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  • Gooische vrouwen (2011)
  • 105 min | Comedy, Drama
Gooische vrouwen (2011)
105 min | Comedy, Drama

As Cheryl's husband continues to ogle other women and Claire's daughter and grandson leave, the ladies decide that they deserve a trip to Paris.
Frank Houtappels (script)
Casting Directors
Omri Ben Canaan (as Omri Ben-Canaan) | Betty Post
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Release date
Mar 10, 2011 (Netherlands)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Linda de Mol
Cheryl Morero Cheryl Morero   See fewer
Susan Visser
Anouk Verschuur Anouk Verschuur   See fewer
Tjitske Reidinga
Claire van Kampen Claire van Kampen   See fewer
Lies Visschedijk
Roelien Grootheeze Roelien Grootheeze   See fewer
Peter Paul Muller
Martin Morero Martin Morero   See fewer
Derek de Lint
Dokter Rossi Dokter Rossi   See fewer
Leopold Witte
Evert Lodewijkx Evert Lodewijkx   See fewer
Daniël Boissevain
Tom Blauw Tom Blauw   See fewer
Oscar Aerts
Bastiaan de Vries Bastiaan de Vries   See fewer
Arnoud Bos
Liquor Store Driver Liquor Store Driver   See fewer
Lisa Bouwman
Vlinder Blaauw Vlinder Blaauw   See fewer
Iwan Dam
Lumberjack Lumberjack   See fewer
Maik de Boer
Maik de Boer Maik de Boer   See fewer
Tina de Bruin
Lerares Vlinder Lerares Vlinder   See fewer
Mea Dols de Jong
Merel van Kampen (as Mea de Jong) Merel van Kampen (as Mea de Jong)   See fewer
Natasja Froger
Natasja Froger Natasja Froger   See fewer
René Froger
René Froger René Froger   See fewer
Wilfred Genee
Wilfred Genee Wilfred Genee   See fewer
Winston Gerschtanowitz
Winston Gerschtanowitz Winston Gerschtanowitz   See fewer
Paul Groot
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Marijke Helwegen
Marijke Helwegen Marijke Helwegen   See fewer
Loes Hendrikx
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Kees Hulst
Olivier Grootheeze Olivier Grootheeze   See fewer
Ferdi Janssen
Laurens Laurens   See fewer
Priscilla Knetemann
Louise Lodewijkx Louise Lodewijkx   See fewer
Loes Luca
Barbara Barbara   See fewer
David Lucieer
Robert Robert   See fewer
Beppie Melissen
Greet Hogenbrink Greet Hogenbrink   See fewer
Marcel Musters
Dirk Stubbe Dirk Stubbe   See fewer
Michiel Nooter
Gallery Owner Gallery Owner   See fewer
Nikkie Plessen
Nikkie Plessen Nikkie Plessen   See fewer
Tania Poppe
Belgian Policewoman Belgian Policewoman   See fewer
Gigi Ravelli
Gigi Ravelli Gigi Ravelli   See fewer
Loretta Schrijver
Loretta Schrijver Loretta Schrijver   See fewer
Bob Stoop
Policeman at Tree Policeman at Tree   See fewer
Jesse Straatman
Remy Morero (as Jesse Jansen) Remy Morero (as Jesse Jansen)   See fewer
Merijn Straatman
Remy Morero (as Merijn Jansen) Remy Morero (as Merijn Jansen)   See fewer
Louis Talpe
French Hotel Employee French Hotel Employee   See fewer
Martin Terpstra
Pizzabezorger Pizzabezorger   See fewer
Quinty Trustfull
Quinty Trustfull Quinty Trustfull   See fewer
Griete Van den Akker
Mrs. Egmond van Loon Mrs. Egmond van Loon   See fewer
Jeroen van Koningsbrugge
Geestelijke Geestelijke   See fewer
Renate Verbaan
Renate Verbaan Renate Verbaan   See fewer
Remko Vrijdag
Dennis Dennis   See fewer
Koen Wauters
Jean-Philippe Jean-Philippe   See fewer
Dorus Witte
Annabel Lodewijkx Annabel Lodewijkx   See fewer
Aleyna Sophia Özel
Tiger Lilly Tiger Lilly   See fewer
Ron de Groen
Restaurantguest (uncredited) Restaurantguest (uncredited)   See fewer
Floris Haverkate
Resaurant Personeel Parijs. (uncredited) Resaurant Personeel Parijs. (uncredited)   See fewer
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