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  • Argentina, 1985 (2022)
  • R
    140 min | Biography, Crime, Drama
Argentina, 1985 (2022)
140 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

A team of lawyers takes on the heads of Argentina's bloody military dictatorship during the 1980s in a battle against odds and a race against time.
Santiago Mitre (screenplay by) | Mariano Llinás (screenplay by) | Martín Mauregui (collaboration)
Javier Julia (as Javier Juliá)
Casting Director
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Release date
Oct 21, 2022 (United States)


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106 cast members
Name Known for
Ricardo Darín
Julio César Strassera Julio César Strassera   See fewer
Gina Mastronicola
Verónica Verónica   See fewer
Francisco Bertín
Novio Verónica Novio Verónica   See fewer
Gabriel Martín Fernández
Bruzzo (as Gabriel Fernández) Bruzzo (as Gabriel Fernández)   See fewer
Ricardo Truppel
Juez Militar Juez Militar   See fewer
Ignacio Francavilla
Militar Joven Militar Joven   See fewer
Martin Gallo
Romero Romero   See fewer
Peter Lanzani
Luis Moreno Ocampo Luis Moreno Ocampo   See fewer
Héctor Díaz
Basile Basile   See fewer
Pablo Burzstyn
Gonzaga Gonzaga   See fewer
Ricardo Cepeda
Defensor Defensor   See fewer
Carlos del Rio
Defensor (as Carlos del Río) Defensor (as Carlos del Río)   See fewer
Rubén Casela
Defensor Defensor   See fewer
Ricardo Carranza
Defensor Defensor   See fewer
Jorge Gerschman
Defensor Defensor   See fewer
Pietro Gian
Defensor Defensor   See fewer
Alejo Goyberg
Defensor Defensor   See fewer
Luis Lezcano
Defensor Defensor   See fewer
Marcelo Pozzi
Videla Videla   See fewer
Joselo Bella
Massera Massera   See fewer
Marcelo López
Lami Dozo Lami Dozo   See fewer
Jorge Luis Couto
Graffigna Graffigna   See fewer
Carlos Ihler
Galtieri Galtieri   See fewer
Jorge Varas
Lambruschini Lambruschini   See fewer
Brian Sichel
Federico Federico   See fewer
Santiago Rovito
Eduardo Eduardo   See fewer
Félix Santamaría
Maco (as Félix Rodríguez Santamaría) Maco (as Félix Rodríguez Santamaría)   See fewer
Leyla Bechara
Isabel Isabel   See fewer
Antonia Bengoechea
María Eugenia María Eugenia   See fewer
Rosana Vezzoni
Madre de Plaza De Mayo Madre de Plaza De Mayo   See fewer
Anahí Martella
Madre de Plaza de Mayo Madre de Plaza de Mayo   See fewer
Facundo Aquinos
Testigo Testigo   See fewer
Gastón Chamorro
Testigo Testigo   See fewer
Mariela Acosta
Testigo Testigo   See fewer
Débora Nacarate
Testigo Testigo   See fewer
Agustín Gagliardi
Periodista Periodista   See fewer
Maco Somigliana
Fotógrafo Fotógrafo   See fewer
David Alegre
Fotógrafo Fotógrafo   See fewer
Carlos Ledrag
Conductor de Radio Conductor de Radio   See fewer
Rodrigo Rocco
Conductor de Radio Conductor de Radio   See fewer
Sofía Lanaro
Testigo Cordobesa (as Sofia Lanaro) Testigo Cordobesa (as Sofia Lanaro)   See fewer
Roberto Mauri
Declarante Cordobés Declarante Cordobés   See fewer
Susana Pampín
Madre Luis Madre Luis   See fewer
Andrés Zurita
Tio Luis Tio Luis   See fewer
Adolfo Norberto Losada
Militar Recepción Militar Recepción   See fewer
Javier Kussrow
Hombre Sospechoso 1 Hombre Sospechoso 1   See fewer
Matías Broglia
Hombre Sospechoso 2 Hombre Sospechoso 2   See fewer
Nacho Miguens
Ítalo Luder Ítalo Luder   See fewer
Gustavo Vieyra
Hombre Sospechoso 3 Hombre Sospechoso 3   See fewer
Enrique Bogado
Ordenanza Ordenanza   See fewer
Aldo Onofri
Hombre de Seguridad Hombre de Seguridad   See fewer
Edward Green
Clyde Snow Clyde Snow   See fewer
Fiona Mastronicola
Amiga Verónica Amiga Verónica   See fewer
Guido D'Albo
Vicealmirante Vicealmirante   See fewer
Laura Paredes
Adriana Calvo de Laborde Adriana Calvo de Laborde   See fewer
Julian Levi
Hija Adriana Calvo de Laborde Hija Adriana Calvo de Laborde   See fewer
Stephanie Petresky
Joven Periodista Mujer Joven Periodista Mujer   See fewer
Patricio Gonzalo
Joven Periodista Varón Joven Periodista Varón   See fewer
Judith König
Productora de Radio Productora de Radio   See fewer
Sergio Ciancaglini
Periodista Mayor Periodista Mayor   See fewer
Fabián Abecasis
Periodista Periodista   See fewer
Felipe Villanueva
Alfredo Forti Alfredo Forti   See fewer
Fernando Contingiani
Pablo Díaz Pablo Díaz   See fewer
Martín Portela
Periodista Canal 11 Periodista Canal 11   See fewer
Bárbara Massó
Periodista Periodista   See fewer
Natalia Olabe
María Kubik María Kubik   See fewer
Silvina Scarpolini
Periodista Periodista   See fewer
Agustín Rittano
Testigo ESMA Testigo ESMA   See fewer
Emilia Mayo
Notera de Televisión Notera de Televisión   See fewer
Pepe Arias
Bernardo Neustadt Bernardo Neustadt   See fewer
Lalo Rotavería
Asistente de Piso Asistente de Piso   See fewer
Fito Yanelli
Ministro Ministro   See fewer
Adrián Mampel
Alfonsín Alfonsín   See fewer
Sol Braier
Maquilladora Maquilladora   See fewer
Carlota Rodríguez Echebarne
Amiga Madre Luis Amiga Madre Luis   See fewer
Andrea Varchavsky
Conductora Programa N20 Conductora Programa N20   See fewer
Natalia Santiago
Periodista Programa TV2 Periodista Programa TV2   See fewer
Nacho Francavilla
Militar Jóven Militar Jóven   See fewer
María Laura Cali
Mujer Mayor (uncredited) Mujer Mayor (uncredited)   See fewer
María Colloca
Periodista Mujer (uncredited) Periodista Mujer (uncredited)   See fewer
César Córdoba
Militar 1 (uncredited) Militar 1 (uncredited)   See fewer
Francisco Guglielmino
Otro Militar (uncredited) Otro Militar (uncredited)   See fewer
Justina Ovejero
Pasajera del avión (uncredited) Pasajera del avión (uncredited)   See fewer
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