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  • Bucksville (2011)
  • 105 min | Drama, Thriller
Bucksville (2011)
105 min | Drama, Thriller

In a small, wooded town, a young man struggles to leave a secret militia started by his father.
Laura McGie (screenplay co-writer) | Chel White (screenplay co-writer)
Ben Blankenship | Dennis W. Fitzgerald (as Dennis Fitzgerald)
Casting Director
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Release date
Oct 15, 2011 (United States)


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30 cast members
Name Known for
Thomas Stroppel
Presley French Presley French   See fewer
Ted Rooney
Dr. Don French Dr. Don French   See fewer
David Bodin
David French David French   See fewer
Tom Berenger
The Patron of Justice The Patron of Justice   See fewer
Allen Nause
Mayor Rob Gilbert Mayor Rob Gilbert   See fewer
Alexander MacKenzie
Sheriff Dennis Fussnecker Sheriff Dennis Fussnecker   See fewer
Ryan Findley
Deputy Brian Wright Deputy Brian Wright   See fewer
Paul Glazier
Jim Sampson Jim Sampson   See fewer
Nathan Dunkin
Junior French Junior French   See fewer
Erin McGarry
Isabelle French Isabelle French   See fewer
Kacie Thomas
Samantha Gilbert Samantha Gilbert   See fewer
Betty Moyer
Gilbert, Beverley Gilbert, Beverley   See fewer
Gretchen Corbett
Kathleen French Kathleen French   See fewer
Robert Blanche
Lt. Col. Frank Gartner Lt. Col. Frank Gartner   See fewer
Storm Large
Eva Schroeder Eva Schroeder   See fewer
Jane Spencer
June Gilbert (as Katy Beckemeyer) June Gilbert (as Katy Beckemeyer)   See fewer
Michele Mariana
Woman with baby bottle Woman with baby bottle   See fewer
Elijah Nelson
Young Presley French Young Presley French   See fewer
Duffy Epstein
Judge Patrick Depler Judge Patrick Depler   See fewer
Ayanna Berkshire
Dr. Athena White Dr. Athena White   See fewer
Ben Blankenship
Mouse Boy Mouse Boy   See fewer
Mikel Chase
Radio Newscaster Radio Newscaster   See fewer
Andrew Dickson
Man Holding Baby Bottle Man Holding Baby Bottle   See fewer
Sam Hull
Smith Smith   See fewer
Daniel Liu
Assistant to The Patron Assistant to The Patron   See fewer
Todd A. Robinson
Wheeler Paulsen (as Todd Robinson) Wheeler Paulsen (as Todd Robinson)   See fewer
Jeremy Evan Taylor
Fisherman Fisherman   See fewer
Bryce Walters
Tim Sherman Tim Sherman   See fewer
Aniko White
The Patron's Daughter The Patron's Daughter   See fewer
Marika White
Girl in waiting room Girl in waiting room   See fewer
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