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  • National Champions (2021)
  • R
    116 min | Drama, Sport
National Champions (2021)
116 min | Drama, Sport

Follows star quarterback who ignites a players strike hours before the biggest game of the year in order to fight for fair compensation, equality and respect for the student-athletes.
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Brendon Boyea (produced by) | Greg Economou (produced by) | Basil Iwanyk (produced by)
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Release date
Dec 10, 2021 (United States)


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53 cast members
Name Known for
Stephan James
LeMarcus James LeMarcus James   See fewer
J.K. Simmons
Coach James Lazor Coach James Lazor   See fewer
Alexander Ludwig
Emmett Sunday Emmett Sunday   See fewer
Lil Rel Howery
Coach Dunn Coach Dunn   See fewer
Tim Blake Nelson
Rodger Cummings Rodger Cummings   See fewer
Andrew Bachelor
Taylor Jackson (as Andrew Byron Bachelor) Taylor Jackson (as Andrew Byron Bachelor)   See fewer
David Koechner
Richard Everly Richard Everly   See fewer
Jeffrey Donovan
Mike Titus Mike Titus   See fewer
Kristin Chenoweth
Bailey Lazor Bailey Lazor   See fewer
Timothy Olyphant
Elliott Schmidt Elliott Schmidt   See fewer
Uzo Aduba
Katherine Poe Katherine Poe   See fewer
Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson Russell Wilson   See fewer
Malcolm Jenkins
Malcolm Jenkins Malcolm Jenkins   See fewer
Mike Greenberg
Mike Greenberg Mike Greenberg   See fewer
Steve Levy
Steve Levy Steve Levy   See fewer
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Michael Smith   See fewer
Jemele Hill
Jemele Hill Jemele Hill   See fewer
Michael Holley
Michael Holley Michael Holley   See fewer
Taylor Rooks
Taylor Rooks Taylor Rooks   See fewer
Nick Wright
Nick Wright Nick Wright   See fewer
Karl-Anthony Towns
Karl-Anthony Towns Karl-Anthony Towns   See fewer
French Montana
French Montana French Montana   See fewer
Julian Horton
Orlando Bishop Orlando Bishop   See fewer
David Maldonado
Kevin McDonald Kevin McDonald   See fewer
Steven Van Tiflin
Cornelius Cornelius   See fewer
Sarah S. Fisher
Cathy Levy Cathy Levy   See fewer
Tony Winters
Wes Martin Wes Martin   See fewer
Therry Edouard
Cecil Burgess Cecil Burgess   See fewer
Tre Hale
Roc Meredith Roc Meredith   See fewer
Thomas Francis
Bob Reynolds Bob Reynolds   See fewer
Reg Rob
Assistant Coach Assistant Coach   See fewer
Sarah Elumbaring
Cleaning Lady Cleaning Lady   See fewer
Dean J. West
Brett (as Dean West) Brett (as Dean West)   See fewer
Ned Yousef
Felipe Felipe   See fewer
Adam Mervis
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
GiGi Erneta
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Casey Ferrand
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Fabian Blache III
Booster (uncredited) Booster (uncredited)   See fewer
Carl A. Chauvin
Dive Bar Patron (uncredited) Dive Bar Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Rose Bianca Grue
Booster members (uncredited) Booster members (uncredited)   See fewer
Suzette Lange
Booster Member (uncredited) Booster Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Tedrick Martin
Booster / Investor (uncredited) Booster / Investor (uncredited)   See fewer
Joshua Moody
Press Conference Journalist (uncredited) Press Conference Journalist (uncredited)   See fewer
Brandon Pettis
Hotel Guest (uncredited) Hotel Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Lake Ragan
Football player (uncredited) Football player (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Titus
Mark Titus (uncredited) Mark Titus (uncredited)   See fewer
Kasia Trepagnier
Wolves Fan (uncredited) Wolves Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Calvin Williams
Booster (uncredited) Booster (uncredited)   See fewer
Dontez Williams
Former Player / Student / Fan (uncredited) Former Player / Student / Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
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