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  • Demons at Dawn
  • 80 min | Horror
Demons at Dawn
80 min | Horror

Demons At Dawn follows a retired hitman who is blackmailed into taking one last job. During his mission, he uncovers an elite Satanic cult that use human sacrifice to summon Demons.
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Updated Feb 1, 2022


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45 cast members
Name Known for
Dani Thompson
Rachael Dubois Rachael Dubois   See fewer
Amber Doig-Thorne
Charlotte Craig Charlotte Craig   See fewer
Bill Victor Arucan
Judge Marcus Rosario Judge Marcus Rosario   See fewer
Crystal J. Huang
ChaoFeng Mei ChaoFeng Mei   See fewer
John Altman
Carlos Rudinski Carlos Rudinski   See fewer
Jon-Paul Gates
Randolph Fensterheim Randolph Fensterheim   See fewer
Greg Dodder
Chase Richards Chase Richards   See fewer
Hilary Davis
Denise Craig Denise Craig   See fewer
Billy Culbertson
Reggie Richardson (Image) Reggie Richardson (Image)   See fewer
Chris Sanders
Levi Saracen Levi Saracen   See fewer
BJ Mezek
Dr. Morrison Dr. Morrison   See fewer
William 'Bill' Connor
Miles Rogan Miles Rogan   See fewer
Marvin Maddicks Jr.
Seb Tanner Seb Tanner   See fewer
Mike Galindo
Matias Molina Matias Molina   See fewer
Andy Gatenby
Christian Bellows Christian Bellows   See fewer
Hans Hernke
Ray Grant Ray Grant   See fewer
Ben Silver
Mickey Santini Mickey Santini   See fewer
William Marshall
Daniel Collins Daniel Collins   See fewer
Amy DiLorenzo
Chelsea Wright Chelsea Wright   See fewer
Vicki Glover
Debbie Collins Debbie Collins   See fewer
Michael Della Pia
Jed Thomas Jed Thomas   See fewer
Dave Shecter
Tony Rose Tony Rose   See fewer
Kyle Clarington
Jason Peters Jason Peters   See fewer
Tom Harold Batchelder
Bill Townsend Bill Townsend   See fewer
Jimmy 'The Bee' Bennett
Samuel Merryman Samuel Merryman   See fewer
Bron Theron
Teddy Belgravia Teddy Belgravia   See fewer
Sophia Jiang
Jia Zhang Jia Zhang   See fewer
Paris LaLonde
Mike Callaghan Mike Callaghan   See fewer
Cady Mariano
Rose Clare Rose Clare   See fewer
Heather Carson
Carly Jacobs Carly Jacobs   See fewer
John Henderson
Ed Brown Ed Brown   See fewer
Nathen Lawrie
Satanist Satanist   See fewer
Amanda Himsworth
Teri Holmes Teri Holmes   See fewer
Ethan McLain
Dion Riley Dion Riley   See fewer
Kyrillos Saber
Dustin Biggs Dustin Biggs   See fewer
Jack Easton
Johnny Kramer Johnny Kramer   See fewer
Christopher W. Norris
Ray Grant Ray Grant   See fewer
Chasity Ann Hebert
Sherry Barrett Sherry Barrett   See fewer
Patrik Protus
Mateo Meiner Mateo Meiner   See fewer
John-James Clarke
Bar Manager Bar Manager   See fewer
Weiying Ruan
Vivienne (Demon) Vivienne (Demon)   See fewer
Brett Floren
Terry Riley (Image) Terry Riley (Image)   See fewer
Lani Della Pia
Daisy Robbins Daisy Robbins   See fewer
David Hardware
Ritchie Lee Ritchie Lee   See fewer
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