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  • Higher Ground (2011)
  • R
    109 min | Drama
Higher Ground (2011)
109 min | Drama

A chronicle of one woman's lifelong struggle with her faith.
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Carolyn S. Briggs (screenplay) (memoir "This Dark World") | Tim Metcalfe (screenplay)
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Release date
Jan 23, 2011 (United States)


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63 cast members
Name Known for
Joshua Leonard
Ethan Miller Ethan Miller   See fewer
Norbert Leo Butz
Pastor Bill Pastor Bill   See fewer
Vera Farmiga
Corinne Walker Corinne Walker   See fewer
McKenzie Turner
Young Corrine Walker Young Corrine Walker   See fewer
Donna Murphy
Kathleen Walker Kathleen Walker   See fewer
John Hawkes
CW Walker CW Walker   See fewer
Matthew Dubas
Salesman Salesman   See fewer
Taylor Schwencke
Young Wendy Walker Young Wendy Walker   See fewer
Jillian Lindig
Mrs. Tuttle Mrs. Tuttle   See fewer
Bill Irwin
Pastor Bud Pastor Bud   See fewer
Taissa Farmiga
Teenage Corinne Walker Teenage Corinne Walker   See fewer
Kaitlyn Rae King
Teenage Wendy Walker Teenage Wendy Walker   See fewer
Boyd Holbrook
Teenage Ethan Miller Teenage Ethan Miller   See fewer
Harrison Basch
Renegade Renegade   See fewer
Booker James Winter
Biology Teacher Biology Teacher   See fewer
Fynn Hawkey
Baby Abigail Baby Abigail   See fewer
Warren Haynes
Warren Warren   See fewer
Luella Roche
Younger Abigail Miller Younger Abigail Miller   See fewer
Sarah Banks
Younger Lily Miller Younger Lily Miller   See fewer
Barbara Blackburn
Deborah (as Barbara Tuttle) Deborah (as Barbara Tuttle)   See fewer
Frank L. Goodyear
Dr. Frank Barnes (voice) Dr. Frank Barnes (voice)   See fewer
Lucy Owen
Joanna Joanna   See fewer
Nina Arianda
Wendy Walker Wendy Walker   See fewer
Sarah Little
Older Abigail Miller Older Abigail Miller   See fewer
Zoë Allegra
Older Lily Miller (as Zoe Pipa) Older Lily Miller (as Zoe Pipa)   See fewer
Mathew Biltonen
Gabe Miller (as Mathew Bieutonen) Gabe Miller (as Mathew Bieutonen)   See fewer
Eli Rubinstein
Seven Year Old Boy Seven Year Old Boy   See fewer
MacHan Taylor
MacHan MacHan   See fewer
Tom Cherwin
Man in Counseling Office Man in Counseling Office   See fewer
Laurel S. Andretta
Woman in Counseling Office Woman in Counseling Office   See fewer
Karen Keefe
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Jack Gilpin
Dr. Adams Dr. Adams   See fewer
Oliver Wood
Oliver Oliver   See fewer
Natalie Thomas
Liam's Wife Liam's Wife   See fewer
Terry McKenna
Pawn Shop Worker Pawn Shop Worker   See fewer
Murphy-Kate Longendyke
Teen Background Teen Background   See fewer
Stephen W. Tenner
Parishioner Parishioner   See fewer
Alison Ball
Rebecca - Believer (uncredited) Rebecca - Believer (uncredited)   See fewer
Ralph Cashen
Soccer Coach (uncredited) Soccer Coach (uncredited)   See fewer
Marci Fine
Mom in Car (uncredited) Mom in Car (uncredited)   See fewer
Colin Holmes
Library Patron (uncredited) Library Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
P.J. Jentsch
Peter (uncredited) Peter (uncredited)   See fewer
Phillip X Levine
Zealot (uncredited) Zealot (uncredited)   See fewer
George Peck
Groom's Father (uncredited) Groom's Father (uncredited)   See fewer
Laurent Rejto
Gallery Patron (uncredited) Gallery Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Dannielle Rose
Gabe's Teacher (uncredited) Gabe's Teacher (uncredited)   See fewer
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