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  • Decisive Victory (2021–2021)
  • TV Series | 45 min | Drama, History, War
Decisive Victory (2021–2021)
TV Series | 45 min | Drama, History, War

This series focuses on the three major campaigns in the War of Liberation: Liao-Shen Campaign, Huai-Hai Campaign, and Ping-Jin Campaign. The epic campaigns show the magnificent decisive engagement for China's destiny.

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Updated Jun 25, 2021

Release date (First episode)
2021 (China)


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74 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Guoqiang Tang
Mao Zedong Mao Zedong   See fewer
Jinsong Wang
Jiang Jieshi Jiang Jieshi   See fewer
Tao Liu
Song Meiling Song Meiling   See fewer
Qing Su
Wang Cuiyun Wang Cuiyun   See fewer
Hewei Yu
Lin Biao Lin Biao   See fewer
Jin Liu
Zhou Enlai Zhou Enlai   See fewer
Wufu Wang
Zhu De Zhu De   See fewer
Lianwen Guo
Liu Shaoqi Liu Shaoqi   See fewer
Jian Wang
Ren Bishi Ren Bishi   See fewer
Bing Shao
Chen Geng Chen Geng   See fewer
Zhibing Liu
Liu Bocheng Liu Bocheng   See fewer
Ya'nan Wang
Liu Yalou Liu Yalou   See fewer
Zhengjun He
Luo Ronghuan Luo Ronghuan   See fewer
Jian Li
Zhu Rui Zhu Rui   See fewer
Ting Wang
Han Xianchu Han Xianchu   See fewer
Wei Gu
Chen Yi Chen Yi   See fewer
Siyu Lu
Wu Xiongguan Wu Xiongguan   See fewer
Swanson Han
Qiao Sanben Qiao Sanben   See fewer
Dong An
Fu Dongju Fu Dongju   See fewer
Qiang Li
Du Yuming Du Yuming   See fewer
Yiheng Chen
Fu Zuoyi Fu Zuoyi   See fewer
Qing Huo
Gu Zhutong Gu Zhutong   See fewer
Tie Zhu
Huang Wei Huang Wei   See fewer
Zhao Qi
Guo Rugui Guo Rugui   See fewer
Qiang Wang
Huang Baitao Huang Baitao   See fewer
Liang Zhao
Wei Lihuang Wei Lihuang   See fewer
Xuedong Mi
Chen Changjie Chen Changjie   See fewer
Guangyu Xu
Qiu Qingquan Qiu Qingquan   See fewer
Lei Wang
Xi Zhongxun Xi Zhongxun   See fewer
Yongjian Lin
Nie Rongzhen Nie Rongzhen   See fewer
Yunlong Zhang
Lin Zhiwen Lin Zhiwen   See fewer
Duling Chen
Zhang Wanxin Zhang Wanxin   See fewer
Mickey He
Jiang Jingguo Jiang Jingguo   See fewer
Li Ning
Dai Li Dai Li   See fewer
Jude Yao
Peng Dehuai Peng Dehuai   See fewer
Qi Lu
Deng Xiaoping Deng Xiaoping   See fewer
Yuemo Chen
Fang Tianjing Fang Tianjing   See fewer
Yajie Hu
Fan Hanjie Fan Hanjie   See fewer
Shen Zhang
Bai Chongxi Bai Chongxi   See fewer
Minshan Xing
Chen Cheng Chen Cheng   See fewer
Bin Liu
Liu Zhi Liu Zhi   See fewer
Kai Tan
Mao Renfeng Mao Renfeng   See fewer
Hui Yu
Mother of Lin Zhiwen Mother of Lin Zhiwen   See fewer
Qin Zhao
Ding Hihui Ding Hihui   See fewer
Feng Shao
Zhou Zhirou Zhou Zhirou   See fewer
Yanjun Bi
He Yingqin He Yingqin   See fewer
Xiaoming Zhao
Chen Bulei Chen Bulei   See fewer
Bin Yu
Zhang Zhen Zhang Zhen   See fewer
Hui Wang
Li Zongren Li Zongren   See fewer
Mingming Liu
Jiao Yulu Jiao Yulu   See fewer
Dazhi Bao
Huang Kecheng Huang Kecheng   See fewer
Yun Liu
Tan Zhenlin Tan Zhenlin   See fewer
Sibo Li
Kong Shoufa Kong Shoufa   See fewer
Wei Zheng
Liang Shiying Liang Shiying   See fewer
Weihua Zhan
Xiong Shouchun Xiong Shouchun   See fewer
Xiao-dong Wu
Zhang Zhizhong Zhang Zhizhong   See fewer
Yike Li
Chen Xueliang Chen Xueliang   See fewer
Jinfei Yao
Wang Fumin Wang Fumin   See fewer
Xintian Feng
Wang Jifang Wang Jifang   See fewer
Qiang Gao
Lao Fa Lao Fa   See fewer
Liang Shi
Zheng Dongguo Zheng Dongguo   See fewer
Shuai Zhou
Du Guangsheng Du Guangsheng   See fewer
Qiao Shengyi
Ye Zilong Ye Zilong   See fewer
Xiqian Zhang
Hu Zongnan Hu Zongnan   See fewer
Jinxin Wang
Guo Jingyun Guo Jingyun   See fewer
Mengnan Li
Hu Lian Hu Lian   See fewer
Lei Cao
Li Wen Li Wen   See fewer
Xu Seng
Hu Qicai Hu Qicai   See fewer
Tonghui Wang
Lu Rui Lu Rui   See fewer
Leon Lee
Chen Long Chen Long   See fewer
Kenan Cao
Wang Ruofei Wang Ruofei   See fewer
Wei Li
Liao Yaoxiang Liao Yaoxiang   See fewer
Weini Yu
Wa Wa Wa Wa   See fewer
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