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  • Walking with the Enemy (2013)
  • PG-13
    124 min | Action, Drama, History
Walking with the Enemy (2013)
124 min | Action, Drama, History

A young man, separated from his family in World War II, disguises himself as a Nazi S.S. Officer and uncovers more than just his family whereabouts.
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Kenny Golde (screenplay) | Richard Lasser (additional screenplay material) | Jack Snyder (additional material)
Tim Williams (as Timothy Williams)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Apr 25, 2014 (United States)


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97 cast members
Name Known for
Vitalie Bichir
Russian Captain Russian Captain   See fewer
Florin Arhip
Russian Sniper Russian Sniper   See fewer
Jonas Armstrong
Elek Cohen Elek Cohen   See fewer
David Leon
Lajos Lajos   See fewer
Hannah Tointon
Hannah Schoen Hannah Schoen   See fewer
Flora Spencer-Longhurst
Rachel Schoen Rachel Schoen   See fewer
Mark Wells
Ferenc Jacobson Ferenc Jacobson   See fewer
George Icleanu
Club Owner Club Owner   See fewer
Vlad Radescu
Mr. Schoen Mr. Schoen   See fewer
Naomi Capron
Mrs. Schoen Mrs. Schoen   See fewer
Avila Schmidt
Trolley Girl Trolley Girl   See fewer
Ann-Marie Schmidt
Trolley Mother Trolley Mother   See fewer
Simon Kunz
Jozsef Greenberg Jozsef Greenberg   See fewer
Gay Hamilton
Frau Lustig Frau Lustig   See fewer
Charles Hubbell
SS Colonel Eichmann SS Colonel Eichmann   See fewer
Jonty Stephens
Mr. Farkas Mr. Farkas   See fewer
Andrei Aradits
Eichmann's Aide Eichmann's Aide   See fewer
Ken Bones
Samuel Stern Samuel Stern   See fewer
Charles De'Ath
Lieutenant Krieger (as Charles De' Ath) Lieutenant Krieger (as Charles De' Ath)   See fewer
Richard Albrecht
Rabbi Cohen Rabbi Cohen   See fewer
Robert Jezek
Mr. Balacz Mr. Balacz   See fewer
Heather Bleasdale
Mrs. Cohen Mrs. Cohen   See fewer
Jade Moulla
Sofi Cohen Sofi Cohen   See fewer
Marco Alfieri
Avram Cohen Avram Cohen   See fewer
Alexandru Suciu
Father Dominic Father Dominic   See fewer
Stefan Velniciuc
Mr. Jacobson Mr. Jacobson   See fewer
Mark Wingett
Sorenzi Sorenzi   See fewer
Tom Bacon
Samuel Samuel   See fewer
Simon Hepworth
Ferenc Szalasi Ferenc Szalasi   See fewer
Patrick Toomey
Wisliceny Wisliceny   See fewer
Burn Gorman
Lt. Colonel Otto Skorzeny Lt. Colonel Otto Skorzeny   See fewer
Ben Kingsley
Regent Miklos Horthy Regent Miklos Horthy   See fewer
Shane Taylor
Miklos Horthy Jr. Miklos Horthy Jr.   See fewer
Iulia Lumânare
Horthy's Secretary (as Iulia Lumanare) Horthy's Secretary (as Iulia Lumanare)   See fewer
William Hope
Carl Lutz Carl Lutz   See fewer
Oana Draghici
Mrs. Farkas Mrs. Farkas   See fewer
Stephen Marzella
David Keonig David Keonig   See fewer
Simon Dutton
Miklos Schoen Miklos Schoen   See fewer
Christopher Williams
Jacob A. Nyomtato Jacob A. Nyomtato   See fewer
David Jon Wilson
Drunken SS #1 Drunken SS #1   See fewer
Dan Hembal
Drunken SS #2 Drunken SS #2   See fewer
Constantin Florescu
Mr. Fein Mr. Fein   See fewer
Casey Clem
Glasshouse Clerk Glasshouse Clerk   See fewer
Laura-Nora Dinca
Adam's Mother Adam's Mother   See fewer
Stefan Iancu
Young Adam Young Adam   See fewer
Andrei Finti
Father Kovic Father Kovic   See fewer
Oltin Hurezeanu
Horthy's Associate Horthy's Associate   See fewer
Ralph Brown
Grudez Grudez   See fewer
Serbanescu Florin
Arrow Cross #1 (as Florin Serbanescu) Arrow Cross #1 (as Florin Serbanescu)   See fewer
Bogdan Farcas
Arrow Cross #2 Arrow Cross #2   See fewer
Bogdan Mancea
Arrow Cross Night Guard Arrow Cross Night Guard   See fewer
Andrew Brooke
Captain Varga Captain Varga   See fewer
George Remes
Nazi Officer (as Remes George) Nazi Officer (as Remes George)   See fewer
Shaun Schmidt
Russian Thug Russian Thug   See fewer
Andrei Demeter
Radio Broadcaster Radio Broadcaster   See fewer
Paul Dumitrescu
Fascist Broadcaster Fascist Broadcaster   See fewer
Andrei Mateiu
Wisliceny's Aide Wisliceny's Aide   See fewer
Karl Backus
Colonel Weber Colonel Weber   See fewer
Graham Powell
Weber's Aide Weber's Aide   See fewer
Florin Nica
Violin Player Violin Player   See fewer
Ioana Picos
SS Date #1 (as Ioana Alexandra Picos) SS Date #1 (as Ioana Alexandra Picos)   See fewer
Alexandra Coman
SS Date #2 (as Alexandra Daniela Coman) SS Date #2 (as Alexandra Daniela Coman)   See fewer
Irina Saulescu
Weber's Secretary Weber's Secretary   See fewer
Florian Ghimpu
Arrow Cross Guard #3 Arrow Cross Guard #3   See fewer
Ioana Abur
Woman Woman   See fewer
Mark Colleano
Pastor Novak Pastor Novak   See fewer
Chrissie Cotterill
Pastor's Wife Pastor's Wife   See fewer
Marian Trasca
Arrow Cross Shooter Arrow Cross Shooter   See fewer
Catalin Paraschiv
Arrow Cross Lieutenant Arrow Cross Lieutenant   See fewer
Jose Fillipi
Escaping Man Escaping Man   See fewer
Radu Iacoban
Checkpoint Guard #1 Checkpoint Guard #1   See fewer
Andrei Runcanu
Arrow Cross Man Arrow Cross Man   See fewer
Maria-Antoaneta Tudor
Young Mother Young Mother   See fewer
Estera Zainea
Daughter Daughter   See fewer
Eadu Campean
Arrow Cross #6 Arrow Cross #6   See fewer
Debora Zainea
Young Sophie Young Sophie   See fewer
Asier Newman
Adam (Older) Adam (Older)   See fewer
Chad Gibbs
Concentration Camp Laborer (voice) (uncredited) Concentration Camp Laborer (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
Diego Josef
Adam (voice) (uncredited) Adam (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
Brooke McCormick
Prisoner / Victim (voice) (uncredited) Prisoner / Victim (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
Cristian Motiu
German Soldier 1 (uncredited) German Soldier 1 (uncredited)   See fewer
Alan O'Silva
German Soldier 2 (uncredited) German Soldier 2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Alex Purje
Shutzpass Prisoner (uncredited) Shutzpass Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Brian Schmidt
Arrow Cross #7 (uncredited) Arrow Cross #7 (uncredited)   See fewer
Sunny D. Smith
Mrs. Farkas / American Bride (voice) (uncredited) Mrs. Farkas / American Bride (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
Szabolcs Tyukodi
Labor Camp Guard (uncredited) Labor Camp Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
István Téglás
German Soldier 3 (uncredited) German Soldier 3 (uncredited)   See fewer
Roxanna Ravenor Yamamoto
Mother (uncredited) Mother (uncredited)   See fewer
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