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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Bullseye (Season 12, Episode 2)
TV Episode | 60 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Benson and Stabler reluctantly get help from a neighborhood vigilante group leader to help find out which registered sex offender may have raped two young girls.
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Dick Wolf (created by) | Daniel Truly
Karen I. Stern (as Karen Stern)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Sep 22, 2010

Release date
Sep 22, 2010 (United States)


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42 cast members
Name Known for
Christopher Meloni
Detective Elliot Stabler Detective Elliot Stabler   See fewer
Mariska Hargitay
Detective Olivia Benson Detective Olivia Benson   See fewer
Richard Belzer
Sergeant John Munch Sergeant John Munch   See fewer
Detective Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola Detective Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola   See fewer
BD Wong
Dr. George Huang Dr. George Huang   See fewer
Tamara Tunie
ME Dr. Melinda Warner (credit only) ME Dr. Melinda Warner (credit only)   See fewer
Dann Florek
Captain Donald 'Don' Cragen Captain Donald 'Don' Cragen   See fewer
Henry Ian Cusick
Erik Weber Erik Weber   See fewer
Ruby Jerins
Rose Samonsky Rose Samonsky   See fewer
Melissa Rain Anderson
Amber Samonsky Amber Samonsky   See fewer
Daniel Stewart Sherman
Jeff Samonsky Jeff Samonsky   See fewer
Adrian Martinez
Stuart Linderby Stuart Linderby   See fewer
Iris Little Thomas
Mrs. Linderby Mrs. Linderby   See fewer
Anita Gillette
Judge Sheila Tripler Judge Sheila Tripler   See fewer
Francie Swift
ADA Sherri West ADA Sherri West   See fewer
Angela Reed
June LeCompte June LeCompte   See fewer
Ali Ahn
Tess Chang Tess Chang   See fewer
Janet Carroll
Brenda Fairchild Brenda Fairchild   See fewer
Stephen Gregory
Dr. Kyle Beresford Dr. Kyle Beresford   See fewer
Stephen Tobolowsky
Edwin Adelson Edwin Adelson   See fewer
Charles Borland
Uni Al McCutcheon Uni Al McCutcheon   See fewer
Emily Dorsch
Grace Weber Grace Weber   See fewer
Madeleine Yen
Mandy LeCompte Mandy LeCompte   See fewer
Amy Tribbey
Louise Adelson Louise Adelson   See fewer
Isidra Vega
Gina Cassesse Gina Cassesse   See fewer
Richard D'Alessandro
Gino Cassesse Gino Cassesse   See fewer
Rock Kohli
Dennis Dennis   See fewer
Frank Blocker
Brownstone Man Brownstone Man   See fewer
Sarah Hund
Apartment Mom Apartment Mom   See fewer
Elizabeth Flax
E.R. Nurse Carey Hutchins E.R. Nurse Carey Hutchins   See fewer
Jamie Lynn Concepcion
Uni Delgado Uni Delgado   See fewer
Harlin C. Kearsley
Attorney Attorney   See fewer
Marlon Bedoya
Male Parent Male Parent   See fewer
Tony Scheinman
Offender #1 Offender #1   See fewer
Dylan J. Sampson
Offender #2 Offender #2   See fewer
Jeremy Lawrence
Offender #3 Offender #3   See fewer
Bob Jaffe
Offender #4 Offender #4   See fewer
Seth Ruffer
Offender #5 Offender #5   See fewer
Nicolina Capitanio
Goth Girl Goth Girl   See fewer
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