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Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

God of Forgiveness, God of Vengeance (Season 1, Episode 10)
TV Episode | 54 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

In prison, Jeff's newfound fame makes him a target. His parents seek closure and Glenda pushes for a memorial on familiar grounds to honor the victims.
Ian Brennan (written by) (created by) | David McMillan (written by) | Reilly Smith (written by) | Todd Kubrak (written by) | Ryan Murphy (created by)
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Updated Sep 21, 2022

Release date
Sep 21, 2022 (United States)


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46 cast members
Name Known for
Evan Peters
Jeffrey Dahmer Jeffrey Dahmer   See fewer
Richard Jenkins
Lionel Dahmer Lionel Dahmer   See fewer
Molly Ringwald
Shari Dahmer Shari Dahmer   See fewer
Niecy Nash
Glenda Cleveland Glenda Cleveland   See fewer
Dominic Burgess
John Wayne Gacy John Wayne Gacy   See fewer
Karen Malina White
Shirley Hughes Shirley Hughes   See fewer
Chris Greene
Chaplain Adams Chaplain Adams   See fewer
Furly Mac
Christopher Scarver Christopher Scarver   See fewer
Linda Park
Julie Yang Julie Yang   See fewer
Khetphet Phagnasay
Southone Sinthasomphone Southone Sinthasomphone   See fewer
Penelope Ann Miller
Joyce Dahmer Joyce Dahmer   See fewer
Ariella Amar
Checkout Woman Checkout Woman   See fewer
Aaron Anastasi
Physician Physician   See fewer
Anias Anozie
Glenda's Grandson Glenda's Grandson   See fewer
Troy Blendell
Roy Ratcliffe Roy Ratcliffe   See fewer
Scott Broderick
Warden Jeff Endicott Warden Jeff Endicott   See fewer
Grant Davis
Judge Daniel George Judge Daniel George   See fewer
Patrick Day
Chaplain Berkum (as Patrick W. Day) Chaplain Berkum (as Patrick W. Day)   See fewer
Nicole Lynn Evans
Prison Librarian Prison Librarian   See fewer
Nikea Gamby-Turner
Mildred Lindsey Mildred Lindsey   See fewer
Roslyn Gentle
Coroner (as Ros Gentle) Coroner (as Ros Gentle)   See fewer
Jake Green
Officer Kelly Officer Kelly   See fewer
Jeff Harms
Jesse Anderson Jesse Anderson   See fewer
Kiff VandenHeuvel
Frank Currier Frank Currier   See fewer
Somlit Inthalangsy
Sayamone Sinthasomphone Sayamone Sinthasomphone   See fewer
Jay Jackson
Newscaster Newscaster   See fewer
Matt Kaminsky
Walter Jacobson Walter Jacobson   See fewer
David Kelsey
Robert Fennig, Attorney Robert Fennig, Attorney   See fewer
Phet Mahathongdy
Somdy Sinthasomphone Somdy Sinthasomphone   See fewer
Brayden Maniago
Somsack Sinthasomphone Somsack Sinthasomphone   See fewer
Keyla McNeely
Dorothy Straughter Dorothy Straughter   See fewer
Anthony Omari
Prisoner Prisoner   See fewer
Scott Paophavihanh
Anouke Sinthasomphone Anouke Sinthasomphone   See fewer
David Rockwell
Statesville Warden Statesville Warden   See fewer
Nokmaniphone Sayavong
Laos Bride Laos Bride   See fewer
Paul Zies
Tattooed Prisoner Tattooed Prisoner   See fewer
Brandon Black
Dean Vaughn Dean Vaughn   See fewer
Paul Krugman
Prisoner Prisoner   See fewer
Jamal Lloyd Johnson
Guard (uncredited) Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Lion Orduño
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Ansa Woo
Loatian Wedding Guest (uncredited) Loatian Wedding Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
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