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  • Faith Makes Great (2021–2021)
  • TV Series | 30 min | Drama
Faith Makes Great (2021–2021)
TV Series | 30 min | Drama

This series consists of 40 separate stories which introduce different groups of persons that lead Chinese people to struggle for better life during the 100 years history of CCP.

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Updated May 4, 2021

Release date (First episode)
May 4, 2021 (China)


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66 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Tong Ying (2021) Tong Ying (2021)   See fewer
Duling Chen
Yan Hongying (2021) Yan Hongying (2021)   See fewer
Ruoxuan Chen
Du Fuguo (2021) Du Fuguo (2021)   See fewer
Siyu Chen
Du Fumin (2021) Du Fumin (2021)   See fewer
Xiao Chen
He Jingping (2021) He Jingping (2021)   See fewer
Xu Dai
Zhang Renya (2021) Zhang Renya (2021)   See fewer
Allen Deng
Wu Zutai (2021) Wu Zutai (2021)   See fewer
Chun Du
Wang Boxiang (2021) Wang Boxiang (2021)   See fewer
Shaofeng Feng
Shi Yang (2021) Shi Yang (2021)   See fewer
Lei Gong
Yu Yongsheng (2021) Yu Yongsheng (2021)   See fewer
Jinglin Guo
Lu Xiangyu (2021) Lu Xiangyu (2021)   See fewer
Ping Hao
Section Chief Su (2021) Section Chief Su (2021)   See fewer
Haha He
Fang Chengmin (2021) Fang Chengmin (2021)   See fewer
Yong Hou
Factory Director Wei (2021) Factory Director Wei (2021)   See fewer
Ke Hu
Xue Rong (2021) Xue Rong (2021)   See fewer
Yajie Hu
Yang Bin (2021) Yang Bin (2021)   See fewer
Yaozhi Hu
Mei Yi (2021) Mei Yi (2021)   See fewer
Pinyuan Huang
Wang Youliang (2021) Wang Youliang (2021)   See fewer
Zhuang Jieqiong
Shi bing (as Zhuang Jie Qiong) Shi bing (as Zhuang Jie Qiong)   See fewer
Dong Jin
Chen Wangdao (2021) Chen Wangdao (2021)   See fewer
Boran Jing
Qi Jianhua (2021) Qi Jianhua (2021)   See fewer
Jianyi Li
Chen Huangming (2021) Chen Huangming (2021)   See fewer
Naiwen Li
Miao Shi (2021) Miao Shi (2021)   See fewer
Yitong Li
Du Fujia (2021) Du Fujia (2021)   See fewer
Yongjian Lin
Zhang Jueqian (2021) Zhang Jueqian (2021)   See fewer
Yijun Liu
Shao Lizi (2021) Shao Lizi (2021)   See fewer
Youchang Liu
Liu Hongliang (2021) Liu Hongliang (2021)   See fewer
Yun Liu
Xu Luxi (2021) Xu Luxi (2021)   See fewer
Yi Lu
Gu Fangzhou (2021) Gu Fangzhou (2021)   See fewer
Junfeng Niu
Wang Jiawen (2021) Wang Jiawen (2021)   See fewer
Minglin Qiao
Director Zhou (2021) Director Zhou (2021)   See fewer
Zhenyu Qiao
Zou Jiandong (2021) Zou Jiandong (2021)   See fewer
Chengwei Ren
Deng Jiaxian (2021) Deng Jiaxian (2021)   See fewer
An Shi
Han Yongshan (2021) Han Yongshan (2021)   See fewer
Kai Shi
Wu Like (2021) Wu Like (2021)   See fewer
Jian Sun
Bu Lan Zhang (2021) Bu Lan Zhang (2021)   See fewer
Xikun Sun
Tang Dou (2021) Tang Dou (2021)   See fewer
Songyun Tan
Wang Huiwu (2021) Wang Huiwu (2021)   See fewer
Höng Tao
Fang Dazeng's mother (2021) Fang Dazeng's mother (2021)   See fewer
Xiaojie Tian
Xia Fuhua (2021) Xia Fuhua (2021)   See fewer
Mengshi Tong
Wang Dexi (2021) Wang Dexi (2021)   See fewer
Han Wang
Qi Yue (2021) Qi Yue (2021)   See fewer
Jinsong Wang
Lao Qian (2021) Lao Qian (2021)   See fewer
Kai Wang
Gao Fei (2021) Gao Fei (2021)   See fewer
Karry Wang
Lin Ming (2021) Lin Ming (2021)   See fewer
Ou Wang
Wang Huifen (2021) Wang Huifen (2021)   See fewer
Shasha Wang
Ding Yilan (2021) Ding Yilan (2021)   See fewer
Xun Wang
Xu Lei (2021) Xu Lei (2021)   See fewer
Yibo Wang
Jiang Xian Yun Jiang Xian Yun   See fewer
Lei Wu
Fang Dazeng (2021) Fang Dazeng (2021)   See fewer
Ranxin Xiao
College student College student   See fewer
Wenguang Xu
Director Yu (2021) Director Yu (2021)   See fewer
Caiyu Yang
Ge Lan (2021) Ge Lan (2021)   See fewer
Haoyu Yang
Lao Wan (2021) Lao Wan (2021)   See fewer
Xiaotian Yin
Zhang Dingcheng (2021) Zhang Dingcheng (2021)   See fewer
Chengen Yu
Liu Xinda (2021) Liu Xinda (2021)   See fewer
Yuexian Yu
Sa Ren (2021) Sa Ren (2021)   See fewer
Crystal Yuan
Jiang Jingwu (2021) Jiang Jingwu (2021)   See fewer
Huiwen Zhang
Liang Peiying (2021) Liang Peiying (2021)   See fewer
Jingyi Zhang
Zhang Huamei (2021) Zhang Huamei (2021)   See fewer
Yixing Zhang
Xiong Dazhen (2021) Xiong Dazhen (2021)   See fewer
Yunlong Zhang
Xia Li (2021) Xia Li (2021)   See fewer
Zhijian Zhang
Division Commander (2021) Division Commander (2021)   See fewer
Zanilia Zhao
Lei Jinyu (2021) Lei Jinyu (2021)   See fewer
Chengao Zhou
Liu Xiao (2021) Liu Xiao (2021)   See fewer
Feng Zu
Long Yongcheng (2021) Long Yongcheng (2021)   See fewer
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