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  • 1 in 3 (2010)
  • 110 min | Drama
1 in 3 (2010)
110 min | Drama

One in Three refers to the statistic of women affected by domestic violence. As one woman stands to change that statistic, we all discover, that "One in Three" hits closer to home than we think.
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68 cast members
Name Known for
D'Ray Baker
Date Guy 4 Date Guy 4   See fewer
Natasha Barron
Ophelia Metz Ophelia Metz   See fewer
Jon Bielich
Judge Beason Judge Beason   See fewer
Cassandra Bizzaro
Shelter Resident (as Cassie Ketrick) Shelter Resident (as Cassie Ketrick)   See fewer
Kristi Blakemore
VPO Advocate VPO Advocate   See fewer
Alexandra Bohannon
Courtroom Attendee 3 Courtroom Attendee 3   See fewer
Julie Bohannon
Courtroom Attendee 1 Courtroom Attendee 1   See fewer
Ken Bohannon
Courtroom Attendee 4 Courtroom Attendee 4   See fewer
Josh Bonzie
Baron Thomas Baron Thomas   See fewer
Heather Boothby
Group Woman 1 Group Woman 1   See fewer
Clint Boyd
Safetown Attendee 4 Safetown Attendee 4   See fewer
David Burkhart
Tracy Metz Tracy Metz   See fewer
Ricky Chaoomchaisiri
Date Guy 1 Date Guy 1   See fewer
Gianluca Chapparro
Donovan Metz Donovan Metz   See fewer
Kristi Choplin
Club Goer 1 Club Goer 1   See fewer
Brandy Conley
Group Woman 6 Group Woman 6   See fewer
Darryl Cox
Dr. Dunn Dr. Dunn   See fewer
LaVera Davis
Jolene - Secretary Jolene - Secretary   See fewer
Josh England
Inmate 2 Inmate 2   See fewer
Paul Evans
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Cheri Fisher
Safetown Attendee 2 Safetown Attendee 2   See fewer
Layfette Fletcher
Baron's Son Baron's Son   See fewer
Jed Fox
Carl Lombard Carl Lombard   See fewer
Danielle Garner
Amanda - Friend Amanda - Friend   See fewer
Michael Gibbons
Phill - Ophelia's Boss Phill - Ophelia's Boss   See fewer
Jalisa Haggins
Lyla Thomas Lyla Thomas   See fewer
Kenny Harragarra
Safetown Attendee 1 Safetown Attendee 1   See fewer
Starsha Hope
Safetown Attendee 3 Safetown Attendee 3   See fewer
Jennifer Iwuchukwu
Prison Visitor 1 Prison Visitor 1   See fewer
Anthony Jackson
Officer Jackson Officer Jackson   See fewer
Sonja Jones
Courtroom Attendee 2 Courtroom Attendee 2   See fewer
Deedra Jordan-Evans
Rebecca (as Deedra Jordan) Rebecca (as Deedra Jordan)   See fewer
Becky Kephart
Voice of Safetown Voice of Safetown   See fewer
Levi Lee
Baron's Lawyer / Joe Baron's Lawyer / Joe   See fewer
Debbie Marshal-Gill
Judge Simpson Judge Simpson   See fewer
Jordan Matlock
Date Guy 5 Date Guy 5   See fewer
Shelli McCollister-Fox
Group Woman 2 (as Shelli Fox) Group Woman 2 (as Shelli Fox)   See fewer
Mila McCoy
Group Woman 3 Group Woman 3   See fewer
Alex McGee
Rebecca's Son Rebecca's Son   See fewer
Zach McGee
Rebecca's Son Rebecca's Son   See fewer
Cindy McGowan
Safetown Attendee 5 Safetown Attendee 5   See fewer
Gabe Miller
Inmate 1 Inmate 1   See fewer
Scott Novotny
Officer I (as Deputy Scott Novotny) Officer I (as Deputy Scott Novotny)   See fewer
Jack Patchell
Club Goer 6 Club Goer 6   See fewer
Candice Patterson
Courtroom Attendee 5 Courtroom Attendee 5   See fewer
Kyle Penington
Kevin Moran Kevin Moran   See fewer
Lacey Pierson
Jamie Metz Jamie Metz   See fewer
Marcie Price
Candice Candice   See fewer
Jeff Robbins
Jones - Date Guy Jones - Date Guy   See fewer
Shanika Robinson
Sydell Thomas Sydell Thomas   See fewer
Molly Routt
Club Goer 5 Club Goer 5   See fewer
Kristy Russell
Angie Lombard Angie Lombard   See fewer
Chad Shahan
Date Guy 2 Date Guy 2   See fewer
Heather Siess
Group Woman 5 Group Woman 5   See fewer
Brett Slimp
Officer II (as Deputy Brett Slimp) Officer II (as Deputy Brett Slimp)   See fewer
Evelyn Smith
Baron's Daughter Baron's Daughter   See fewer
Mark Smith
Date Guy 3 Date Guy 3   See fewer
Sheila Tannehill
Club Goer 2 Club Goer 2   See fewer
Rett Terrell
Jules Avery Jules Avery   See fewer
Temple Tucker
Club Goer 7 Club Goer 7   See fewer
Lance Underwood
Club Goer 4 Club Goer 4   See fewer
Leslie Whitefeather
Group Woman 4 Group Woman 4   See fewer
James Wynn
Club Goer 3 Club Goer 3   See fewer
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