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  • Alto (2015)
  • 101 min | Comedy, Family, Romance
Alto (2015)
101 min | Comedy, Family, Romance

Two girls. One gun. The Mob. Because coming out to family is hard. But coming out to "family" is funny.
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Mikki del Monico (written by)
Mikki del Monico (as Mikki Del Monico)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Dec 1, 2014

Release date
Aug 1, 2015 (United States)


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42 cast members
Name Known for
Annabella Sciorra
Sofia Del Vecchio Sofia Del Vecchio   See fewer
Billy Wirth
Caesar Bellafusco Caesar Bellafusco   See fewer
Natalie Knepp
Nicolette Bellafusco Nicolette Bellafusco   See fewer
Melanie Minichino
Heather Del Vecchio Heather Del Vecchio   See fewer
Ward Horton
FBI Agent Laughlin FBI Agent Laughlin   See fewer
David Valcin
Mike Del Vecchio Mike Del Vecchio   See fewer
Lou Martini Jr.
Louie 'Chinz' Chinzano Louie 'Chinz' Chinzano   See fewer
Lin Tucci
Mrs. Lina Cappelletti Mrs. Lina Cappelletti   See fewer
Ron Castellano
Bouncer Bouncer   See fewer
Antonia Rey
Nonna Del Vecchio Nonna Del Vecchio   See fewer
Diana DeGarmo
Frankie Del Vecchio Frankie Del Vecchio   See fewer
Toni D'Antonio
Special Agent LeDoux Special Agent LeDoux   See fewer
Max Meisel
Midwest Guy Midwest Guy   See fewer
Jake Robards
Tony Cappelletti Tony Cappelletti   See fewer
Frank Fortunato
Vince D'Amico Vince D'Amico   See fewer
Darlene Violette
Tootsie Chinzano Tootsie Chinzano   See fewer
Rob Alicea
The Baker's Assistant The Baker's Assistant   See fewer
Anthony J. Gallo
Gino 'Sonny Gagoots' Roma Gino 'Sonny Gagoots' Roma   See fewer
Nicholas J. Giangiulio
Mr. Guglielmo Cappelletti Mr. Guglielmo Cappelletti   See fewer
Bek Markas
Game Attendant Game Attendant   See fewer
David Harrell
Traitor Traitor   See fewer
Richie Allan
Father Romero Father Romero   See fewer
Super Spinner Dinesh Super Spinner Dinesh   See fewer
Kevin Sebastian
FBI A / V Tech FBI A / V Tech   See fewer
Gerard Renison
Quinton Esposito Quinton Esposito   See fewer
Ellora DeCarlo
Baker's Daughter Baker's Daughter   See fewer
Nini Camps
Kat Tommasano Kat Tommasano   See fewer
Max Sherman
Vince D'Amico Jr. Vince D'Amico Jr.   See fewer
Katy Ostrander
Mamma Bella Mamma Bella   See fewer
Letty Serra
Mrs. Montessaro Mrs. Montessaro   See fewer
Judy Dove
Zia Carmella Zia Carmella   See fewer
Mary Cooper
Zia Rosina Zia Rosina   See fewer
Jerome Weinstein
Gino Roma, Sr. Gino Roma, Sr.   See fewer
Rafael Bonilla
Backround Backround   See fewer
Anthony Langello
Big Tony Big Tony   See fewer
John D'Antonio
Alfonso 'Pinky' Montessaro Alfonso 'Pinky' Montessaro   See fewer
Annie Lanzillotto
Mamma Lit Mamma Lit   See fewer
Ewelina Pypec
Hostess Hostess   See fewer
Gabriel Vaughan
Little Gino Little Gino   See fewer
James Del Monico
Jersey Pete Jersey Pete   See fewer
Cynthia Leigh Young
Stella Bella Stella Bella   See fewer
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