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Daddy U Misspelled Father

Part One: Bittersweet City (Season 1, Episode 1)
TV Episode | 68 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

It's only so much a person can endure. At the same time, forgiveness outweighs the act of retaliation.
Jibri Wright (story & screenplay)
Troy Callender (drone operator) | Kory Outlaw
Casting Directors
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Updated Nov 24, 2022

Release date
Nov 24, 2022 (United States)


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71 cast members
Name Known for
Joseph Scot Allan
Party Guest Party Guest   See fewer
Fredric Bogans
Decan 2 Decan 2   See fewer
Tashiana Carnes
Tashiana Tashiana   See fewer
Wheeler Chapman
Team Kilo Chapman Team Kilo Chapman   See fewer
Vinnie Corsi
Vinnie Vinnie   See fewer
Caprice Cummings
Kaprice Kaprice   See fewer
Gene Mookie Cunningham
Mookie Mayberry Mookie Mayberry   See fewer
Dexter DeBose
Dexter (as Dexter Debose II) Dexter (as Dexter Debose II)   See fewer
Robert Dixon
Ski III Ski III   See fewer
Soniliz Espina
Soniliz Soniliz   See fewer
Arielle Fray
Protester Protester   See fewer
Samantha Glick
Samantha Samantha   See fewer
The Gospel
Gospel Singers Gospel Singers   See fewer
Caderal Graham
Pastor Clemens Pastor Clemens   See fewer
Alona Classy Henderson
Baby Dread Baby Dread   See fewer
Pamela Queenp Hicks
Pauline Jaz Pauline Jaz   See fewer
Raymond Insurance-Hicks
Mr. Vernon Mr. Vernon   See fewer
Samantha Jo
Samantha Samantha   See fewer
Jahlinda Jones
Daycare Lady Daycare Lady   See fewer
Michelle Jones
Michelle Michelle   See fewer
Matthew Keith
Undercover Detective 1 Undercover Detective 1   See fewer
Nadine Knight
Nadine Nadine   See fewer
Joe Martino
Officer Stevens Officer Stevens   See fewer
Raphael Matawaran
Cab Driver Cab Driver   See fewer
Torey Mccray
Bam Bam Bam Bam   See fewer
Sofia Mena
Sofia Sofia   See fewer
Kristen Morales
Kristen Kristen   See fewer
Noelle Morley
Noelle Noelle   See fewer
Kylea Nash
Party Bartender Party Bartender   See fewer
Elwood Pleasants
Team Kilo El Sosa Team Kilo El Sosa   See fewer
Jody Pucello
Officer Olsen Officer Olsen   See fewer
Nickwolff Quintana
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Shaquila Quow
Regina Regina   See fewer
Summre Raimer
Summre Summre   See fewer
Travis Rizeup
Team Kilo Rizeup Team Kilo Rizeup   See fewer
Shalini Schane
Shalini Shalini   See fewer
James Jay Stubbs
Kilo Hills Kilo Hills   See fewer
Chelz Tinson
Jameelah Jameelah   See fewer
Lj Ugarte
Decan Decan   See fewer
Bruce Walker II
Decan 3 Decan 3   See fewer
Sherri Wright
Kese (as Sherri Kese Wright) Kese (as Sherri Kese Wright)   See fewer
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