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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Behave (Season 12, Episode 3)
TV Episode | 60 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A rape victim claims that she has been raped 4 times and harassed across the country by the same man, and the investigation reveals that she may not be his only victim.
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Dick Wolf (created by) | Jonathan Greene (written by)
George Pattison (as George P. Pattison II)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Sep 29, 2010

Release date
Sep 29, 2010 (United States)


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29 cast members
Name Known for
Christopher Meloni
Detective Elliot Stabler Detective Elliot Stabler   See fewer
Mariska Hargitay
Detective Olivia Benson Detective Olivia Benson   See fewer
Richard Belzer
Sergeant John Munch (credit only) Sergeant John Munch (credit only)   See fewer
Detective Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola Detective Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola   See fewer
BD Wong
Special Agent Dr. George Huang, M.D. (credit only) Special Agent Dr. George Huang, M.D. (credit only)   See fewer
Tamara Tunie
ME Dr. Melinda Warner (credit only) ME Dr. Melinda Warner (credit only)   See fewer
Dann Florek
Captain Donald 'Don' Cragen Captain Donald 'Don' Cragen   See fewer
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Vicki Sayers Vicki Sayers   See fewer
Judith Light
Judge Elizabeth Donnelly Judge Elizabeth Donnelly   See fewer
Francie Swift
ADA Sherri West ADA Sherri West   See fewer
Neal Bledsoe
CSU Technician Clifton Montgomery CSU Technician Clifton Montgomery   See fewer
Didi Conn
Nurse Nurse   See fewer
Peter Hermann
Defense Attorney Trevor Langan Defense Attorney Trevor Langan   See fewer
Mike Hodge
Detroit Detective Detroit Detective   See fewer
Darrell Larson
Preacher Preacher   See fewer
Skeet Ulrich
Detective Rex Winters Detective Rex Winters   See fewer
James Le Gros
Bill Harris Bill Harris   See fewer
Ron Nakahara
Dr. Tanaka Dr. Tanaka   See fewer
Jennifer Barnhart
Detective Lorna Diamond Detective Lorna Diamond   See fewer
Robin LeMon
Delivery Lady Delivery Lady   See fewer
Nalini Sharma
Hotel Clerk Hotel Clerk   See fewer
David Conelli
Bus Driver (as Dave Conelli) Bus Driver (as Dave Conelli)   See fewer
Joe Melendes
Man in Crowd Man in Crowd   See fewer
Gora Chand Saha
Hospital Patient Hospital Patient   See fewer
Finise Avery
Vicki's HS friend (uncredited) Vicki's HS friend (uncredited)   See fewer
Ashley Morgan Bloom
Rape Victim (uncredited) Rape Victim (uncredited)   See fewer
Chelsea Chrostowski
Linda Langlen (uncredited) Linda Langlen (uncredited)   See fewer
Kate Kuen
Rape victim (uncredited) Rape victim (uncredited)   See fewer
Stephanie A. Marquardt
Woman on Bus (uncredited) Woman on Bus (uncredited)   See fewer
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