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  • Thinking Speed (2014)
  • Unrated
    111 min | Horror
Thinking Speed (2014)
111 min | Horror

A Reader becomes trapped in an evolving autobiography of an executed killer.
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Release date
Jul 5, 2014 (United States)


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85 cast members
Name Known for
Lisa Menzel
Northeasy Northeasy   See fewer
Patrick Doran
Ethan James (as Pat Doran) Ethan James (as Pat Doran)   See fewer
Adam Fallon
Dante Migali Dante Migali   See fewer
Nick Doetsch
Travis Hazle Travis Hazle   See fewer
Edy Cullen
Ethan James' Mother Ethan James' Mother   See fewer
Ace Funches
Reader Reader   See fewer
Alison Logan
Reader Reader   See fewer
Eric Komans
Reader Reader   See fewer
Jen Buhrow
Reader Reader   See fewer
Len Coppedge
Reader Reader   See fewer
Aimee Bello
Isuke - Roller Queen Isuke - Roller Queen   See fewer
Christine Lin
Kijo - Roller Queen Kijo - Roller Queen   See fewer
Jia Li Wang
Oni - Roller Queen Oni - Roller Queen   See fewer
Maria Reyes
Doji - Roller Queen Doji - Roller Queen   See fewer
Tia Michaels
Soria - Roller Queen Soria - Roller Queen   See fewer
Adam Stephenson
Young Andy Young Andy   See fewer
Alyssa Larson
Heroin Chique Heroin Chique   See fewer
Alyssa Parrish
Fireworks Watcher Fireworks Watcher   See fewer
Amanda Rose Cole
Kristin Kristin   See fewer
Amy Hendricks
Little Mother Little Mother   See fewer
Andrea Lucius
Student Student   See fewer
Wrigley Wrigley   See fewer
Anna Karas
Fishnet Fishnet   See fewer
Ahmed Wong Ahmed Wong   See fewer
Bill Stoneking
Professor Butterly Professor Butterly   See fewer
Bob Mason
Executioner Executioner   See fewer
Caden Miller-Baker
Little Boy 1 Little Boy 1   See fewer
Casey Eazell
Execution Nurse Execution Nurse   See fewer
Debbi Burns
Customer 2 - Brooke Customer 2 - Brooke   See fewer
Erica Elkin
Lauren - Party Singer Lauren - Party Singer   See fewer
Felicia Danisor
Bruce Lee Girl Bruce Lee Girl   See fewer
George Hambach
Michigan Michigan   See fewer
Gwendolyn GaBree
Eve Drag's Mother (as Gwendolyn Graves) Eve Drag's Mother (as Gwendolyn Graves)   See fewer
Jason Markoff
Richard Dreyfuss Hitboy Richard Dreyfuss Hitboy   See fewer
Jeremiah Medema
Scenester Scenester   See fewer
Jimmy Micelli
Schmooze Schmooze   See fewer
Jimmy Sisto
Cincinnati Accent Cincinnati Accent   See fewer
Joe Mastrino
Hockey Fight Hockey Fight   See fewer
Jordan Aguilar
Little Boy 2 Little Boy 2   See fewer
Josh Haddad
Party Goer Party Goer   See fewer
Joyce Porter
Eleanor - Customer 1 Eleanor - Customer 1   See fewer
Kaitlin Ochab
Eve Drag Eve Drag   See fewer
Kevin Clark
Honeycreeper Honeycreeper   See fewer
Landina Palomino
Betty Rubble Hair Betty Rubble Hair   See fewer
Luke Sejud
Junkie Junkie   See fewer
Marianna Adaire
Cecelia Cecelia   See fewer
Mike Hart
Newspaper Guy Newspaper Guy   See fewer
Mike Smith
The DJ The DJ   See fewer
Mike Travers
Dalbey Dalbey   See fewer
Nick Bender
Squint Squint   See fewer
Nina Graham
Baby Northeasy Baby Northeasy   See fewer
Raymond Sofia
Office Mancini (as Ray Sofia) Office Mancini (as Ray Sofia)   See fewer
Samantha Liput
Young Northeasy Young Northeasy   See fewer
Sam Quinn
The Clock Goblin The Clock Goblin   See fewer
Sei Smith
Hoslin Hoslin   See fewer
Seth Vernon
Officer Matthew Officer Matthew   See fewer
Stephen M. Rowe
Bela (as Stephen Grove) Bela (as Stephen Grove)   See fewer
Tony Domino
Professor Stoner Professor Stoner   See fewer
Tony Lee Gratz
Cecelia's Husband Cecelia's Husband   See fewer
Troy Zitzelsberger
Young Kid Young Kid   See fewer
Tyler Drew Clayton
Dimmy Tsik Dimmy Tsik   See fewer
Wesley Chibe Davis
Radiohead Radiohead   See fewer
Zach Wilson
Jon Vay Grant Jon Vay Grant   See fewer
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