrianne - Missing Poster Adrianne - Missing Poster   See fewer
Scottie Arado
Scottie - Missing Poster Scottie - Missing Poster   See fewer
Brittany Bates
Brittany - Missing Poster Brittany - Missing Poster   See fewer
Robert Bess
Robert - Missing Poster Robert - Missing Poster   See fewer
Keith Chezem
Keith - Missing Poster Keith - Missing Poster   See fewer
Marissa Conti
Marissa - Missing Poster Marissa - Missing Poster   See fewer
James Hall
James - Missing Poster James - Missing Poster   See fewer
Terrance Haukup
Terrance - Missing Poster Terrance - Missing Poster   See fewer
John Maier
John - Missing Poster John - Missing Poster   See fewer
Mark Muncy
Mark - Missing Poster Mark - Missing Poster   See fewer
Hunter Nino
Ben Logan Ben Logan   See fewer
Enzo Pirrone
Enzo - Missing Poster Enzo - Missing Poster   See fewer
Guinevere Potter
Guinevere - Missing Poster Guinevere - Missing Poster   See fewer
Evangeline Reynolds
Evie - Missing Poster Evie - Missing Poster   See fewer
Stephanie Ring
Stephanie - Missing Poster Stephanie - Missing Poster   See fewer
Corinne Rommeney
Corinne - Missing Poster Corinne - Missing Poster   See fewer
Casey Schearer
Casey - Missing Poster Casey - Missing Poster   See fewer
Bennett Reagan Straube
Bennett - Missing Poster Bennett - Missing Poster   See fewer
Luke-Ryan Straube
Luke - Missing Poster Luke - Missing Poster   See fewer
Johnny Sunshine
Johnny - Missing Poster Johnny - Missing Poster   See fewer
Jason Wallace
Jason - Missing Poster Jason - Missing Poster   See fewer
Kelly Wallace
Kelly - Missing Poster Kelly - Missing Poster   See fewer
Aubrey Wichtner
Aubrey - Missing Poster Aubrey - Missing Poster   See fewer
Hailey Wichtner
Hailey - Missing Poster Hailey - Missing Poster   See fewer
Zachary Wichtner
Zach - Missing Poster Zach - Missing Poster   See fewer
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