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  • Father Stu (2022)
  • R
    124 min | Biography, Drama
Father Stu (2022)
124 min | Biography, Drama

Follows the life of Father Stuart Long, a boxer-turned-priest who inspired countless people during his journey from self-destruction to redemption.
Rosalind Ross (directed by)
Rosalind Ross (written for the screen by)
Jordon Foss (produced by) (p.g.a.) | Stephen Levinson (produced by) (p.g.a.) | Mark Wahlberg (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Dickon Hinchliffe (music by)
Jeffrey M. Werner (edited by)
Casting Director
Sheila Jaffe (casting by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Apr 15, 2022 (United States)


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80 cast members
Name Known for
Mark Wahlberg
Stuart Long Stuart Long   See fewer
Mel Gibson
Bill Long Bill Long   See fewer
Jacki Weaver
Kathleen Long Kathleen Long   See fewer
Teresa Ruiz
Carmen Carmen   See fewer
Cody Fern
Jacob Jacob   See fewer
Malcolm McDowell
Monsignor Kelly Monsignor Kelly   See fewer
Carlos Leal
Father Garcia Father Garcia   See fewer
Jack Kehler
Curtis Curtis   See fewer
Tenz McCall
Young Stuart Young Stuart   See fewer
Niko Nicotera
Barfly Barfly   See fewer
Tony Amendola
Coach Beech Coach Beech   See fewer
Valente Rodriguez
Bill's Foreman Bill's Foreman   See fewer
Colleen Camp
Motel Receptionist Motel Receptionist   See fewer
Winter Ave Zoli
Allison Allison   See fewer
Anthony Thomas
Boxer #1 Boxer #1   See fewer
Brian Ortega
Boxer #2 Boxer #2   See fewer
Lawrence Duran
Boxer #3 (as Lawrence Michael Duran) Boxer #3 (as Lawrence Michael Duran)   See fewer
Bo Cleary
Boxing Referee Boxing Referee   See fewer
Eric Weinstein
Stuart's Cornerman Stuart's Cornerman   See fewer
Jim Holmes
Dr. Jost Dr. Jost   See fewer
Betsy Moore
Montana Sheriff Montana Sheriff   See fewer
Davey Johnson
Casting Director Casting Director   See fewer
Chad Randall
Bar Patron Bar Patron   See fewer
Tim Sitarz
Bouncer Bouncer   See fewer
Rudy Moreno
Market Customer Market Customer   See fewer
Michael Fairman
Randall Randall   See fewer
Molly Baker
Mrs. Ferris Mrs. Ferris   See fewer
Nick Mead
Los Angeles Police Officer (as Nicholas A. Goldreich) Los Angeles Police Officer (as Nicholas A. Goldreich)   See fewer
Indie DesRoches
Sunday School Boy Sunday School Boy   See fewer
Lily Villegas
Sunday School Girl Sunday School Girl   See fewer
Chiquita Fuller
Diner Waitress Diner Waitress   See fewer
Roberto Montesinos
Carmen's Dad Carmen's Dad   See fewer
Annie Lee
Dr. Wan Dr. Wan   See fewer
Sharmila Devar
Los Angeles Nurse Los Angeles Nurse   See fewer
Sean O'Reilly
Father Kelly's Secretary Father Kelly's Secretary   See fewer
Ned Bellamy
Dr. Novak Dr. Novak   See fewer
James Flavin
Bishop Bishop   See fewer
Clay Wilcox
AA Chairperson AA Chairperson   See fewer
Lila Karp-Ziring
Medieval Girl Medieval Girl   See fewer
Steve Olson
Medieval Set Assistant Director Medieval Set Assistant Director   See fewer
Dennis Keiffer
Medieval Bad Guy Medieval Bad Guy   See fewer
Travis Wong
Medieval Knight Medieval Knight   See fewer
Noah Arrue
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Larry Bagby
Bartender (uncredited) Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
Alan Bagh
Joe Seminarian (uncredited) Joe Seminarian (uncredited)   See fewer
Vincent M. Biscione
Prison Guard (uncredited) Prison Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Tyler Burke
21 Year Old Kid (uncredited) 21 Year Old Kid (uncredited)   See fewer
Brandon A. Davis
AA Member (uncredited) AA Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Jr.
Bar Fight Gawker (uncredited) Bar Fight Gawker (uncredited)   See fewer
Karman Graham
Waitress (uncredited) Waitress (uncredited)   See fewer
Ryan Hafron
Seminarian (uncredited) Seminarian (uncredited)   See fewer
Skip Howland
Boxing Judge (uncredited) Boxing Judge (uncredited)   See fewer
Mathew Trent Hunnicutt
Bar Patron (uncredited) Bar Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
James Hunter
Church Parishioner (uncredited) Church Parishioner (uncredited)   See fewer
Jacob Allen Inman
The Rogue Seminarian (uncredited) The Rogue Seminarian (uncredited)   See fewer
Faith Jefferies
Time Keeper (uncredited) Time Keeper (uncredited)   See fewer
Bryan Kreutz
Bar Patron (uncredited) Bar Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Mariah Maison
Cute Big Sky Nurse (uncredited) Cute Big Sky Nurse (uncredited)   See fewer
Johnny Mansbach
Boxing Attendee (uncredited) Boxing Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Pino Martinez
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Luke Matheis
Montana Parishioner (uncredited) Montana Parishioner (uncredited)   See fewer
Orion McCabe
Opponent #1 Cutman (uncredited) Opponent #1 Cutman (uncredited)   See fewer
Harry L. Michaels Jr.
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Marcello Padilla
Church Usher / Parishioner (uncredited) Church Usher / Parishioner (uncredited)   See fewer
Zack Palmisano
Boxing Fan (uncredited) Boxing Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Pablo Ramos
Church Parishioner (uncredited) Church Parishioner (uncredited)   See fewer
Crystal Richards
Camille (uncredited) Camille (uncredited)   See fewer
Kyle Samples
Drag Queen (uncredited) Drag Queen (uncredited)   See fewer
Jose J Santana
Tattooed Prisoner (uncredited) Tattooed Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Alonso Saravia
Seminarian (uncredited) Seminarian (uncredited)   See fewer
Bruce Van Norman
Altar Boy (uncredited) Altar Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
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