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  • Their Finest (2016)
  • R
    117 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Their Finest (2016)
117 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A former secretary, newly appointed as a scriptwriter for propaganda films, joins the cast and crew of a major production while the Blitz rages around them.
Lissa Evans (based on the novel "Their Finest Hour and a Half" by) | Gaby Chiappe (screenplay by)
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Release date
Apr 7, 2017 (United States)


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59 cast members
Name Known for
Sam Claflin
Tom Buckley Tom Buckley   See fewer
Gemma Arterton
Catrin Cole Catrin Cole   See fewer
Nicholas Murchie
Bus Conductor Bus Conductor   See fewer
Richard E. Grant
Roger Swain Roger Swain   See fewer
Henry Goodman
Gabriel Baker Gabriel Baker   See fewer
Rachael Stirling
Phyl Moore Phyl Moore   See fewer
Jack Huston
Ellis Cole Ellis Cole   See fewer
Bill Nighy
Ambrose Hilliard / Uncle Frank Ambrose Hilliard / Uncle Frank   See fewer
Amanda Root
Cecy / Mrs Brown (Careless Talk Film) Cecy / Mrs Brown (Careless Talk Film)   See fewer
Patrick Gibson
Rex, the Clapper Loader Rex, the Clapper Loader   See fewer
Darren Clarke
The Gaffer The Gaffer   See fewer
Ed Birch
Walter, the Director (Careless Talk Film) Walter, the Director (Careless Talk Film)   See fewer
Lissa Evans
Make-Up Woman (Careless Talk Film) Make-Up Woman (Careless Talk Film)   See fewer
Richard Bevan
Mr. Richards (Dubbing Editor) Mr. Richards (Dubbing Editor)   See fewer
Gaby Chiappe
Dolly (Carrot Film) Dolly (Carrot Film)   See fewer
Amanda Fairbank-Hynes
Mabel (Carrot Film) (as Amanda Fairbank Hynes) Mabel (Carrot Film) (as Amanda Fairbank Hynes)   See fewer
Lily Knight
Rose Starling Rose Starling   See fewer
Francesca Knight
Lily Starling Lily Starling   See fewer
Bella Ava Georgiou
Pearl (Girl on the Tube) Pearl (Girl on the Tube)   See fewer
Alfie Stewart
Soldier on the Tube Soldier on the Tube   See fewer
Mossie Smith
Female Warden Female Warden   See fewer
Jay Simpson
Alf Reynolds Alf Reynolds   See fewer
Paul Ritter
Raymond Parfitt Raymond Parfitt   See fewer
Eddie Marsan
Sammy Smith Sammy Smith   See fewer
Frances Jeater
Spitfires Collector Spitfires Collector   See fewer
Claudia Jessie
Doris Cleavely / Lily Doris Cleavely / Lily   See fewer
Stephanie Hyam
Angela Ralli-Thomas / Rose Angela Ralli-Thomas / Rose   See fewer
Richard Syms
Head Waiter Head Waiter   See fewer
Natalia Ryumina
Muriel (Ellis's Friend) Muriel (Ellis's Friend)   See fewer
Helen McCrory
Sophie Smith Sophie Smith   See fewer
Rebecca Saire
Mortuary Nurse Mortuary Nurse   See fewer
Jeremy Irons
Secretary of War Secretary of War   See fewer
Jake Lacy
Carl Lundbeck / Brannigan Carl Lundbeck / Brannigan   See fewer
Miles Richardson
Movietone Newsreader (voice) Movietone Newsreader (voice)   See fewer
Gordon Brown
Chick, the 1st AD Chick, the 1st AD   See fewer
Julia Lewis
The Make-Up Artist The Make-Up Artist   See fewer
Liliana Gane
The Wardrobe Mistress The Wardrobe Mistress   See fewer
Hubert Burton
Wyndham Best / Johnnie (The Hero) Wyndham Best / Johnnie (The Hero)   See fewer
Michael Marcus
Alex, the Director Alex, the Director   See fewer
Stephen Boswell
War Widows Collector War Widows Collector   See fewer
Feline Allentoft
Wyndham Best's Girlfriend Wyndham Best's Girlfriend   See fewer
Ellie Haddington
Catrin's Landlady Catrin's Landlady   See fewer
Florence Woolley
Corona Cinema Usherette Corona Cinema Usherette   See fewer
Joanna Brookes
Woman in Corona Woman in Corona   See fewer
Patrick Osborne
Soldier in Corona Soldier in Corona   See fewer
Nell Barlow
Second Waitress (uncredited) Second Waitress (uncredited)   See fewer
Letty Butler
First Waitress (uncredited) First Waitress (uncredited)   See fewer
Steve Carroll
Sid, the Boom Operator (uncredited) Sid, the Boom Operator (uncredited)   See fewer
Emma Cunniffe
Ettie (uncredited) Ettie (uncredited)   See fewer
Marco De Marlo
George (uncredited) George (uncredited)   See fewer
Kathleen Harrison
Lady in Film (archive footage) (uncredited) Lady in Film (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Kornelia Horvath
Woman in the Shelter (uncredited) Woman in the Shelter (uncredited)   See fewer
Katie Jackson
Secretary to Mr. Swain (uncredited) Secretary to Mr. Swain (uncredited)   See fewer
Gavin Lee Lewis
1st AD (uncredited) 1st AD (uncredited)   See fewer
Cathy Murphy
Vee (uncredited) Vee (uncredited)   See fewer
Hugh O'Brien
Gaffer (uncredited) Gaffer (uncredited)   See fewer
Clive Russell
Mr. Starling (uncredited) Mr. Starling (uncredited)   See fewer
John Whitby
Mortuary staff (uncredited) Mortuary staff (uncredited)   See fewer
Lee Whitlock
Man in Pub (uncredited) Man in Pub (uncredited)   See fewer
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