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  • State of Siege: Temple Attack (2021)
  • 110 min | Action, Thriller
State of Siege: Temple Attack (2021)
110 min | Action, Thriller

Inspired by true events, the film narrates the heroic tale of NSG commandos, who step in to save innocent people when terrorists attack a temple in Gujarat.
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Ken Ghosh (directed by)
William Borthwick (written by) | Simon Fantauzzo (written by) | Farhaan Salaruddin (dialogue writer) (as Farhan Salaruddin) | Abhimanyu Singh (created by)
Abhimanyu Singh | Roopali Singh (as Roopali Kadyan)
Kartik Shah (music by)
Casting Director
Production Designers
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Updated Jul 9, 2021

Release date
Jul 9, 2021 (United Arab Emirates)


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85 cast members
Name Known for
Akshaye Khanna
Major Hanut Singh Major Hanut Singh   See fewer
Gautam Rode
Major Samar Major Samar   See fewer
Vivek Dahiya
Capt. Rohit Bagga Capt. Rohit Bagga   See fewer
Abhimanyu Singh
Abu Hamza Abu Hamza   See fewer
Parvin Dabas
Colonel Nagar Colonel Nagar   See fewer
Samir Soni
CM Choksi CM Choksi   See fewer
Mir Sarwar
Bilal Naikoo Bilal Naikoo   See fewer
Akshay Oberoi
Capt. Bibek (Special Appearance) Capt. Bibek (Special Appearance)   See fewer
Manjari Fadnnis
Saloni (Special Appearance) Saloni (Special Appearance)   See fewer
Mridul Das
Farooq Farooq   See fewer
Pavleen Gujral
Female Security Guard at Temple Female Security Guard at Temple   See fewer
Kallirroi Tziafeta
Angela (as Kalliroi Taziafetta) Angela (as Kalliroi Taziafetta)   See fewer
Chandan Roy
Mohsin Mohsin   See fewer
Kenneth Desai
Swami Matora (as Kenny Desai) Swami Matora (as Kenny Desai)   See fewer
Harsh Singh
Harilal (as Harssh Singh) Harilal (as Harssh Singh)   See fewer
Rohan Verma
Chintu Chintu   See fewer
Myrah Dandekar
Rupal (as Myra Dandekar) Rupal (as Myra Dandekar)   See fewer
Harish Khatri
Mr. Verma Mr. Verma   See fewer
Neeta Mohindra
Mrs. Verma Mrs. Verma   See fewer
Vijay Mehta
Akshay Anand Akshay Anand   See fewer
Shivam Bhaargava
Capt. Abrar Khan Capt. Abrar Khan   See fewer
Abha Ranta
School Teacher School Teacher   See fewer
Maira Doshi
Mehbooba Noor Mehbooba Noor   See fewer
Neha Harosa
Young Kashmiri Girl Young Kashmiri Girl   See fewer
Karan Mehat
Naik Dutta Naik Dutta   See fewer
Prakhar Shukla
Hawaldar Santosh Singh Hawaldar Santosh Singh   See fewer
Hawaldar Pritam Singh Hawaldar Pritam Singh   See fewer
Arpita Sethia
Captain Medical Officer Captain Medical Officer   See fewer
Shiv Sharma
Driver of White Ambassador Driver of White Ambassador   See fewer
Ravi Kothari
Worshipper 1 Worshipper 1   See fewer
Worshipper 2 Worshipper 2   See fewer
Naresh Prajapati
Choksi Aide Choksi Aide   See fewer
Sameer Pahadiya
Security Guard 1 Security Guard 1   See fewer
Amruta Vedpathak
News Reporter News Reporter   See fewer
Abhay Mishra
Islamist Guard I Islamist Guard I   See fewer
Islamist Guard II (as Inzaman) Islamist Guard II (as Inzaman)   See fewer
Female News Reader Female News Reader   See fewer
Indian Army Commander Indian Army Commander   See fewer
Pavneet Singh Bagga
Sardar Army Soldier Sardar Army Soldier   See fewer
Prateek Dogra
NSG Comms Officer NSG Comms Officer   See fewer
Anil Salat
Haveldar Dev Khatri Haveldar Dev Khatri   See fewer
Prashant Pundir
Orderly in NSG HQ Orderly in NSG HQ   See fewer
Syed Kazmi
Bohri Family Husband Bohri Family Husband   See fewer
Manisha Chitrodhi
Bohri Family Wife Bohri Family Wife   See fewer
Mimi Khadse
Bohri Family Daughter Bohri Family Daughter   See fewer
Victor Kaushik
Hotel Manager Hotel Manager   See fewer
Ram Singh
Abu Hamza Bodyguard 1 Abu Hamza Bodyguard 1   See fewer
Rajkumar Ahirwar
Abu Hamza Bodyguard 2 Abu Hamza Bodyguard 2   See fewer
Medic Medic   See fewer
NSG Commando 1 NSG Commando 1   See fewer
Rajeev Sp
NSG Commando 2 (as Rajeev Pawar) NSG Commando 2 (as Rajeev Pawar)   See fewer
Vibhash Kumar
NSG Commando 3 NSG Commando 3   See fewer
Mohit Gupta
Choksi Bodyguard 1 Choksi Bodyguard 1   See fewer
Prashant Poojari
Choksi Bodyguard 2 Choksi Bodyguard 2   See fewer
Amit Varsi
Ticket Checker Ticket Checker   See fewer
Jini Khan
School Kid Girl 1 School Kid Girl 1   See fewer
Janisha Jain
School Kid Girl 2 School Kid Girl 2   See fewer
Shlok Bayes
School Kid Boy 1 School Kid Boy 1   See fewer
Hridhaan Gala
School Kid Boy 4 School Kid Boy 4   See fewer
School Kid Boy 5 School Kid Boy 5   See fewer
Mansi Gala
Diorama Visitor 1 Diorama Visitor 1   See fewer
Mona Mokha
Diorama Visitor 2 Diorama Visitor 2   See fewer
Vaishali Bhatia
Diorama Visitor 3 Diorama Visitor 3   See fewer
Kartik Kaushik
Diorama Visitor 4 Diorama Visitor 4   See fewer
Pradeep Solanki
Diorama Visitor 5 Diorama Visitor 5   See fewer
Prakash Kumar
Diorama Visitor 6 Diorama Visitor 6   See fewer
Amit Kumar Sharma
Diorama Visitor 7 Diorama Visitor 7   See fewer
Karan Pandey
Auditorium Visitor 1 Auditorium Visitor 1   See fewer
Auditorium Visitor 2 Auditorium Visitor 2   See fewer
Pushpa Yadav
Auditorium Visitor 3 Auditorium Visitor 3   See fewer
Mohammed Mudassir
Auditorium Visitor 4 (as Mohd Mudassir) Auditorium Visitor 4 (as Mohd Mudassir)   See fewer
Kid on Tricycle Kid on Tricycle   See fewer
Ram Bhadoria
Abu Hamza's Body Guard 1 Abu Hamza's Body Guard 1   See fewer
Pradeep Dubey
Inspector Inspector   See fewer
Sanjeev Sharma
R.S Krishnamurthy R.S Krishnamurthy   See fewer
Naushaad Abbas
Temple Secuirty Gaurd (uncredited) Temple Secuirty Gaurd (uncredited)   See fewer
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