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  • Warhorse One (2023)
  • R
    120 min | Action, Drama, War
Warhorse One (2023)
120 min | Action, Drama, War

A gunned down Navy SEAL Master Chief must guide a child to safety through a gauntlet of hostile Taliban insurgents and survive the brutal Afghanistan wilderness.
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Updated Jun 30, 2023

Release date
Jul 4, 2023 (United States)


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46 cast members
Name Known for
Johnny Strong
Master Chief Richard Mirko Master Chief Richard Mirko   See fewer
Athena Durner
Zoe Walters Zoe Walters   See fewer
Raj Kala
Radam Radam   See fewer
James Sherrill
Petty Officer James 'G' Wiliker Petty Officer James 'G' Wiliker   See fewer
Tarad (as Siya Rostami) Tarad (as Siya Rostami)   See fewer
Todd Jenkins
Youssef Youssef   See fewer
Michael Sauers
Chief Petty Officer Mike Miller Chief Petty Officer Mike Miller   See fewer
David Ibrahim
Abu Bakar Abu Bakar   See fewer
Steve Mokate
Commander Johns Commander Johns   See fewer
E.K. Spila
Assistant Director Dave Mattis Assistant Director Dave Mattis   See fewer
Jay Moses
Rev. Matthew Walters Rev. Matthew Walters   See fewer
Damian Turner
Petty Officer Darnell Reece Petty Officer Darnell Reece   See fewer
Akhil Aitha
4th Protagonist 4th Protagonist   See fewer
Nash Bland
Rahmi Rahmi   See fewer
Chris Calvert
Petty Officer Chris 'Clean' Martin Petty Officer Chris 'Clean' Martin   See fewer
Garrett Chadwick
Petty Officer Tom Woods Petty Officer Tom Woods   See fewer
Priya Chaudhari
Majida Ibrahimi Majida Ibrahimi   See fewer
Brandon Hern
Petty Officer Ronnie Kepler Petty Officer Ronnie Kepler   See fewer
Marque Hernandez
Insurgent Patrol Fighter Insurgent Patrol Fighter   See fewer
Jason Huang
Fighter Fighter   See fewer
John Quincy Hunt
Brandon 'Quincy' Lesgo Brandon 'Quincy' Lesgo   See fewer
Nicole Kaufman
Rasheeda Walters Rasheeda Walters   See fewer
Randall Kennedy
Petty Officer Jon Shane Petty Officer Jon Shane   See fewer
Zach Kepple
Consulate Employee Consulate Employee   See fewer
Glenn Peña
DOB Big Boy DOB Big Boy   See fewer
Faheem Rashid
Rami Ahmadi Rami Ahmadi   See fewer
Kevin Ross
Security Contractor Security Contractor   See fewer
Amanda Nicole Thomas
Deputies Admin Assistant Deputies Admin Assistant   See fewer
Mike Tumminello
Petty Officer Bill Makee Petty Officer Bill Makee   See fewer
Colton Vaughn
Billy Walters Billy Walters   See fewer
Amogh Waranashiwar
Insurgent patrol fighter Insurgent patrol fighter   See fewer
Kobe Wiggins
Petty Officer Kevin 'Junior' Jones Petty Officer Kevin 'Junior' Jones   See fewer
Mitch Wollebaek
Petty Officer Rob DaRoacha Petty Officer Rob DaRoacha   See fewer
Paul Ynfante
Insurgent pointman Insurgent pointman   See fewer
Scott Phillips
Villain - Extra Villain - Extra   See fewer
Lew Morris
Insurgent (uncredited) Insurgent (uncredited)   See fewer
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