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  • Piranha 3DD (2012)
  • R
    83 min | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Piranha 3DD (2012)
83 min | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

After the events at Lake Victoria, the pre-historic school of blood-thirsty piranhas make their way into a newly opened waterpark.
Patrick Melton (written by) | Marcus Dunstan (written by) | Joel Soisson (written by) | Pete Goldfinger (characters) (as Peter Goldfinger) | Josh Stolberg (characters)
Alex Lehmann (as Alexandre Lehmann)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Jun 1, 2012 (United States)


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51 cast members
Name Known for
Matt Bush
Barry Barry   See fewer
Adrian Martinez
Big Dave Big Dave   See fewer
Meagan Tandy
Ashley Ashley   See fewer
David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff David Hasselhoff   See fewer
Christopher Lloyd
Mr. Goodman Mr. Goodman   See fewer
Paul Scheer
Andrew Andrew   See fewer
Gary Busey
Clayton Clayton   See fewer
Sierra Fisk
Bethany Bethany   See fewer
Matt Lintz
Freckled Boy (as Matthew Lintz) Freckled Boy (as Matthew Lintz)   See fewer
Sylvia Jefferies
Young Mother Young Mother   See fewer
Jenna Hurt
Rochelle Rochelle   See fewer
Alisa Harris
Hysteric / Stocky Woman Hysteric / Stocky Woman   See fewer
Stacy Rabon
Fearful Woman Fearful Woman   See fewer
Nate Panning
Waterpark Patron Waterpark Patron   See fewer
Kathy Sue Holtorf
Bimbo Lifeguard Bimbo Lifeguard   See fewer
Ashlynn Brooke
Cheerleader (archive footage) (uncredited) Cheerleader (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Sheila Brothers
Bloody Bather (uncredited) Bloody Bather (uncredited)   See fewer
Truman Brothers
Staring Kid (uncredited) Staring Kid (uncredited)   See fewer
JoyLee Chase
Victim (uncredited) Victim (uncredited)   See fewer
Chevy Cofield
Lifeguard (uncredited) Lifeguard (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Faulkner
Swimmer (uncredited) Swimmer (uncredited)   See fewer
Lilith Fury
Wet T-shirt Girl (uncredited) Wet T-shirt Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Katie Garner
Lizzie the Lifeguard (uncredited) Lizzie the Lifeguard (uncredited)   See fewer
Beth Gosnell
Saved Dead Woman (uncredited) Saved Dead Woman (uncredited)   See fewer
Sierra Holmes
Bather (uncredited) Bather (uncredited)   See fewer
Richard Wes Howren
Water Park Patron (uncredited) Water Park Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael L. Kuhn
Male Staffer (uncredited) Male Staffer (uncredited)   See fewer
Sarah Ludington
Massacre victim (uncredited) Massacre victim (uncredited)   See fewer
Karen Malina
Josh's Mom (uncredited) Josh's Mom (uncredited)   See fewer
Michelle Matthewson
Nurse (uncredited) Nurse (uncredited)   See fewer
Joe Montanti
Water Park Monkey Man (uncredited) Water Park Monkey Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Nikkol Nawrocki
Lifeguard (uncredited) Lifeguard (uncredited)   See fewer
Ving Rhames
Deputy Fallon (uncredited) Deputy Fallon (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael J Roberts
Hospital Patient (uncredited) Hospital Patient (uncredited)   See fewer
Rima Saleeby
Victim (uncredited) Victim (uncredited)   See fewer
David Schifter
Bite Victim's Father (uncredited) Bite Victim's Father (uncredited)   See fewer
Stephania Schmidt
Featured Extra (uncredited) Featured Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Tabitha Taylor
Lifeguard (uncredited) Lifeguard (uncredited)   See fewer
Pat Thomas
Bather (uncredited) Bather (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Wilmoth
Boy discovering corpses (uncredited) Boy discovering corpses (uncredited)   See fewer
Melissa Anne Young
Bikini Girl (uncredited) Bikini Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Marta Zolynska
Bella (uncredited) Bella (uncredited)   See fewer
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