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  • Guitar Man (2018)
  • 101 min | Drama
Guitar Man (2018)
101 min | Drama

A 'failed' musician tries to save the souls of at-risk youth and San Quentin prisoners and along the way discovers the true gift of his music...and the deeper meaning of freedom.
Casting Director
Production Designer

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Updated Nov 4, 2018

Release date
Nov 4, 2018 (United States)


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69 cast members
Name Known for
Mark Rhino Smith
Officer Caddick Officer Caddick   See fewer
Bailey Coppola
Joey Carboni Joey Carboni   See fewer
Juliana Long Tyson
Laura Martin Laura Martin   See fewer
Richard Gross
Warden Garrin Bronte Warden Garrin Bronte   See fewer
Christopher Coppola
Tony Carboni Tony Carboni   See fewer
Diane Amos
Officer Sharon Officer Sharon   See fewer
Derek Rivera
Guthrie Guthrie   See fewer
Joseph John Schirle
Casey Martin Casey Martin   See fewer
Tim Lajcik
Officer Soloman Officer Soloman   See fewer
David Fine
Simms Simms   See fewer
Rocky Capella
Keaton's Parole Officer Keaton's Parole Officer   See fewer
Tina D'Elia
Guadalupe's Aunt Guadalupe's Aunt   See fewer
Selena Moreno
Guadalupe Guadalupe   See fewer
Corey Jackson
Officer Officer   See fewer
John Parsons
Buzzy Martin Buzzy Martin   See fewer
Shannon Lujan
Adult Guadalupe Adult Guadalupe   See fewer
Alina Lee
Anglea Anglea   See fewer
Bobby August Jr.
Adult Fang Adult Fang   See fewer
Miles Minnick
Keaton Keaton   See fewer
Gina Beretta
Officer La Verne Officer La Verne   See fewer
Jeff Mosley
Officer Henry Officer Henry   See fewer
Paul Crawford
Officer Johnson Officer Johnson   See fewer
Tyler Kline
Shower Inmate Shower Inmate   See fewer
Danton Mew
Carboni's Bodyguard Carboni's Bodyguard   See fewer
Duane Hodges
Farrel Farrel   See fewer
Alina Lee
Angela Angela   See fewer
Michael Hoff
Student Student   See fewer
Sean Michael McGrory
James Wilson James Wilson   See fewer
Jaysen Lai
Fang (as Jason J Lai) Fang (as Jason J Lai)   See fewer
Paul Costanzo
Prison Thug #2 Prison Thug #2   See fewer
Dee Kennedy
Helena Helena   See fewer
Kylie Capella
Remember Me vocals Remember Me vocals   See fewer
Autumn Calica
Adult Marina Adult Marina   See fewer
Kevin Bailey
Arresting Officer Arresting Officer   See fewer
Sterling O'Neal
Adult Keaton Adult Keaton   See fewer
Hillary Hess
Mrs. Gates Mrs. Gates   See fewer
Moreen Langan
News Reporter News Reporter   See fewer
Katherine Park
Ms. Elanor Ms. Elanor   See fewer
Zachary Bailey
Gang Banger Gang Banger   See fewer
Jazmyn Batchan
Actress Actress   See fewer
Eric David Tippett
Adult Casey (as Eric Tippett) Adult Casey (as Eric Tippett)   See fewer
Matthew Hackett
Adult Tevon Adult Tevon   See fewer
Monika Sloan
Beatrice Beatrice   See fewer
Dino Maddalone
Store Owner Store Owner   See fewer
April Silva
Marina Marina   See fewer
Bella Gadsby
Lisa 'Tweeker' Lisa 'Tweeker'   See fewer
Scott Ragle
White Nazi #1 White Nazi #1   See fewer
Gloria Estela
Hooker Hooker   See fewer
Ray Robinson
Officer Jackson Officer Jackson   See fewer
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