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  • The Raven (I) (2012)
  • R
    110 min | Crime, Mystery, Thriller
The Raven (I) (2012)
110 min | Crime, Mystery, Thriller

When a madman begins committing horrific murders inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's works, a young Baltimore detective joins forces with Poe to stop him from making his stories a reality.
Hannah Shakespeare (written by) | Ben Livingston (written by)
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Release date
Apr 27, 2012 (United States)


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49 cast members
Name Known for
John Cusack
Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe   See fewer
Luke Evans
Detective Fields Detective Fields   See fewer
Alice Eve
Emily Hamilton Emily Hamilton   See fewer
Brendan Gleeson
Capt. Charles Hamilton Capt. Charles Hamilton   See fewer
Kevin McNally
Maddux (as Kevin R. McNally) Maddux (as Kevin R. McNally)   See fewer
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
John Cantrell John Cantrell   See fewer
Jimmy Yuill
Captain Eldridge Captain Eldridge   See fewer
Pam Ferris
Mrs. Bradley Mrs. Bradley   See fewer
Brendan Coyle
Reagan Reagan   See fewer
Adrian Rawlins
Doc Clements Doc Clements   See fewer
Aidan Feore
Stage Manager Stage Manager   See fewer
Michael Cronin
Old Gentleman Old Gentleman   See fewer
Michael Poole
Professor Professor   See fewer
Michael Shannon
Dr. Morgan Dr. Morgan   See fewer
Charity Wakefield
Field's Maid Field's Maid   See fewer
John Warnaby
Griswold Griswold   See fewer
Matt Slack
Sailor Sailor   See fewer
Ian Virgo
Fire Marshall Fire Marshall   See fewer
Michael J. Fourticq
Bookseller Bookseller   See fewer
Jasmina Ilic
Older Tenement Woman (Dead) Older Tenement Woman (Dead)   See fewer
Teodora Uveric
Young Tenement Woman (Dead) Young Tenement Woman (Dead)   See fewer
Kristof Farkas
Wretching Student (as Kristóf Farkas) Wretching Student (as Kristóf Farkas)   See fewer
Luka Mijatovic
Small Boy Small Boy   See fewer
József Tálos
Sherry Merchant (as József Tálas) Sherry Merchant (as József Tálas)   See fewer
Matt Devere
Hamilton's Security Guard Hamilton's Security Guard   See fewer
Sergej Trifunovic
Salty Sailor Salty Sailor   See fewer
Milos Djuricic
Porter - Paris Porter - Paris   See fewer
Mike Kelly
Party Reveler Party Reveler   See fewer
Bojan Peric
Officer at Precinct Officer at Precinct   See fewer
Ana Sofrenovic
Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth   See fewer
Steve Agnew
Doctor in 'Macbeth' Doctor in 'Macbeth'   See fewer
Malina Nikolic
Gentlewoman in 'Macbeth' Gentlewoman in 'Macbeth'   See fewer
Miklós Kapácsy
Headline Man 1 Headline Man 1   See fewer
Andrew Hefler
Headline Man 2 Headline Man 2   See fewer
Pierre Boris Jaurdin
French Officer French Officer   See fewer
Tamara Krcunovic
Doc Clements' Maid Doc Clements' Maid   See fewer
Jason Ryan
Crew Member (as Jason M. Ryan) Crew Member (as Jason M. Ryan)   See fewer
Antal Publik
Cardinal Cardinal   See fewer
László Konter
Breathless Tenement Man Breathless Tenement Man   See fewer
Mark C. Phelan
Barfly 1 (as Mark Phelan) Barfly 1 (as Mark Phelan)   See fewer
Krisztián Peer
Barfly 2 Barfly 2   See fewer
Annamaria Ordog
Actress (as Annamária Ördög) Actress (as Annamária Ördög)   See fewer
Ádám Földi
Church Secretary Church Secretary   See fewer
Dejan Cubrilov
Maurice Robichaux Maurice Robichaux   See fewer
Máté Haumann
Uniformed Guard (as Mate Haumann) Uniformed Guard (as Mate Haumann)   See fewer
Péter Fancsikai
Young Man Skeleton (as Peter Fancsikai) Young Man Skeleton (as Peter Fancsikai)   See fewer
Sava Rapic
Servant Servant   See fewer
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