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  • Sensory Perception (2019)
  • 92 min | Sci-Fi, Thriller
Sensory Perception (2019)
92 min | Sci-Fi, Thriller

A recovering drug addict and a synth-gen created soldier struggle to find their place in the world, and how to deal with visions of an apocalypse.
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Alessandro Signore (screenplay)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Release date
Oct 1, 2019 (United States)


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87 cast members
Name Known for
Mike Duff
Jeremy Jacobs Jeremy Jacobs   See fewer
Kris Keyes
Beta One / Cognition Agent Beta One / Cognition Agent   See fewer
John Savage
President of United Earth President of United Earth   See fewer
Corbin Bernsen
Mr. Friedrich Mr. Friedrich   See fewer
Stephanie Guarino
Renee Ladonna Renee Ladonna   See fewer
John Wesley Shipp
Lt. Thawne Lt. Thawne   See fewer
Kerel Tiggett
Loki Jones Loki Jones   See fewer
Tom DeNucci
Agent Silva Agent Silva   See fewer
Dallas Page
Mr. Harrington Mr. Harrington   See fewer
Jackie Moore
Ms. Rose Ms. Rose   See fewer
Danielle Guldin
Agent Brooks Agent Brooks   See fewer
David Chokachi
Micah Donaldson Micah Donaldson   See fewer
Dan Delventhal
Dr. Velkovich Dr. Velkovich   See fewer
Gary Craig
Politician Harvey Six Politician Harvey Six   See fewer
Conor Timmis
Alex Sturridge Alex Sturridge   See fewer
Kent R. Williams
The General The General   See fewer
David Gere
Ricky Ricky   See fewer
Leo Petry
Mike Dougle Mike Dougle   See fewer
Jonathan Martino
One-handed Kid One-handed Kid   See fewer
Eric Nyenhuis
Trent Jax Trent Jax   See fewer
Greg Nutcher
Dr. Godard Dr. Godard   See fewer
Blanca Blanco
Senator Magdalena Senator Magdalena   See fewer
Sean Leser
Jimmy Jimmy   See fewer
Tommy Dreamer
Tyson (as Tom Laughlin) Tyson (as Tom Laughlin)   See fewer
Phil 'Skippy' Adams
Homeless Man #1 Homeless Man #1   See fewer
Flip Andrade
Club Heckler 1 Club Heckler 1   See fewer
Christopher Annino
Cognition Agent Cognition Agent   See fewer
Steven Beach
Biotech Thug Biotech Thug   See fewer
Van Brockmann
GQ Businessman GQ Businessman   See fewer
Luke Cummo
Trent Bodyguard Trent Bodyguard   See fewer
Andrea Czentnar
Pregnant Woman Pregnant Woman   See fewer
Josh Daniels
Mattias Mattias   See fewer
Julie Ann Dawson
Victoria X Victoria X   See fewer
Frank Devino
Homeless Prophet 1 Homeless Prophet 1   See fewer
Christopher P. Dobosz
Junkie / Hustler Junkie / Hustler   See fewer
Ariel Dorsey
Student 4 Student 4   See fewer
Michael Robert Eck
Dr. Truffuat Dr. Truffuat   See fewer
Michael Fare
Dr. Wilder Dr. Wilder   See fewer
Sandra L. Fogell
Bar Manager Bar Manager   See fewer
Fermin Galeano
President President   See fewer
Shawn Gilhuly
Student 9 Student 9   See fewer
Donagh Gleason
Dr. Hebert Dr. Hebert   See fewer
John Gorham
Camp Soldier 2 Camp Soldier 2   See fewer
Tony Grano
Cognition Monk Cognition Monk   See fewer
Amy Grey
Governor Governor   See fewer
Kenneth Hampton
Governor Governor   See fewer
Tara Haywood
Future Mom Future Mom   See fewer
Matt Hester
Homeless Prophet 2 Homeless Prophet 2   See fewer
Anthony Hoang
Umberto Umberto   See fewer
Joey Lineberry
Security Guard 1 Security Guard 1   See fewer
Jeanne Lohnes
Governor Governor   See fewer
Shelly Loris
Ben's girl Ben's girl   See fewer
Tracy Michael Lynch
Big Daddy Jack (as Tracy Lynch) Big Daddy Jack (as Tracy Lynch)   See fewer
Ian MacDonald
Rehab Patient Rehab Patient   See fewer
Shobit Manchanda
Student Student   See fewer
Clinton Sosna Mann
Security Guard 2 (as Clint Sosna) Security Guard 2 (as Clint Sosna)   See fewer
Gia Maria
Veronica Veronica   See fewer
Jared Marmitt
Homeless guy Homeless guy   See fewer
Oleg Mashkov
Praetorian Guard 1 Praetorian Guard 1   See fewer
Heather Mi
Corrinne Corrinne   See fewer
James M. Nolan
Dr. Ford Dr. Ford   See fewer
Darren O'Brien
Cognition Monk 2 Cognition Monk 2   See fewer
Dexter Page
Camp Baby Camp Baby   See fewer
Heather Page
Camp Mom Camp Mom   See fewer
David Pearsall
Husband 1 Husband 1   See fewer
James Peracchio
Camp Soldier 1 Camp Soldier 1   See fewer
Anthony Quinn
Praetorian Guard 2 Praetorian Guard 2   See fewer
Carlos Rivera
Bouncer 1 Bouncer 1   See fewer
Seth Rosenblit
Club Heckler 2 Club Heckler 2   See fewer
Jessica Rosenfield
Student 12 Student 12   See fewer
Odin Savage
Sam Stiles Sam Stiles   See fewer
Christina Sciongay
Club Girl Club Girl   See fewer
Frank Soldato
Cognition Monk 1 Cognition Monk 1   See fewer
Bob Sousa
Nightclub Businessman Nightclub Businessman   See fewer
Ashley Tramonte
Actress Actress   See fewer
JP Valenti
Cognition Monk Cognition Monk   See fewer
Maria Zadrima
Gynecologist Gynecologist   See fewer
Gwen Kosak
Night club dancer (uncredited) Night club dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
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