[REC] 3: Genesis (2012)
80 min | Horror, Thriller

A couple's wedding day turns horrific as some of the guests start showing signs of a strange illness.
Luiso Berdejo (screenplay) (story) | Paco Plaza (screenplay) (story) | David Gallart (story)
Production Designer
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Release date
Mar 9, 2012 (United States)


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50 cast members
Name Known for
Àlex Monner
Adrián Adrián   See fewer
Borja Glez. Santaolalla
Atún (as Sr. B) Atún (as Sr. B)   See fewer
Emilio Mencheta
Tío Pepe Víctor Tío Pepe Víctor   See fewer
Miguel Ángel González
John Esponja John Esponja   See fewer
Ramón Agirre
Danilo (as Ramón Aguirre) Danilo (as Ramón Aguirre)   See fewer
José de la Cruz
Abuelo Matías Abuelo Matías   See fewer
Antonio Barroso
Pequeñín Pequeñín   See fewer
Toni Sans
Jumanji Jumanji   See fewer
Aitor Legardón
Amigo Fiestero Amigo Fiestero   See fewer
Paco Moreno
Charly Charly   See fewer
Claire Baschet
Natalie Natalie   See fewer
Itziar Castro
Señora con Pamela Señora con Pamela   See fewer
Blai Llopis
Padre Clara Padre Clara   See fewer
Dolores Martín
Madre Koldo Madre Koldo   See fewer
Fet Bamund
Padre Koldo Padre Koldo   See fewer
Rosa Chevalier
Tía Amparo Tía Amparo   See fewer
Santi Sans
Tío Arturo Tío Arturo   See fewer
Adria Allue
Primo Pijo de Clara (as Adrià Allué) Primo Pijo de Clara (as Adrià Allué)   See fewer
Quim Castella
Fotógrafo Artístico (as Quim Castellà) Fotógrafo Artístico (as Quim Castellà)   See fewer
María Cortés
Niña Iglesia Niña Iglesia   See fewer
Clàudia Cos
Amiga Master (as Claudia Cos) Amiga Master (as Claudia Cos)   See fewer
Nohemí Rodríguez
Dama de Honor 1 Dama de Honor 1   See fewer
Charlotte Vega
Dama de Honor 2 Dama de Honor 2   See fewer
Chantal Pamies
Dama de Honor 3 Dama de Honor 3   See fewer
Gaizka Egilegor
Segurata Segurata   See fewer
Jana García
Hija Leire 1 Hija Leire 1   See fewer
Merche Guevara
Señora Feliz Señora Feliz   See fewer
Laura Fernández Brites
Cuca (as Laura Fernández) Cuca (as Laura Fernández)   See fewer
José Javier Domínguez
Camarero (as Joselito) Camarero (as Joselito)   See fewer
Judith Linares
Hija Leire 2 Hija Leire 2   See fewer
Iván Luengo
Niño con Vaho Niño con Vaho   See fewer
Bernat Muñoz
Germán Germán   See fewer
Gerard Poch
Fotógrafo Boda Fotógrafo Boda   See fewer
Óscar Tribaldo
Niño Iglesia Niño Iglesia   See fewer
Mireia Ros
Menchu Menchu   See fewer
Javier Botet
Niña Medeiros Niña Medeiros   See fewer
Miguel Ángel Alarcón
Zombie (uncredited) Zombie (uncredited)   See fewer
Isabel Llanos
Invitada boda (uncredited) Invitada boda (uncredited)   See fewer
Jose Mellinas
Zombie (uncredited) Zombie (uncredited)   See fewer
Carla Nieto
Rebeca Viñas (uncredited) Rebeca Viñas (uncredited)   See fewer
Juan Carlos Ramil
Invitado Boda (uncredited) Invitado Boda (uncredited)   See fewer
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