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  • Khufiya (2023)
  • TV-MA
    157 min | Action, Biography, Crime
Khufiya (2023)
157 min | Action, Biography, Crime

Krishna Mehra is an operative at Indian spy agency known as R&AW. She is assigned to track down the mole selling India's defense secrets, while all along grappling with her dual identity as a spy and a lover.
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Vishal Bhardwaj (co-writer) | Amar Bhushan (based on the novel by) | Rohan Narula (co-writer)
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Updated Oct 5, 2023

Release date
Oct 5, 2023 (United States)


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48 cast members
Name Known for
Krishna Mehra Krishna Mehra   See fewer
Ali Fazal
Ravi Mohan Ravi Mohan   See fewer
Wamiqa Gabbi
Charu Mohan Charu Mohan   See fewer
Azmeri Haque Badhon
Heena Rehman (as Azmeri Haque) Heena Rehman (as Azmeri Haque)   See fewer
Navnindra Behl
Lalita Mohan Lalita Mohan   See fewer
Atul Kulkarni
Shashank Mehra Shashank Mehra   See fewer
Alexx O'Nell
Dr. David White Dr. David White   See fewer
Shataf Figar
Brig. Saqlain Mirza Brig. Saqlain Mirza   See fewer
Lalit Parimoo
Home Secretary Home Secretary   See fewer
Rahul Ram
Yaara Jogiya Yaara Jogiya   See fewer
Jan Graveson
Rachel McClane Rachel McClane   See fewer
Swastik Tiwari
Kunal Mohan Kunal Mohan   See fewer
Meet Vora
Vikram Mehra (as Meet Vohra) Vikram Mehra (as Meet Vohra)   See fewer
Shashi Bhushan
Michael Michael   See fewer
Monnica Rae Laher
Dr. White's Wife (as Monica Rae) Dr. White's Wife (as Monica Rae)   See fewer
Rosabelle Folk
Dr. White's Daughter Dr. White's Daughter   See fewer
Benedict Garrett
CIA Interrogator CIA Interrogator   See fewer
Richard Bhakti Klein
US News Reader US News Reader   See fewer
Rishi Kulshreshtha
Vipin [R&AW Officer] Vipin [R&AW Officer]   See fewer
Dilip Pandey
Jubin [R&AW Officer] Jubin [R&AW Officer]   See fewer
Pranay Narayan
Yadav [R&AW Officer] Yadav [R&AW Officer]   See fewer
Aamir Aziz
Chako [R&AW Officer] Chako [R&AW Officer]   See fewer
Renu Behra
Nirmala (as Renu Bera) Nirmala (as Renu Bera)   See fewer
Purnendu Bhattacharya
Charu's Father Charu's Father   See fewer
Jaswant Singh
Society Watchman Society Watchman   See fewer
Himani Singh
Indian News Reporter Indian News Reporter   See fewer
Ashit Chatterjee
Dhaka Aged Man Dhaka Aged Man   See fewer
Narendra Khatri
Krishna's Secretary Krishna's Secretary   See fewer
Vijay Raj
Datta Datta   See fewer
Hosai Hamidhi
Sufi Singer on Stage Sufi Singer on Stage   See fewer
Vicky Pandit
Mr. Handa [R&AW Employee] Mr. Handa [R&AW Employee]   See fewer
PCO Owner PCO Owner   See fewer
Archana Kelkar
Jeev's Wife Jeev's Wife   See fewer
Vijayant Kohli
Hardik Ahuja Hardik Ahuja   See fewer
Deepti Dyondi
Home Secretary's PA Home Secretary's PA   See fewer
Chitra Mulani
Ravi's Secretary Ravi's Secretary   See fewer
Akshdeep Dasgupta
Aged Fishmonger Aged Fishmonger   See fewer
Kaishaa Bhutani
Vikram's Friend (as Siddhi Bhutani) Vikram's Friend (as Siddhi Bhutani)   See fewer
Jacob Breitmeier
Walking man Walking man   See fewer
Sameer Malik
Ibrahim Athar Ibrahim Athar   See fewer
Pranshu Singh
Special Officer Special Officer   See fewer
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