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  • Breaking Wind (2012)
  • R
    82 min | Comedy
Breaking Wind (2012)
82 min | Comedy

A comedic spoof based on the worldwide phenomenon "The Twilight Saga."
Craig Moss (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Mar 27, 2012 (United States)


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49 cast members
Name Known for
Eric Callero
Edward Edward   See fewer
Michael Adam Hamilton
Ronald (as Michael Hamilton) Ronald (as Michael Hamilton)   See fewer
Peter Gilroy
Jasper Jasper   See fewer
John Stevenson
Carlisle Carlisle   See fewer
RJ Hart
Esme (as Rebecca Johnson) Esme (as Rebecca Johnson)   See fewer
Taylor M. Graham
Emmet (as Taylor Graham) Emmet (as Taylor Graham)   See fewer
Dillon Garcia
Embry (as Dilon Garcia) Embry (as Dilon Garcia)   See fewer
Jessica Kinsella
Jessica Jessica   See fewer
Flip Schultz
Charlie Charlie   See fewer
Makenzie Moss
Natasha Natasha   See fewer
Max Spitz
Felix Felix   See fewer
Taylor Nagore
Demetri Demetri   See fewer
Heidi Kramer
Laverne Laverne   See fewer
Alissa Kramer
Shirley Shirley   See fewer
Ashley Martin
Ashley the Noob Ashley the Noob   See fewer
Austin Scott
Austin The Noob Austin The Noob   See fewer
Jeff Howard
Jeff The Noob Jeff The Noob   See fewer
Jody Quigley
Jody The Noob Jody The Noob   See fewer
Ryan Slater
Noob #1 Noob #1   See fewer
Damien Bray
Noob #2 Noob #2   See fewer
Keenen Bray
Noob #3 (as Keenan Bray) Noob #3 (as Keenan Bray)   See fewer
Mario Perez
Noob #6 Noob #6   See fewer
Kelsey Collins Keener
Victoria (as Kelsey Collins) Victoria (as Kelsey Collins)   See fewer
Danny Trejo
Billy Black Billy Black   See fewer
Alex Farnham
Jack Sparrow / Madhatter Jack Sparrow / Madhatter   See fewer
Eric Tiede
Edward Scissorhands / Willy Wonka Edward Scissorhands / Willy Wonka   See fewer
Pancho Moler
Little Edward Little Edward   See fewer
Nic Novicki
Little Jasper Little Jasper   See fewer
Adrienne Ellis
Grandma Grandma   See fewer
Nathan Peterson
Handsome Blonde Dude Handsome Blonde Dude   See fewer
Jessica Garvey
Blonde Chick with Attitude Blonde Chick with Attitude   See fewer
Abigail Wake
Neytiri (as Abby Wake) Neytiri (as Abby Wake)   See fewer
Dave Spitz
CNN Reporter CNN Reporter   See fewer
Frank Merritt
85 Year Old Man 85 Year Old Man   See fewer
Jay Boyer
Sleazy Charlie Sleazy Charlie   See fewer
Emma Bell
Rosalie (uncredited) Rosalie (uncredited)   See fewer
Alex Jovica
Noob (uncredited) Noob (uncredited)   See fewer
Alex Lewis
High School Student (uncredited) High School Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Jesse Pruett
Jesse The Noob (uncredited) Jesse The Noob (uncredited)   See fewer
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