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  • Overdose (II) (2022)
  • 119 min | Action, Crime, Thriller
Overdose (II) (2022)
119 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

Follows Sara, head of the Toulouse police narcotics squad, who is forced to collaborate with Richard, the head of the local criminal police, to stop a go-fast between Spain and France and find the murderer linked to the case.
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Christophe Gavat | Olivier Marchal | Pierre Pouchairet (novel "Mortels trafics")
Erwann Kermorvant (Composer)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Nov 4, 2022

Release date
Nov 4, 2022 (United States)


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58 cast members
Name Known for
Sofia Essaïdi
Sara Bellaïche Sara Bellaïche   See fewer
Assaad Bouab
Richard Cross Richard Cross   See fewer
Alberto Ammann
Eduardo Gracia Eduardo Gracia   See fewer
Nassim Lyes
Saïd Masriche Saïd Masriche   See fewer
Naïma Rodric
Vanessa Sanchez Vanessa Sanchez   See fewer
Francis Renaud
Willy De Berg Willy De Berg   See fewer
Kool Shen
Bob Fontana Bob Fontana   See fewer
Moussa Mansaly
Franck Darcheville Franck Darcheville   See fewer
Pierre Laplace
Charles Molins Charles Molins   See fewer
Sébastien Libessart
BIS - Michel Larrere BIS - Michel Larrere   See fewer
Zoé Marchal
Lucie Di Marco Lucie Di Marco   See fewer
Olivier Barthélémy
Victor Piquemal Victor Piquemal   See fewer
Simon Abkarian
Daniel Prat Daniel Prat   See fewer
Philippe Corti
Nino Braghanti Nino Braghanti   See fewer
Kenza Fortas
Leila Hamoudni Leila Hamoudni   See fewer
Carlos Bardem
Alfonso Castroviejo Alfonso Castroviejo   See fewer
Nicolas Marétheu
Lemas Abramzcik Lemas Abramzcik   See fewer
Nicolas Gerout
Chris Rehlinger Chris Rehlinger   See fewer
Adel Fellous
Hossam Hossam   See fewer
Adama Bathily
Marley Marley   See fewer
Amir El Kacem
Waheed Nawabi Waheed Nawabi   See fewer
Catherine Allégret
Juliette Dazin Juliette Dazin   See fewer
Michelle Figlarz
Lydia Hadad Lydia Hadad   See fewer
Antoine Garrido
Santi Camaro Santi Camaro   See fewer
Soledad Romero
Maria Camaro Maria Camaro   See fewer
Alisio Salazar Romero
Pablo Camaro Pablo Camaro   See fewer
Frédéric Fix
Nounours Nounours   See fewer
Julie Chevallier
Sonia Braghanti Sonia Braghanti   See fewer
Salem Guermat
Marocain Torture Marocain Torture   See fewer
Abdelkadder Maarouf
Chef des Tortionnaires Chef des Tortionnaires   See fewer
Xavier Alba Royo
Guardia Civile #1 Guardia Civile #1   See fewer
Jérôme Medeville
Conducteur Break - BAC Toulouse Conducteur Break - BAC Toulouse   See fewer
David Lancelin Guerrero
Flic Bac Cite Rougemont Flic Bac Cite Rougemont   See fewer
Rodolphe Saulnier
Flic Bac Pavillon Flic Bac Pavillon   See fewer
Adrian Tourn
Conducteur Bac Immeuble Desaffecte Conducteur Bac Immeuble Desaffecte   See fewer
Alexandre Guilbaud
Maître Deruisseau Maître Deruisseau   See fewer
Christian Ragazzi
Chef De Poste Stpj Toulouse Chef De Poste Stpj Toulouse   See fewer
Thomas Saint-Martin
Jeune Planton Perpignan Jeune Planton Perpignan   See fewer
Laëtitia Pelé
Présentatrice TV France 3 Présentatrice TV France 3   See fewer
Philippe Edet
Motard Police Motard Police   See fewer
Mehdi Belbrini
Tortionnaire Marocain Tortionnaire Marocain   See fewer
Serge Elie Masson
Vieux Paysan Corps De Ferme Vieux Paysan Corps De Ferme   See fewer
Cédric Omont
Client Restaurant Chic Client Restaurant Chic   See fewer
Léopold Bara
G.E.O 2 G.E.O 2   See fewer
Grégory Dutreilly
G.E. O 3 G.E. O 3   See fewer
Marie Chauvin
Femme de Richard Cross Femme de Richard Cross   See fewer
Sam Kalidi
Pierre Pierre   See fewer
Francis Renaud
Willy de Berg Willy de Berg   See fewer
Daniel Girondeaud
Policier commissariat (uncredited) Policier commissariat (uncredited)   See fewer
Frederic Guerin
Unit member of the B.R.I. (uncredited) Unit member of the B.R.I. (uncredited)   See fewer
Jean Pierre Horcholle
Policier de la BRI (uncredited) Policier de la BRI (uncredited)   See fewer
Salem Kali
Marocain Torturé (uncredited) Marocain Torturé (uncredited)   See fewer
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