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  • Sickness (2017)
  • Unrated
    Action, Drama, Horror
Sickness (2017)
Action, Drama, Horror

What would you do, how would you survive, if the world as you know it suddenly turned completely insane.
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Brandon E. Brooks (screenplay & story)
Casting Director
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Updated Jun 17, 2017

Release date
Jun 17, 2017 (United States)


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104 cast members
Name Known for
Brian O'Halloran
Dr. Daryl Holiday Dr. Daryl Holiday   See fewer
Katarina Leigh Waters
Simone Foster Simone Foster   See fewer
Gary Gustin
Mr. Lane Mr. Lane   See fewer
Cyrus Samson
Jonah (as Matt Kent) Jonah (as Matt Kent)   See fewer
Anthony Marks
Lonnie Lonnie   See fewer
Heather Drew
Rachel Rachel   See fewer
Monique Dupree
Hope - The Radio DJ Hope - The Radio DJ   See fewer
Gianna Barbera
Mya Kendall Mya Kendall   See fewer
Shanice Lynn
Ashlee Ashlee   See fewer
Billy Vargus
Henry Murphy Henry Murphy   See fewer
Melissa Damas
Claire Porter Claire Porter   See fewer
Alison Crozier
Maren Reese (as Ali Crozier) Maren Reese (as Ali Crozier)   See fewer
Jeni Miller
Crystal Crystal   See fewer
Kerri Searfoss
Krystal Lane Krystal Lane   See fewer
Kimberly Bada
Tina Rogers Tina Rogers   See fewer
Mark Simms
'Sick' Albert Coates 'Sick' Albert Coates   See fewer
Jae Greene
'Sick' Chuck 'Sick' Chuck   See fewer
Mohammed J. Ali
'Sick' Anderson 'Sick' Anderson   See fewer
Malin De La Torre
'Sick' Kim 'Sick' Kim   See fewer
Justin Clarke
'Sick' B.J. 'Sick' B.J.   See fewer
Chris J. Lara
'Sick' Rob 'Sick' Rob   See fewer
Julia Luangrath
The Casting Director The Casting Director   See fewer
Patrick Maressa
'Sick' Dirk 'Sick' Dirk   See fewer
Briel Michalowski
'Sick' Goth Chick 'Sick' Goth Chick   See fewer
K.J. Linhein
George George   See fewer
Joseph Tornatore
'Sick' Psycho 'Sick' Psycho   See fewer
David M. Sitbon
'Sick' Melvin 'Sick' Melvin   See fewer
Michael Twisler
'Sick' Roger 'Sick' Roger   See fewer
Isabella Willing
Erin Rogers Erin Rogers   See fewer
Tristan Willing
'Sick' Kyle Rogers 'Sick' Kyle Rogers   See fewer
Christine Williams
Sam's Mother Sam's Mother   See fewer
Brian Wooten
'Sick' Keenan 'Sick' Keenan   See fewer
R. Neil Young
'Sick' Trucker 'Sick' Trucker   See fewer
William Allen
'Sick' Walter 'Sick' Walter   See fewer
Ronald Betts
'Sick' Warren 'Sick' Warren   See fewer
Nadia Kiyatkina
Melanie Melanie   See fewer
Brandon E. Brooks
Chris Porter Chris Porter   See fewer
Ellie Oberwalger
'Sick' Molly 'Sick' Molly   See fewer
Sodonia Medunic
Stefanie Lane Stefanie Lane   See fewer
Linda Gonzalez
'Sick' Business Woman 'Sick' Business Woman   See fewer
Jennifer Dresler
The Dead Secretary The Dead Secretary   See fewer
Scott Sandman
'Sick' Monty 'Sick' Monty   See fewer
Myles Freeman
'Sick' Jackson 'Sick' Jackson   See fewer
Megan Walker
'Sick' Natalie 'Sick' Natalie   See fewer
Gabby Gilbert
Wade's Girl (as Roxie Cotton) Wade's Girl (as Roxie Cotton)   See fewer
Charlene Cappuccio
Diner Patron Diner Patron   See fewer
Jullien Searfoss
The Photographer The Photographer   See fewer
Tom Coll
'Sick' Person 'Sick' Person   See fewer
Tailor Connor
'Sick' Girl 'Sick' Girl   See fewer
Janet Searfoss
Gretchen Gretchen   See fewer
Caesar Gaetai
'Sick' Killer 'Sick' Killer   See fewer
Keion Abron
'Sick' Bro (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Bro (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Karly Butcher
'Sick' Teen (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Teen (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Damien Colletti
Toby (scenes deleted) Toby (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Laura L. Cottrel
Tamara (scenes deleted) Tamara (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Brienne De Beau
Lana (scenes deleted) Lana (scenes deleted)   See fewer
David Del Valle
'Sick' Joey (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Joey (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Danny Donnelly
Karl (scenes deleted) Karl (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Ray Fenty
'Sick' Biker (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Biker (scenes deleted)   See fewer
John Frisby
'Sick' Fro (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Fro (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Arianna Garcia
Jodie (scenes deleted) Jodie (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Ricky Gray
'Sick' Stalker (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Stalker (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Jason Ignaczewski
'Sick' Farmer (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Farmer (scenes deleted)   See fewer
John Jillard Sr.
'Sick' Guy With a Bat 'Sick' Guy With a Bat   See fewer
Tiara Lawrence
Auditioner #1 (scenes deleted) Auditioner #1 (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Nicole Leicht
Auditioner #2 (scenes deleted) Auditioner #2 (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Jimmy Levi
'Sick' Soldier (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Soldier (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Brandon McClary
'Sick' Fighter (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Fighter (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Sohini Mitra
Cree (scenes deleted) Cree (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Dylan Noonan
'Sick' Person 'Sick' Person   See fewer
Tyler Tomas Ollis
'Sick' Kid 'Sick' Kid   See fewer
Charles P. Oohlert
'Sick' Guy (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Guy (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Lauren Pappas
Jenny (scenes deleted) Jenny (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Austin Powell
Lucas (scenes deleted) Lucas (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Monica Puller
'Sick' Police Woman (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Police Woman (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Tony Salvatori
Kevin Lane (scenes deleted) Kevin Lane (scenes deleted)   See fewer
William Scott-Bey
'Sick' Boy (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Boy (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Sabastian Stan
Waiter (scenes deleted) (as Sebastian Bartolewski) Waiter (scenes deleted) (as Sebastian Bartolewski)   See fewer
Stacey Weaver
'Sick' Woman 'Sick' Woman   See fewer
Frank Williams
'Sick' Farmer (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Farmer (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Quentin Williams
Restaurant Patron (scenes deleted) Restaurant Patron (scenes deleted)   See fewer
Drew Wright
'Sick' Wild Man (scenes deleted) 'Sick' Wild Man (scenes deleted)   See fewer
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