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  • Blonde (2022)
  • NC-17
    166 min | Biography, Drama, Mystery
Blonde (2022)
166 min | Biography, Drama, Mystery

A fictionalized chronicle of the inner life of Marilyn Monroe.
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Andrew Dominik (screenplay) | Joyce Carol Oates (novel)
Dede Gardner (p.g.a.) | Jeremy Kleiner (p.g.a.) | Tracey Landon | Brad Pitt (p.g.a.) | Scott Robertson (p.g.a.)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Sep 28, 2022 (United States)


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83 cast members
Name Known for
Ana de Armas
Norma Jeane Norma Jeane   See fewer
Lucy DeVito
Actress Actress   See fewer
Adrien Brody
The Playwright The Playwright   See fewer
Sara Paxton
Miss Flynn Miss Flynn   See fewer
Bobby Cannavale
The Ex-Athlete The Ex-Athlete   See fewer
Caspar Phillipson
The President The President   See fewer
Toby Huss
Whitey Whitey   See fewer
Haley Webb
Brooke Brooke   See fewer
Eden Riegel
Esther Esther   See fewer
Spencer Garrett
President's Pimp President's Pimp   See fewer
Dan Butler
Actor Actor   See fewer
Tygh Runyan
Father Father   See fewer
Ned Bellamy
Doc Fell Doc Fell   See fewer
Lily Fisher
Young Norma Jeane Young Norma Jeane   See fewer
Ravil Isyanov
Billy Wilder Billy Wilder   See fewer
Sonny Valicenti
Casting Director Casting Director   See fewer
Judy Kain
Severe Woman Severe Woman   See fewer
Time Winters
George Sanders George Sanders   See fewer
Deana Molle'
Nosey Neighbor Nosey Neighbor   See fewer
Ryan Vincent
Uncle Clive Uncle Clive   See fewer
Michael Masini
Tony Curtis Tony Curtis   See fewer
Danielle Lima
Swimsuit Model Swimsuit Model   See fewer
Rob Nagle
Radio Announcer Radio Announcer   See fewer
Rob Brownstein
The Acting Coach The Acting Coach   See fewer
Ethan Cohn
Assistant to the Director Assistant to the Director   See fewer
Steve Bannos
Brentwood Doctor Brentwood Doctor   See fewer
Christopher Kriesa
Joe E. Brown Joe E. Brown   See fewer
Danielle Jane Darling
L.a. Actor #3 L.a. Actor #3   See fewer
Sal Landi
Chloroform Man Number Two Chloroform Man Number Two   See fewer
Lidia Sabljic
Sweet Sue Sweet Sue   See fewer
Mike Ostroski
The Writer The Writer   See fewer
Jerry Hauck
Tuxedo #1 Tuxedo #1   See fewer
Eric Matheny
Joseph Cotten Joseph Cotten   See fewer
Jutt DaRe
Red Carpet Photographer Red Carpet Photographer   See fewer
Brian Konowal
Pissing Man Pissing Man   See fewer
Emil Beheshti
Brentwood Doctor Brentwood Doctor   See fewer
Kiva Jump
Ward Nurse at Norwalk Ward Nurse at Norwalk   See fewer
Jeff Jocoy
Red Carpet Photographer Red Carpet Photographer   See fewer
Jeremy Shouldis
Tuxedo #2 Tuxedo #2   See fewer
Mia McGovern Zaini
young Norma Jeane (voice) young Norma Jeane (voice)   See fewer
Ryan Kanfer
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Dominic Leeder
Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny   See fewer
Scott Hislop
Marilyn Dancer Marilyn Dancer   See fewer
Vanessa Lemonides
Singing Voice of Marilyn Singing Voice of Marilyn   See fewer
Dieterich Gray
Photographer's Assistant Photographer's Assistant   See fewer
Parker Harris
'Diamonds' Dancer 'Diamonds' Dancer   See fewer
Warren Paul
The Director The Director   See fewer
Tereza Rizzardi
The Ex-Athlete's Momma The Ex-Athlete's Momma   See fewer
Alessandro Pedrazzi
NYC Man In Crowd NYC Man In Crowd   See fewer
Tim Cannon
World War II Soldier World War II Soldier   See fewer
Chris Moss
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Tatum Shank
Dick Tracy Dick Tracy   See fewer
Tyler Bruhn
NYC Acting Student NYC Acting Student   See fewer
Skip Pipo
Dr. Bender Dr. Bender   See fewer
Bomber Hurley Smith
Harry James Harry James   See fewer
Linda Michaels
Screaming Asylum Mental Patient Screaming Asylum Mental Patient   See fewer
Flynn Platt
Actor in Play Actor in Play   See fewer
Isabel Dresden
Doc Fell's Nurse Doc Fell's Nurse   See fewer
Marshall Watson
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Darrin M. Schlie
First AC in 7 Year Itch First AC in 7 Year Itch   See fewer
Raul Roy Berrios Jr.
LAPD Officer (uncredited) LAPD Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Jake Ellenz
Movie Goer (uncredited) Movie Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael I. Goode
NYC Premiere Crowd (uncredited) NYC Premiere Crowd (uncredited)   See fewer
Daniel Holm
Premiere Guest (uncredited) Premiere Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Sean T. James
Film Crew - Camera Dolly (uncredited) Film Crew - Camera Dolly (uncredited)   See fewer
Alexander Kanellakos
News Reporter (uncredited) News Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Shane Schoeppner
Monroe Fan (uncredited) Monroe Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Blaze Robert Stow
Photographer (uncredited) Photographer (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Sundlee
Actor at Premiere (uncredited) Actor at Premiere (uncredited)   See fewer
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