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  • Cheer Bloody Murder (2023)
  • Horror
Cheer Bloody Murder (2023)

Cheerleaders attending a cheer camp are stalked by a masked murder.
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Updated Aug 1, 2023

Release date
2023 (United States)


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74 cast members
Name Known for
Tom Sizemore
Mr. Cane Mr. Cane   See fewer
Sean Whalen
Johnny Johnny   See fewer
James Duval
Reeves Reeves   See fewer
Robert LaSardo
Sheriff Lopez Sheriff Lopez   See fewer
Todd Bridges
Coach Jackson Coach Jackson   See fewer
Julie Anne Prescott
Coach Voss Coach Voss   See fewer
Lauren Francesca
Stassi Graham Stassi Graham   See fewer
Shawn C. Phillips
Coach Dexter Coach Dexter   See fewer
Mike Ferguson
Herman the Janitor Herman the Janitor   See fewer
Aric Garcia
Skullface Skullface   See fewer
Brooklyn Benson
Heather Heather   See fewer
Krista Grotte Saxon
Ms. Hitchcock Ms. Hitchcock   See fewer
Joe Castro
Actor Actor   See fewer
Caleb Thomas
Zack Cooper Zack Cooper   See fewer
Jackson Everest
Rex Thornton Rex Thornton   See fewer
Alexander Hauck
Mike Head Campus Security Mike Head Campus Security   See fewer
G. Larry Butler
Chester Chester   See fewer
Lisa Hinds
Mrs. Parker Mrs. Parker   See fewer
Rudy Ledbetter
Vlogger Vlogger   See fewer
Giana Carli
Actress Actress   See fewer
Charles Solomon Jr.
Notorious Ned Notorious Ned   See fewer
Michelle Hill
Mrs. Tanya Mrs. Tanya   See fewer
Auzi Capri
Kevin Kevin   See fewer
Janet Wang
Camper Camper   See fewer
Bill Victor Arucan
Newscaster Newscaster   See fewer
Steven Kiseleski
News Reporter #1 News Reporter #1   See fewer
Carl Solomon
Cosmo Campus Security Cosmo Campus Security   See fewer
Kristin Cortines
Party Girl Party Girl   See fewer
Kim Phillips
Vlogger Vlogger   See fewer
Dave Shecter
Officer Officer   See fewer
Maritza Brikisak
Coach Camela Coach Camela   See fewer
Mark D Valenti
Mark (Brain Burrow host) Mark (Brain Burrow host)   See fewer
Thomas Rivas
Vlogger Vlogger   See fewer
James Rowland
Camper Camper   See fewer
Sam Kane
Devin Donovan Devin Donovan   See fewer
Paul Bradford
Newscaster Newscaster   See fewer
John Mancini
Deputy Rivera Deputy Rivera   See fewer
Joe Barlam
Officer Joe Stevens Officer Joe Stevens   See fewer
Jeramis McFadden
News Anchor News Anchor   See fewer
Kerrys Virgo
Actress Actress   See fewer
Stephen Phillips
Vlogger Vlogger   See fewer
Rosario Maggio
Dancing Party Guest Dancing Party Guest   See fewer
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